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Seal Pack
Total Annihilation Naval Mod

The Seal Pack is a naval themed custom mod that adds a wide selection of sea-going (and some other land and air based units) that augments the original game's lineup of boats and subs without rendering the originals obsolete. It offers balanced and excellent gameplay, and a nice selection of heavy Krogoth class vessels: you'll need a big ocean to prowl with some of these babies. The giant capital submarines are probably the scariest things to field on the high seas, although on the surface the Super Capital Ships (the Core version is pictured with the whopping great turret) can flatten entire islands in a few despairing heartbeats.

In addition to the naval muscle there is also a good line up of select land based units, a line of advanced hovercraft that again range from very small to Krog class, and a succinct smorgasbord of powerful custom aircraft to expand the existing air and seaplane builds. "Battle of Midway" games are a Seal Pack specialty, offering supercharged aircraft that somehow don't dominate the game. It has been carefully honed to make for a balanced game at all times. Don't be fooled by apparently over-powerful units: the Seal Pack plays beautifully.

TA Designers weblinkThis is another nifty mod from one of the biggest TA portals in cyberspace: TA Designers, (formerly known as Estrella). Original TA version is 7.0; ÜberHack compatible version is 7.1.The Seal Pack also comes with its own internal AI so you can engage in some potent single player Skirmish action.

The Seal Pack isn't TA:Mutation compatible, but it is a cracker of a mod and definitely recommended for any aspiring admiral out there: its definitely worth squandering the hard disk space on. This mod hasn't been touched or changed for years - but it still provides some excellent Total Annihilation naval action.

You may want to keep an eye out for another old naval mod hosted at TA Designers called Waterworld. This mod was to be almost strictly naval, replacing many of the existing land and air units with naval ones. You can find a number of water-only maps at the site, but production stalled years ago and its spent a very long time in not coming. Doesn't seem to be much sign of it anywhere these days.

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