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Switeck's Bugfix
The mod you play when you're not playing a mod
the last "unofficial" patch for Total Annihilation

Pelicans engage under a naval bombardment
The Switeck Bugfix is an ambitious attempt to resolve all the bugs, issues and other mechanical problems with the Total Annihilation game engine and add a few "improvements" along the way. The Bugfix makes many, many fixes and optimisations short of actually hacking the game executable itself. Think of it as a homegrown, unofficial patch that follows Cavedog's official 3.1c patch. Its been several years in production and has addressed many game play and game engine issues by comprehensively going through all the "glaring" errors in the unit data tables and scripting. There are many loopholes in the 3.1 official patched version of Total Annihilation; shrewd players can take advantage of them to utterly demolish anyone who's not aware of them. As the Bugfix documentation says:

TA Bugfix is nothing short of a major attempt to fix the many bugs in TA. Some of which are so glaring (Pelican bug, EMG lag, Core Necro bugs, and Adv. C-Kbot bugs) as to nearly kill TA as a "fair" game worth playing...

Many of the modern custom mods and conversions for Total Annihilation are based on the Bugfix; mostly the large mega unit packs that would be hamstrung by endless bugs and flaws were it not for the fact that the Bugfix has straightened out the kinks in the foundations they sit on. It doesn't add any new units, but it does add a number of extra commands and features. The biggest thing you may notice is that many units that seemed useless before "feel" more usable now, and hundreds of small corrections, adjustments, optimisations, and bug fixes have been made.

Total Annihilation feels just that little bit slicker than before. The Map Selection menu now present you with a massive image of the map you've selected, and a lot units and structures now sport an On/Off control, giving you extra control over their behaviour. Units and turrets with two or three weapons have the DGun command add to them, giving you direct micromanagement over their secondary weapons. The build pics have been condensed in all the Build Menus, so there are no longer any lone buttons floating around on their own pages. Many unit scripts have been edited and tidied up, improving unit performance and behaviour. Turrets can now guard buildings or units; Anti-Nuclear Silos are less prone to being confused by multiple nuclear strikes and permanently "jamming" so they never fire again; the Core Necro resurrector K-Bot is now almost useable as a unit; many weapon effects have been tightened up: lasers all now travel at the same speed (i.e. very fast!) and aren't sometimes outrun by plasma shells or missiles! Landmines are now far more potent; Torpedoes and Depth Charges feel less rubbery when it comes to doling out damage. Along the way, you get a whole swag of extra keyboard shortcuts and even a small speed increase in gameplay! The Bugfix readme is like reading a short novel...

But it is by no means the only bug fixer out there. The ÜberHack custom mod applies its own fix using a different philosophy, as well as including a few extra custom units of its own. The XTA mod by the Swedish YankSpankers does something similar.

Locating the Bugfix

The official current version is 1.6 Final; more adventurous souls may want to sample 1.7 beta 5. You can download it at Switeck's TA Bugfix and Junk Drawer, where you can find older versions of the Bugfix for use with some older custom mods, such as TAUIP 355. The Bugfix has its own forums and its creator, Switeck, is waiting for some feedback for his latest version! This is definitely recommended. Actually, I'd go further: even if you have no interest in using mods for TA, the Bugfix almost qualifies as a mandatory install!

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