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Startopia sites are fairly modest compared to some of the monster game sites out there, and there never were that many of them; many have wound down and moved to other things these days.

It's alive! It's alliiiive! Yep, it's showing activity - or at least looked different the last time I checked it out.

Mucky Foot Productions weblink

Mucky Foot: the developer of Startopia, who have now closed. (But wait!) Mucky Foot allowed for easy custom modding for Startopia, and you can find their modding guide for it here. They also had a rich vein of cheats, weird graphic effects and other strange and esoteric Easter Eggs for the game. (Hunt some of these down in the Adrenaline Vault entry, below.) Site gone! Try the pickled version at the Yetucyun Guild web site for technical assistance.

Or - for an updated video card file (called cardID.tom) that makes your game compatible with the latest graphics cards, go here.Back

Eidos Interactive Ltd Publisher of Startopia. The official site is long gone, (and there's no mention of Startopia in their pull down games list, either. Nevertheless, you can still find old info in Eidos's Knowledge base.Startopia is now classified as a Classic (i.e. over two years old).Back
Startopia Forums This is the official Startopian forum found on Eidos's site, once an active centre for the Startopian community, long after the game petered out elsewhere.Back
Startopia Post Startopia Post is Strategy Planet's almost obligatory Startopia site. Its the biggest and best around; which means it sort of acts as a life raft for all Startopian fan materials and mirrors every file the small Startopian community ever generated. Its a focal point and mirror for just about everything to do with the game, and providing news (such as it is), game info, mod tutorials, downloadable custom missions, stratagems, and a swag of other Mucky Foot related items. Hasn't seen any action since December, 2003... but everything is still accessible here.Back
Apocalypse Startopia weblink Apocalypse: Sort of back from the dead - or rather, pickled in a jar of formaldehyde. This is an archive of what used to be one of the best Startopia sites out there - so don't expect anything to change there. Lots of useful modding info, tinkering tips and other downloadable's, all for the budding Startopian mission modder.Back
Adrenalin Vault's Startopia Cheats weblink Adrenaline Vault Startopia Cheats: Startopia's widely known cheats, easter eggs and funky graphic mode codes, all written up in a single page on the Adrenaline Vault's Hints & Cheats section. See also Mucky Foot's page of the same, but with pictures and more lively banter from the programmers concerned. Currently under renovations.Back
Bella Online's Startopian Walkthrough weblink Bella Online's Lisa Shear's rather brief mission walkthrough's for Startopia's single player missions.Back

Game Solves
Startopia Walkthrough

Game Solves is a Netherlands games site with many walkthrough's for many different PC games written in English. This contains one of the better Startopia Walkthrough's A thorough and entertaining read.Back
Jan Svarovsky A simple but fascinating web site from one of Startopia's leading lights in the graphics engine department. This chap has an 3D Studio Max exporter (that's a model conversion utility to convert Studio Max 3D models to that of Startopia's), and a series of language files to translate the game into other languages. Jan also writes game engines - good ones - and his site includes some very interesting articles and downloads on the subject.Back
Lydia's Game Site Lydia's Game Site, which is a home grown general purpose games site covering a number of different games (pretty much like RTSC does) has its own simple pictorial section for Startopia.Back
Slink's Burrow Online An great site for downloading many Startopia custom missions and an excellent source for anyone who's interested in making their own Startopia mission or mod. Slink has obligingly itemised all the major text files that affect the settings in the game, and added helpful comments based on her experiences with using them.Back
Tom Forsyth's
starkly functional
web page
Tom Forsyth (a.k.a. TomF) was one of the graphics programmers on the game and the gentleman responsible for the unofficial 1.02 Startopia patch. His spartan personal web site contains some very nifty papers on the subject of coding computer graphics, and he uses the old Startopia games engine as a testing range for his coding experiments. Well worth a visit!Back
Yetucyun Guild weblink The Yetucyun Guild: Criiikey - a live one! There's something profoundly reassuring to know that RTSC isn't the only live Startopia site left floating around in deep space. The Yetucyun Guild is a new (i.e. one or two years old now) fan site containing every custom mission ever made for the game (and a couple of brand new ones), some downloadable .pdf guides for your reading pleasure, and a resurrected and patched copy of Mucky Foot's original web site for technical support issues - and a nicely laid out and simple strategy guide, complete with pictures. Go crazy!Back

Startopia DEFUNCT Links
Alas, some have passed away; they have either ceased function many, many years ago, or they've simply disappeared. Their links are preserved for your edification.
Editopia is a fan built custom mission editor for Startopia still in its very early stages, and I'm sure the author would like some feedback! Note: Editopia needs the Visual Basic 5.0 runtime libraries to function. Site lost!Back
Galactic Zogburgers a.k.a. John's Startopia Mods. Looks like he never got past his first one, Galactic Zogburgers. Open a galactic fast food chain on your Station! Site lost!Back
the Memau's Haven
Memaus are the cute little space kittens in Startopia with a deadly secret, and here's a (ack! Tripod) site themed in their honour. There's also a number of good custom missions stashed here as well.Back
Mission Control Mind the popup's, they're everywhere in this Geocities fan site. Yet another abandoned fan space station, I'm afraid. Traces on the airlock seals indicate this site last saw human activity in 2001.Back
Planet Startopia This is NOT part of the Strategy Planet network, nor GameSpy. Another fan site that hasn't seen any updates since 2001.Back
Startopia Zone A biggish site with many downloadable missions, backdrops and other files, but like many fan sites, Last saw activity, Nov 2001.Back

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