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Part 13SleepSleep & Accommodation


A rather nice Sleeper BerthAll Peeps need to sleep, and there's a full range of accommodation catering for all walks of life. At its most spartan, Sleeper Berths (pictured right) provide bus station style facilities for your residents and less discriminating visitors, such as Salt Hogs, Greys and Targ. Berths are fun for Station Administrators: you can arrange them in all sorts of interesting ways - from straight pack-'em-in sardine tins to large, spacious rooms with lots of nice pot plants and lava lamps. They replenish about 50 Sleep points a second, as well as slowly dry out a drunken Peep. Even Nourishment tickles up a little as those tired Peeps get some rest after a long flight.

However, from many Peeps' perspectives Berths aren't that crash hot. Salt Hogs are the only species that actually gets a kick out of sleeping in one while everyone else finds the idea of being stuffed into a yellow coffin a little uncomfortable. This facility is really for the cheap end of town. Kasvagorians have trouble fitting inside them; Karmaramans would probably rather be outside; Sirens prefer more luxurious surrounds; Turrakken scientists get depressed; and Gem Slugs wouldn't be caught dead in one - or at least, I've yet to ever see one use a Sleeping Berth. Zedem Monks and Greys aren't fussed, but they're more likely to gravitate towards any hotels in the vicinity. You will almost certainly need to build proper accommodation at some point, and its not unusual to find Berths empty during the latter stages of a long game.

Nevertheless, Sleep Berths are like couches to crash on for your staff, especially hard working Salt Hogs and Targ. Keeping them near industrial facilities or next to a Port is a good move as they are magnets for weary travelers and hard working factory Hogs. They are, after all, the cheapest accommodation on the Station.

Nodding Off
When slumbering in a Pod, all Peeps score per second...
+50Sleep & -5 Drunk
The experience is not the same for all Peeps. On top of the sleep and sobering qualities, every species has its own opinion of a Sleeper Berth.
Polvakian Gem Slugs
Dahanese SirensTurrakken
-5Mind +2Nourishment
-5Mind +3Nourishment
only +40Sleep
Zedem Monks
Grekka Targ
Groulien Salt Hogs
+10Mind +2Nourishment


Sleeping Berths are useful but they pale by comparison to a proper hotel. Hotels can do all kinds of things, since they're actually proper rooms with bed, breakfast and washing up facilities. Hotels are a Sleeper Berth, Dine-O-Mat and Lavatron all rolled into one, offering a nicer view and less chance of upsetting or frustrating customers. Like the Berths, Peeps can sleep off the excesses of a drinking binge and dry out a bit.

Hotels come in three major classes, effectively catering for economic Lows, Middles and Uppers. Mind you, before we get carried away pigeon holing people, there's considerable overlap in Peep preferences. Most walks of Peep will be perfectly happy in most hotels. Elite Residents may want to use more expensive accommodation; but richer clients can sometimes be seen using basic facilities too.

Star Motel
  Star MotelThis strange looking building is like one of those coin operated pod hotels you might find in the depths of Tokyo. Its a step up from a Sleeping Berth, but not by that much. Star Motels offer quantity over quality; you can comfortably cram nine Peeps into one of these babies, and its clientele caters across the lower end of the economic spectrum. Taking up small space, relatively little power and lots of tenants, Star Motels are excellent for quickly housing tourists, pilgrims, most of your Residents enjoying their first promotions. For every second spent in a Star Motel, the tenants score
+50Sleep +5Toilet -6 Drunk

However, for the Gem Slugs its a different story: these sniffy fellows gets absolutely nothing out of a Star Motel. Other species of Peeps receive some extra bonuses, based on their racial theme. Back

Groulien Salt HogsKarmaramans
+10Mind +10Fun
Grekka TargDahanese Sirens
+10Mind +10Body
+10Mind +10Nourishment
Polvakian Gem Slugs

Space Inn
  Space InnBy far the most attractive and useful hotel is the Space Inn, the all-purpose, middle class travel lodge of outer space. Holding only four customers, each apartment has a lovely balcony with a nice view of the Entertainment Deck. Inns are just right for tourists on holiday or for a suitably appropriate kip for the higher ranking, professional segment of Station Residents. Everyone enjoys the Space Inn, regardless of who they are, provided they can afford its slightly higher price range. About the only downside of an Inn is its large deck footprint - if only you could squeeze in more. For every second spent in a Space Inn, the tenants score
+50Sleep +10Toilet -7 Drunk

Some customers receive some extra bonuses:Back

Dahanese SirensKarmaramans
+10Mind +10Fun
+10Mind +10Body +10Fun

Palace Galactica
  Palace GalacticaAt the filthy rich end of the spectrum, the dark and baroque Palace Galactica offers luxury accommodation for only the most discriminating Peeps. They'll please Gem Slugs no end, but they take up immense amounts of floor space and use a fair whack of power. The only penalties Peeps will ever suffer in a Hotel is if "lower class" Peeps such as Salt Hogs, Targ or Karmaramans try to use one. Not only do customers get an entire floor to themselves, some even get to use the double storey penthouse up top - although you don't score any additional bonuses for penthouse customers. For every second spent in a Palace Galactica, the tenants score...
+50Sleep +2Nourishment +15Toilet -8 Drunk

The Salt Hogs are the only species that get nothing out of a Palace, save some sobriety. Like Gem Slugs in a Star Motel, they don't receive anything benefit from a Palace Galactica At all. Customers bonuses are as follows:Back

Groulien Salt Hogs
nothing! only
-8 Drunk
Grekka TargGreysKarmaramans
-10Mind +3Nourishment only +40Sleep


+10Mind +4Nourishment
Polvakian Gem Slugs
+10Mind +10Body
+4Nourishment +10Fun

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