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Part 11LoveLove & Other Catastrophes

After trucking around the cold depths of postwar space, all Peeps need some love and attention and your Station will require several Love Nests to satisfy any cravings for romance. Love Nests restore a Peep's Love points; and these rooms are exclusively manned by the Dahanese Sirens. Sirens service all walks of Station life without complaint. The actual process of "Loving" has been sanitized into some kind of clean cut Trekkie energy sex thing so there's nothing too controversial to confront the kiddies with. Sirens are the only creatures that come in sexes: the female version is your standard issue scantily clad Sci-Fi space bimbo; the male is a blonde, barrel chested himbo clad only in a blue codpiece. Some of you may recall the blind angel from Barbarella. Both sport angelic wings - their sexual organs apparently - but apart from looks there's very little difference between the two as far as the game engine or your good self is is concerned.

Sirens are good to have wandering the Station as any Peep striking up a conversation with one scores a Love bonus.

Love to a Siren is a very spiritual experience, as significant to them as religion is to the Zedem Monks. Sirens score huge Soul bonuses conducting their duties, while the Monks score huge dollops of Love working at the Zedem Temple. The two groups are polarised to each other and don't get on. Sirens and Zedem "counter" each other. Sirens have problems with anything to do with the Monks and don't receive good bonuses from the Temple, while Monks have a hard time at the Love Nest and disapprove of all things Dahanese. While many Peeps will huddle around the Zedem Temple seeking divine redemption and blessings, you can always be sure that your Nests will be happily packed with Sirens who are more than content with their Lot.

You can never have too many Nests it seems. Certainly the computer AI's seem to fill their Station segments with so many Love Nests you wonder if you've missed something. More likely though, the AI's need lots of help! While massive doses of good Loving are gained, Peeps will still need to be entertained in other ways. Love Nests only marginally alleviate boredom.

Snuggling in...
When floating around in a glowing haze of Love energy before a Siren, all Peeps score...
+6000Love +100Mind +500Fun +5Soul -100Sleep a pleasant lump sum. But not everyone enjoys the pleasures of the Sirens. The pious Zedem Monks have issues with them (they get their jollies at the Temple), while in stark contrast carnal Sirens are practically experiencing a religious experience. The Gem Slugs, appreciative practitioners of decadent lifestyles, score a double Soul bonus.
Zedem Monks
+2000Love -1000Mind -1000Soul -100Sleep 0Fun
Polvakian Gem Slugs
All bonuses & +10Soul
Dahanese Sirens
All bonuses & +4000Soul

What happens when a Peep visits the Love Nest, but...
...they're serviced by criminal Sirens?
Instead of a stream of glowing hearts, they get a small thunderstorm - literally a cold shower! Its a rather nifty effect. Getting a dose of Bad Love only nets the client half the Love and a lot worse at...
+3000Love -2000Mind -500Soul 0Fun -100Sleep -100Toilet
Zedem Monks, already twitchy about the Sirens, suffer the same except their Minds and Souls cop a traumatising...
-4000Mind -2000Soul


The OroflexSirens and Love Nests aren't the only way to gratify a Station's lovelorn population. One of the best Station attractions you can build on the Entertainment Deck is the weird and vaguely suggestive contraption called the Oroflex. Oroflexes are a giant half animal, half tree, half fairground ride and circus freak show all rolled into one. They can service up to eight Peeps at a pop, rewarding them with large dollops of Fun and Love as the Peeps presumably get a thrilling ride inside it's gullet. They're expensive to set up and take up large areas of deck space, but these strange fairground amusements are well worth it. They are a fantastic attraction in themselves, and excellent for curing boredom on your Station. Alas, the Zedem Monks have issues with them and derive no fun from them at all; if anything, a modest spiritual crisis occurs in the face of such rampant fun.

Unfortunately, their success as a venue can also create a few problems for you. Oroflexes will draw Peeps away from other Station entertainments, leaving them empty. You will almost certainly have to drop prices just to keep other facilities occupied. But there's a useful flip side: their sure fire success works in your favour by livening up dead spots on the Entertainment Deck. Peeps like to travel only so far to get anywhere, so I generally try to keep Oroflexes away from any thriving faculties. I'll replace unused entertainments in a depressed part of the deck with an Oroflex to quickly revitalise it.

Getting flexed
Oroflexes are good for business, although a bit hard on your Love Nests. All punters using one score massively, except for you-know-who: the Zedem. Bless their stiff necked ways, have a bit of a spiritual crisis with Oroflexes and don't get any fun out of it. They're still human - or rather, alien - and score all the other Mind, Health, Love benefits and bodily costs of being tossed, turned and gargled by these alien contraptions.
Groulien Salt HogsGrekka TargGreysKasvagoriansDahanese SirensTurrakkenKarmaramansPolvakian Gem Slugs
+100Mind +5Body +4000Love +1000Fun -100Nourishment -100Sleep -100Toilet
Zedem Monks
0Fun -100Soul

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