The RTSC Guide to Startopia
Part 10Cleanliness

There are two main avenues of preserving public health on the Station outside a Sick Bay: Lavatrons and Litter Bins. Lavatrons are the airport bathrooms of outer space. They're an all purpose lavatory, shower and change room. Peeps low on Toilet points come to these public facilities to replenish them: i.e. scrub up and do a quick ablute. With all the appropriate noises, of course. Keeping your population clean, and thus healthy and satisfied, is as important as having a tidy station. No space toilets is big trouble for any place - doesn't bear thinking about!

A Peep with minimal Toilet points suffers continuous degradations to Body and Soul, and extra to that all important Mind total. i.e. queuing up for the loo will drive Peeps mad and dramatically lower their opinion of your Station.

While peeps are turned off by the sight of litter, they have absolutely no qualms about producing huge drifts of it. Litter Bins help control this ugly tide, but on their own they're usually insufficient. You'll need roaming gangs of Scuzzers to tidy up, and a Recycler or two to really contain the problem on big stations. Scuzzers empty Litter bins before making the trip to the nearest Recycler to empty their hauls there. Like many other animations in Startopia, this is a mimed pantomine, so you'll never see any bin toting robots anywhere.

Dine-O-Mats and retail stores are hotspots for rubbish. A good rule of thumb is to have one Litter Bin for every retail store you put up, and to trip Peeps up with Litter Bins when they enter or leave a shop or Dine-O-Mat.

Tons of garbage progressively degrades your peep's mental well being, but most Peeps have a threshold level before this starts to bite. The easier to please races will be more tolerant, and more lucrative patrons will be more offended.

Lots of rubbish also attracts Space Vermin, small rodent like creatures that can transmit disease. Oddly enough, most Peeps seem to treat the Vermin as just another species and even have conversations with them - but remember, conversations with Space Vermin usually winds up with the Peep catching a disease. Overall Space Vermin are a poor indicator of your Station's health and will further repel the richer customers, especially the Gem Slugs. Also be wary of Memaus eating litter - some players keep their Dine-O-Mats off the Engineering Deck because of this

Just be careful of Litter Bins "blocking" Peeps occasionally. I've found if you plonk one down in front of the doorway of a resizeable room (like a Sleeper Berth or Disco), Peeps get "stuck" in the doorway and the room won't be used. Keep Litter Bins (and probably any other Corridor Items) to the side of any resizable room's doorway, and you shouldn't have any problems. But for your other facilities, put those bins where Peeps will trip over them!

Spending a Penny
When using a Lavatron, all patrons gain...
+100Mind +300Toilet & -5 Drunk
...per second. Not only do they relieve themselves, but the relief lifts a little weight from their minds and even sobers them up a little.

What happens when...
...Peeps can't find a Lavatron? Eventually, things get so desperate they apparently piss themselves in public! I've yet to see this (unless there's an animated pantomime with no mess) but listed in the moods in00.txt and moods out00.txt data files are references to such an event. The hapless Peep humiliates themselves in a single burst:
-2000Mind -500Body -1000Soul & +5000Toilet

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