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Part 9NourishmentFood & Drink

A Dine-O-Mat in all its gloryDine-O-Mat menu: right click to accessStrangely enough, food comes - and ONLY comes - in one form: the Dine-O-Mat. There are no restraunts or cafes in Startopia. This is a four sided, fully automated vending machine built on both lower decks, and all it does is restore Peep Nourishment. Sprinkle them liberally throughout your Station, and keep an eye on your Overview menu to see how your population's food needs are being met.

Right clicking on a Dine-O-Mat brings up an options menu: by default, they produce cheap (and nasty?) synthetic food by replicating e. Not terribly good for your profit margins, and only the cheaper characters like Salt Hogs will really appreciate it. However, you can set Dine-O-Mats to create more upmarket foods based on Mineral Ores or go for rich, organic food sources based on Food Supplies. Various races prefer different types, and while all versions will nourish your customers, some food stuffs will subtract Mind points on different alien species. However, I've found leaving all three buttons on seems to work fine. Its an avenue of finessing your Station and catering to specific species' needs. Experiment. Have fun!

At the Dine-O-Mat

On default "cheap ass" mode, Dine-O-Mats uses e to generate food. Its bad for your profit margins, but the Peeps don't seem to mind basic, "Macca's" mode. Some actually prefer it, especially those that aren't fussy or eat on the run.

Grekka TargKasvagoriansKarmaramansDahanese SirensZedem MonksPolvakian Gem Slugs
+5000Nourishment -1000Toilet

Groulien Salt HogsGreysTurrakken
+6000Nourishment -1000Toilet
+500Mind +100Body +100Fun

A Dine-O-Mat set to Normal uses (as you would hope) Food Supply crates to dispense meals. While default settings don't put anyone off, Peeps do have preferences when it comes to Food and Mineral settings. Those who like Food hate Minerals, and vice versa.

Grekka TargKarmaramansPolvakian Gem Slugs
+4000Nourishment -2000Toilet
-250Mind -250Body
Groulien Salt HogsGreysTurrakken
+5000Nourishment -1000Toilet
KasvagoriansDahanese SirensZedem Monks
+6000Nourishment -1000Toilet
+500Mind +100Body +100Fun

Mineral Ores make up the expensive setting for a Dine-O-Mat.

KasvagoriansDahanese SirensZedem Monks
-250Mind -250Body +4000Nourishment -2000Toilet
Groulien Salt HogsGreysTurrakken
+5000Nourishment -1000Toilet
Grekka TargKarmaramansPolvakian Gem Slugs
+500Mind +100Body
+6000Nourishment -1000Toilet

Can Peeps get food poisoning?

Yes, when a Dine-O-Mat gets damaged or becomes dirty and run down without maintenance. Regardless of the settings you've applied to it, your poor Peeps cop some serious health problems. As we all know,  if there's one thing that can memorably ruin your opinion of somewhere, its food poisoning! They still get fed though, so I guess vomiting isn't an option for them. All Peeps suffer the following hit:

-1000Mind +4000Nourishment -3000Toilet
Various species also take a health hit...
Grekka TargKasvagorians
Groulien Salt HogsGreysKarmaramansTurrakken
Dahanese Sirens
Zedem MonksPolvakian Gem Slugs
- 2000Body


Chug-a-lug!Fortunately, there's tons of options when it comes to drinking a Startopian under the table. You get three types of bar, only available on the Entertainment Deck: the Rough Bar is for the less cashed classes and the violent; Recreation Bars are general purpose establishment for most peeps; and the snooty Cocktail Bar for the upper crust and the clergy. These fine establishments help foster good relations, although peeps can literally drink themselves into a stupor and Kasvagorians sometimes kill each other in drunken brawls. Early on in the game you'll have no difficulty attracting patrons; but later on when other delights come online you can find all your fine drinking establishments maddeningly empty. One way to get those Peeps back in and socialising again is to drop the prices on each type of bar.

Gem Slugs get their own specialised Slug Apartments, a cross between a five star Sleeping Berth and a Turkish styled Bar. Here the Slugs get to recline in their own special slime baths (which apparently reek to the other peeps) and help themselves to their own delicacies without any pesky plebs getting in the way.

Drinking has the effect of dramatically increasing a Peep's Fun and relieving boredom, but at the expense of everything else. There's wear and tear on their toiletry, sleep and general health and well being. Regardless of how expensive the venue, the effect of drinking is the same, although different species get drunk at different rates. Interestingly enough, the rate at which sozzled Peeps dry out is the same, regardless of species. Peeps sober up in Lavatrons, Sleeping Berths and other forms of Accommodation.

Getting sloshed...
Alcohol is alcohol is alcohol, regardless of who you are or where you happen to pickle your liver (or equivalent). You'll see them performing their little drinking animations at the bar and chatting at the tables - strangely enough, without using any glasses or jugs. Future technology - its very clever, no? Regardless of venue - and species - when a Peep takes a shot, the overall effect is the same. Plenty of fun, but bad news everywhere else, especially in the bladder and sleepy departments. All Peeps score:
+300Fun -100Toilet -50Sleep -10Body -5Soul -5Love -5Nourishment -1Mind
...per swig. However, each species succumbs to drunkenness at a different rate:
Groulien Salt HogsKasvagorians
+25 Drunk
Grekka TargGreysKarmaramansPolvakian Gem Slugs
+50 Drunk
Dahanese SirensTurrakken
+75 Drunk
Zedem Monks
+100 Drunk

Socialising is a far better option health, sleep and lavvy wise for all concerned, but only half as interesting. When Peeps are at the bar they're drinking: when they are at a table, they're socialising. Unlike a good binge, the effects of socialising vary according entirely on the venue. Early on, bars are easily filled. But as more lucrative facilities come online, you may need to drop prices to keep the patrons interested. Don't forget, the effect of taking a swig (which Peeps do both at the Bar and at the Table) stacks up on top their activities at the table...

Rough Bar

Its the classic space dive! No Station worth its Salt Hog can do without some cheap and nasty drinking establishment. This is fort the financially challenged and the violent, and a little seediness chucked in to spice up the experience. More sensitive and snootier minded customers will tend to avoid the Rough Bar experience. This is the favourite haunt of the Kasvagorians, Salt Hogs and Targ, and the only time the Sirens drop their unease about the Kasvagorians. Easy to fill up early on, but you may want to get a Recreational Bar up to complement it.

For every second spent socialising in the Rough Bar, the patrons score...
-10Toilet -10Sleep -2Nourishment -1BodyBack
Its a bit rough...
KarmaramansZedem MonksPolvakian Gem Slugs
-2Mind 0Fun
Not too shabby...
We love it!
Groulien Salt HogsGrekka TargDahanese Sirens
+2Mind +100Fun
+5Mind +200Fun

Recreational Bar

Recreational BarThe generic, all purpose social meeting place. Its your local in outer space, and there's not a wretched Pokie in sight. Shame it doesn't have the option of a band or a pub lunch, but I guess you can't have everything. Pretty much everyone on the Station gets something out of this Everypeep's pub. For the Salt Hogs the Recreational Bar represents the epitome of good living, but its a wee bit too lowbrow for the gentry.

For every second spent socialising in the Recreational Bar, the patrons score...
-10Toilet -10Sleep -2Nourishment -1BodyBack
Hm. Well...
Zedem MonksPolvakian Gem Slugs
More fun than an RSL!
Grekka TargGreysKasvagoriansKarmaramansTurrakkenDahanese Sirens
+2Mind +100Fun
Its 'eaven, Guv!
Groulien Salt Hogs
+2Mind +200Fun

Cocktail Bar

Cocktail BarAn expensive, upmarket facility that seems really hard to fill compared to the others. Cocktail Bars cater to the Station's richer classes while tending to alienate others. They seem to take up more space as well, and I've always felt they looked a bit stark. The daggy robot in the floating piano's a cute touch, though. They sell expensive stuff here; Peeps get slowly drunk just by breathing in the vapours.

For every second spent socialising in the Cocktail Bar, the patrons score...
-10Toilet -10Sleep -2Nourishment +1 DrunkBack
No way, man!
-2Mind 0Fun
'Ere - its a bit pricey!
Groulien Salt HogsGrekka Targ
Gad, we're doing well
GreysDahanese SirensZedem MonksTurrakken
+2Mind +100Fun
Exquisite IMHO
Polvakian Gem Slugs
+2Mind +200Fun

Slug Apartments

Slug Apartments


Polvakian Gem SlugsThis the exclusive haunt of Polvakian Gem Slugs, and them alone. No one else uses this facility at all, unless you install two doors - then the Apartments turn into a short cut for everyone else, like every other Room on the Station. Here the Slugs can experience the best that their exotic and excessive lifestyles demand, reclining in their Slime Baths and enjoying rich tit bits from the Arabian Nights' styled bars. Gem Slugs occasionally die from their excesses in their baths. Apparently this is a bug that missed the last patch - but I think it suits their characters rather well. If you want to avoid it, don't install any Baths. I think the same also applies to Cocktail Bar Tables.

For every second spent socialising in the Slug Apartments, the Gem Slugs score
+10Mind +150Fun -10Toilet -10Sleep -3Nourishment Back

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