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General Links
These are major, all purpose sites with news, strategies, files and a host of other resources all rolled into one. This is just a sampling; there's squillions of StarCraft sites out there, ranging from small personal pages by kids through to polished and professional mega-sites. StarCraft sites must have the most overly animated link buttons of any game! Fed up with the fairly dismal service Battle.Net was providing for we Antipodeans, Aus-1 was born. This is an Australian online gaming network that provides for several big games.Back
Battle.Net - Blizzard's online gaming service Battle.Net, Blizzard's internet gaming service homepage, which features all the latest official maps, info and bits you could ever want.Back
Starcraft Compendium StarCraft Compendium: Blizzard's official information source on the game and an excellent introduction to all the game's finer points. There's a lot of essential detail here that all StarCraft beginners should look at.Back
Blizzard Entertainment (Developer and Publisher) StarCraft's official homepage at Blizzard Entertainment, developer and publisher.Back
Blizz Planet weblink Blizz Planet: Recently established in Feb. 2003, this is a new site planning to act as an online directory to all web sites dedicated to Blizzard games. Its StarCraft section is a little rudimentary at this point, favouring more recent Blizzard games such as WarCraft III and World of WarCraft.Back
Blizzard Nexus, The
Moderately sized fan site for Blizzard's later titles. Most emphasis is on WarCraft III, with the others looking a little scanty. Some forums, replays and other gamer related material such as comics and fan fiction. There are sections on StarCraft, Diablo II and WarCraft II. Site lost!Back weblink A German speaking mega- StarCraft site. This seems to be an epicentre for all things Deutsche and StarCraftian, including forums, files, campaigns, maps and others, and has close ties to, a large Germanic StarCraft modding and TC site.Back
BW4Ever weblink BW4Ever: An international online tournament site for StarCraft: BroodWar with a strong European flavour.Back
Creep Colony's
Skilful StarCraft
Probably one of your first stops for anything vaguely related to a StarCraft download outside of official circles or the big StarCraft mega-sites. Maps, mods, (chat) bots for Battle.Net, anti-hacks, replays, a large selection of user submitted strategies and game patches. Not too shabby.Back
Fighter Replays weblink Fighter Replays is an active StarCraft replay site, hosting many recorded multiplayer StarCraft games for download and playback. Replays are always a good source of learning a game, or simply kicking back and watching the experts at work. Each replay can be rated and commented, and each has its own APM (Actions Per Minute) graph, which measures just how fast each player is developing carpal tunnel syndrome during a match. Fighter Replays has ambitions of branching into other games. Back
Starcraft Community - new RPG site StarCraft Community: Just that. An MSNetwork site where like minded commune members can swap photos (holiday snaps, cool clip art, some risqué video game box covers, and saucy StarCraft stuff), meet, chat (no cussin' now), or even get down and play StarCraft for a really swell time. You even get your own M$ passport - wow! There's some downloads and a Playable Maps section accessible to the public (presumably Unplayable Maps are reserved for members only) Members can earn Merits (or Vespene Gas and Mineral points - which, as we all know, are tradable at Thomas Cook) for "honestly" posting images themselves or generally doing good on the site. Oh dear. However, for all the branding, ear-tagging and voluntary radio collaring for the benefits of marketers, these eager beavers have nevertheless cobbled together a rather interesting idea for a fourth race - the Onerians.Back
Starcraft Index weblink StarCraft Index: An off the cuff, fan based and built StarCraft site containing general purpose info, StarEdit info, culture and slang, strategies and tactics, a few maps and other downloadables. This is your standard, contemporary StarCraft fan site these days.Back
Starcraft Infoceptor StarCraft Infoceptor: Huge site devoted to Blizzard Games; probably the biggest StarCraft site there is and classic example of the big, glossy, almost too-pro super site. Lots of gossip, downloads, strategies, info, etc. etc. Infoceptor has an excellent display of downloadable SC custom mods and conversions.Back
Starcraft Legacy StarCraft Legacy: part of the Legacy network (concentrates on Blizzard games and RPG's) and another original StarCraft super site. Another slickly produced, prolific site with forums, polls and just about everything else you could care to name on all things StarCraftian or Blizzardian. Apparently SC Legacy and SC.Org have an old history of rivalry.Back
All-purpose site with a sharp layout StarCraft Millennium: one of the oldest original StarCraft sites around. A medium sized super sIte, that used to sport a beautiful layout until for no readily apparent reason it was redesigned to look exceptionally boring and dull, as though spat out by some piece of by-the-numbers web software. This was once one of the premier sites for news, maps, strategies, etc., etc., until it quietly fizzled out and was resurrected recently.Back
StarCraft.Org is one of the original mega-sites, but still one of the best ones out there. Its got everything. Mods, campaigns, strategies, features, forums, news and more.Back
StarCraft Source weblink StarCraft Source: Modest site with some maps, cheat codes, the StarCraft demo, and some mods. Site gone...sort of.Back
Supreme StarCraft weblink Supreme StarCraft: Lively news and resource site, complete with its own StarCraft Java game, a giant page detailing the history of the game's design, downloadable maps, game recordings, utilities, forums, strategies, articles and editorials.Back
Zergling Underground A Geocities fan page (mind those ads) that specialises in anti-hacks for Battle.Net. This is a dual language site, that uses English with Korean translations.Back

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Miscellaneous StarCraft Links
Interesting extras I just didn't know where to put.
Blizzard Chess! Does Blizzard really apply too many patches to its games? Hm...Back
StarCraft Beta Central For the committed StarCraft fan, a string of pre-release screenshots and images revealing clues to the endless polishing of Blizzard's game, described in breathless detail by a breathless fan. The early StarCraft looked very much like WarCraft. A more sober and informed version exists at Supreme StarCraft.Back

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Post Purge Links

If you pop down to the Warcraft 3 TC link below, you'll see this opening paragraph from Blizzard Entertainment:

"Recently, we have received an increasing amount of feedback from our customers in regard to the probable copyright infringement of Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft, Warcraft II: Edition and Warcraft III products (each, a "Program") on the Internet. We here at Blizzard share the concerns that many gamers are voicing."

Concerns that gamers are voicing? No, I think paying customers are probably more concerned about their CD rego's being banned or having a game screwed up by some hacking dickhead, but I've yet to meet anyone in the last twenty years who gave a toss about copyright. Seriously. Be it games, music, books or TV shows recorded on tape, or any other variation on technology as it constantly mutates over the decades. I've seen plenty of loyalty and devotion to actual developers (just like groupies) but little towards publishers and practically none towards the really big corporate publishers. Mega-sized outfits are generally regarded as impersonal, unsympathetic, and at worst, an actual threat to many beloved games and developers. If Blizzard felt that modders had crossed the line on copyright, that's well and good - they should rightfully say so. Heaven knows, RTSC has had its fair share of rip-offs - mostly from Blizzard fans.

But bullshit is something else again. In 2002 Blizzard Entertainment went on a copyright purge and shut down a large number of custom mods, the bnetd server, and a fair few web sites, invoking for the very first time the (then) freshly legislated DMCA laws. (More details on the subject can be found here) At the same time I think Vivendi Universal was on the ropes, trying to flog its various assets (like Blizzard) to ward off bankruptcy thanks to board room egotism and some bodgy deal mongering. The whole affair felt less like a developer coping with a flood of piracy and rip offs and more like a large corporate entity that was reflexively carpet bombing everything that was not "official" simply because it happened to be listed in the assets inventory and they wanted total control over everything. It upset a lot of Blizzard fans, and many Blizzard fan sites changed in character. I know for me it was the final straw as everything that I thought was interesting about StarCraft was getting snuffed. These days, most StarCraft sites seem to be part of an "authorised" fan database. I think everyone misses out in the long run, both customer and developer alike.

Anyway. If they simply added a direct TCP/IP game option to StarCraft I'd probably still be playing it. Having a game and then trying to enforce official rules for global tournaments is all very well, but force-feeding your entire customer base through a single online gaming service with several million other people is simply... well, unless you're can guarantee perfection then its doomed to suffer problems. (Its good to see WarCraft III and Diablo II offering direct TCP/IP games) I'm told many MMORPG's have similar issues.
(dead link)
Born from the frustrations with Battle.Net's desultory performance at the time (and the fact that you had no alternative online but to go through it) the bnetd server was born. This was a homegrown alternative to Battle.Net where things were small enough for people to have fun and at the same time still be responsive: Admins could and did deal with an expel any would-be hackers, cheats and bored trolls. Now all the link does is redirect you to Blizzard's More infoBack In 2002, this was a freshly established amalgamation of several modding and StarCraft editing sites. GamePr0c covered a bit of StarCraft and a lot of its successor, WarCraft III. However, at the time this fan site sounded more like an official Blizzard cheerleader's site, and most of its news items at the time felt like breathless repeats of official announcements. After much time under reconstruction, GameProc has emerged as a personal gaming site (just like RTSC) with most of its efforts going towards Guild Wars.Back devoted once to building a 3D version of StarCraft, this project was killed by Blizzard for copyright reasons. You can pick through the unfinished detritus of their downloads section. Or maybe not.Back
StarCraft: Xel'Naga Vengeance A Russian total conversion that was originally going to convert C&C Generals to StarCraft - now shut down by Blizzard's Anti-Piracy team..Back
Warcraft 3 TC Third version of the StarCraft to Warcraft III conversion by Infoceptor. Terrans become Humans, Protoss become Orcs and Zerg become Demons. This monster conversion planned to add entirely new spells, buildings and units, and replace sounds, graphics and effects. Probably the biggest StarCraft conversion there was. It didn't like Win2k unfortunately, and in any case, Blizzard shut it down over copyright issues.Back

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