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While StarCraft's unit AI's and clumsy controls force you into a hands-on, RSI-inducing, clickfest of frantic micromanagement, there's no denying that Blizzard got the recipe for strategic balance and near infinite replay value absolutely spot on. There's a surprising amount of complexity and depth in StarCraft, but a lot of it isn't actually shown in the game interface. This originally led to a plethora of fan pages and strategy sites, continuing years after the game's initial run. Unfortunately, some of the really good old strategy guides, like Da StarShack and The Institute have completely disappeared into the primordial void of fan site history. I've had to do a bit of dredging, but anyway...

Despite the game's incredible longevity and burgeoning popularity, the years have nevertheless taken their toll. You can, however, find a comprehensive and neutral description of the game and everything about it at the excellent free Internet encyclopedia, the Wikipedia. There are still many small time strategy and info sites out there, but they all tend to rehash the same material. Many of these smaller, personal sites have either disappeared or been recycled into other interests by their creators. Another attribute of StarCraft strategy sites is a preponderance of midi music, although happily, this is less prevalent the last time I checked. Not only can you brush up on yer StarCraft, you can hone your air guitar skills as well. Unfortunately, the slow demise of midi tunes has been replaced by a horrendous predisposition for annoying, sticky pop-ups, and a huge proliferation of crap, strategy-free (and skill-free) "money maps" that seem expressly designed to entertain bored kids on too much red cordial. Such are the perils of Geocities and Tripod user pages, and immense mass market appeal. There's an old StarCraft fans' Ultimate web ring if you're up for a browse of these early but neglected sites. Just a word of warning: these thngs can have a seriously deleterious effect on your sound card, your privacy and your general sense of well-being towards enthusiastic StarCraft fans.

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Info & Strategy Sites
Starcraft Compendium The Starcraft Compendium reveals a great deal of fundamental info that isn't mentioned or shown in the game interface or the manual, courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment themselves. Everything you need to know about Damage Types, Unit Sizes, terrain height and many other details - most of which are crucial to success - is here. Its slick, clearly laid out, and to the point. Start here.Back
The BBC's Edited Guide Entry to StarCraft This is British Broadcasting Corporation's online explanation of what StarCraft is all about to the general (i.e. non-gaming) public. This is part of the h2g2 project the BBC adopted in 2001. Naturally, it's well written, articulate and to the point, and actually explains the game without the reader requiring a doctorate in l33tsp34k to understand it.Back
Blizz Planet weblink Blizz Planet: (unaffiliated with Gamespy's network of ~Planet sites) was established in Feb 2003 after the big Blizzard copyright purge. Thus, "Gamer Tested, Blizzard approved!" was Blizz Planet's opening slogan and the site was began with the ambition of becoming an online directory to all web sites dedicated to Blizzard games. Its first incarnation felt less like the creation of a bunch of game fans united by a common interest banding together and more an extension of a company's marketing arm, but it seems at last to have finally warmed up to be a reasonable news site with a wide range of sections. However, their WarCraft III and World of WarCraft news dominate proceedings.Back
Gamespot Brood War Strategy Guide
The Gamespot Brood War Strategy Guide is a lot more sober than its somewhat silly predessor, the Gamespot StarCraft Strategy Guide, and contains a lot more detailed information about the units and the ways to deploy them against the different species in the game. It's a nicely illustrated, general purpose guide to get you going.Back
Infoceptor's StarCraft strategy link Infoceptor's StarCraft Strategy Index is a strategy guide for budding Battle.Net gamers playing Brood War who know some of the StarCraft community lingo. Its only half there; there's a Terran section and half a Zerg section, but no Protoss section apart from one or two articles.Back
Jin Master's Sanctuary StarCraft Section Ah, Grasshopper. This is an serious start for anyone who seeks the tao of StarCraft and feels they need to get serious enough to play in competitions where they actually give away serious prize money. Its all here: base creation, economics, unit formations, scouting, etc. with clear illustrations to demonstrate points. For StarCraft careerists.Back
KublaiKhan's StarCraft & Brood War Page KublaiKhan is the Battle.Net alter ego of Robert Freeland II. His StarCraft page contains a number of custom UMS maps ands a few links, but the site hasn't seen much action since 2000.Back
Starcraft Legacy's strategy section link StarCraft Legacy's Strategy section is an excellent strategy resource, taken from fan perspectives and honed by years of multiplayer combat. SCLegacy is a slickly produced, prolific Blizzard and StarCraft fan site with a long history. It also has an extensive Replay Archive, a fantastic resource for any learners out there.Back
SGO's StarCraft/Brood War Strategy Guide web link
Strategy Gaming Online's Starcraft/Brood War Strategy Guide is, unfortunately, another StarCraft strategy guide that somehow never got past its first chapter. Nice reading, but...Back
Starcraft University
One of the most comprehensive strategy sites for any game you're likely to find. Once moribund and dead, The Starcraft University came back to life and received some serious renovation. It gives you an orientation tour of Battle.Net, a very nicely laid out syllabus organizing game info, units, structures, strategies, and a lot more into tutorials sorted by subject and difficulty. Its all rather cute, although you'll probably find yourself stumbling over some of the resident professors' awkwardness with English as wot she is rote. And just think: there's no HECS at the StarCraft University!Back
Team Areola
A lively StarCraft clan site with strategies, tactics, tournament info, replays and a lot of maps. Their strategy section offers a lot of starting strategy "recipes" for different playing styles.Back
This is the Complete StarCraft Guide©
Literally, this is just a single page (albeit a long one) and is anything but complete. But by golly, you jealous wannabes had better watch out for that copyright sign!Back
Ultimate Gamers
Starcraft Walkthrough
This site only contains walkthroughs of both StarCraft and the Brood War expansion. Ultimate Gamers is a newer Blizzard Fan site that only focuses on WarCraft III and World of WarCraft.Back
Ultimate Starcraft
Strategy Guide

Another loner's homepage that's anything but ultimate. This is a series of pages and articles describing various game stratagems, sorted into the usual sections. Actually, this site looks like it clipped a large sheaf of someone else's material. Zileas was #1 on the StarCraft in the year or two when the game first came out, and all the better material on this site has clearly been swiped from him. Zileas went on to found His takes were as good as they got for StarCraft.Back

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