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StarCraft Campaigns fall somewhere between the single map UMS Scenario and a custom mod. They're a string of linked "trigger" maps that usually sets out to tell a story. Many of the bigger campaigns involve a high degree of customisation and some high production values that go well beyond StarEdit's imposed limits, using hacked executables and bending a lot of rules. Here's just a small selection:

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StarCraft Campaigns
After Brood War A four episode (20 missions total) single player campaign which starts where Brood War stops. It focuses on all the existing heroes and locations without adding any new characters. Hosted at StarCraft Single player Campaigns.Back
The Alliance Omega Entertainment weblinkFeaturing the characters of Sodon and the Lone Drone, a hero Drone who escapes the Zerg Overmind's control to do good. This campaign comes in six chapters, each with twelve individual missions, plus bonus ones. Not only that, it also comes in a collaborative two player version! There's also a sequel: Blood Destiny. Like many fan fic style campaigns, Blood Destiny won't make much sense unless you've played The Alliance first. Both these campaigns are available at Omega Intertainment.Back
Antioch Chronicles This is one of the biggest and earliest of the custom campaigns that ever appeared for StarCraft, with the first missions appearing within months of the game's release. The Antioch Chronicles came in two large episodes, each with nine missions each, and featuring huge amounts of recorded voices and extensive trigger driven unit choreography. There was a third in the works that was never finished. The high degree of polish and character banter sets it apart from many fan campaigns. Both episodes use their own custom executables. The full campaign and the whole Antioch and you can also find it hosted at Campaign Creations.Back
The Enslavers Starcraft CompendiumBlizzard Entertainment's very own custom campaign, designed to kick-start the whole StarEdit thing all those years ago. Evil pirate Alan Schezar is out to secure his own pet Zerg Overmind after the end of the first StarCraft storyline. You and several StarCraft heroes must try and stop him. You can find this at the StarCraft Compendium.Back
Forgotten World A seven mission story with new hero characters, telling the events of the fringe Terran colony worlds struggling to rebuild after being sterilized by the Protoss. In the original game, these locations remained on the periphery to the action. Hosted at StarCraft Single player Campaigns.Back
Campaign CreationsShort for Hungarian StarCraft, the Genocide campaign comes with three custom units. For the longest of times, this mod seemed almost mythical: a brief moment of existence shortly after StarCraft's release, followed by a decade where it all but vanished from pretty much everywhere. It's recently been resurrected with its own entry at modDATABASE.Back
Legacy of the Confederation weblink
Campaign CreationsLegacy of the Confederation: The homepage to a massive, massive custom StarCraft campaign with huge amounts of voice recordings (almost like a radio play at times) and a lot of trigger driven puzzles. The first download alone clocks in at over 100Mb! This homegrown epic started production almost the day StarCraft came out, went quiet for many years and then suddenly started producing fresh material in 2004. You're best served finding these large downloads from the new Campaign Creations. This hefty mod comes with its own executable, soundtrack and comes in three epic volumes: LOTC I: Past Purposes, LOTC II: Dawn Darkness, and LOTC: Fallen Angel.Back
New Avalon
I & II
Campaign CreationsAnother of the earliest custom campaigns for StarCraft, with the first missions appearing within months of the game's release. Set after the events of Brood War, our hero Raynor finds himself bumped into an alternate dimension where everything you know about StarCraft is wrong. Its hosted at Campaign Creations.Back
Precursor Campaign Starcraft Compendium Another of Blizzard Entertainment's in house campaigns. I think this one came out to help promote the then upcoming Brood War expansion. You can find this at the StarCraft Compendium.Back
The Revengers StarSite's weblinkThis is the StarSite's in-house campaign, coming in both English and Spanish. Again, this is a campaign that continues after Brood War finished, and essentially tells how the Protoss and Terrans band together to whump the evil Kerrigan and her brooding Swarms.Back
Overeign Modding Empire weblinkOr SCR. An ambitious single player campaign hosted at the Sovereign Modding Empire that continues from the Brood War expansion's single player story, adding extra buildings, units and new heroes to the mix.Back
The Shifters Starcraft.Org weblinkStarCraft.Org's in house Campaign. A Shifter is a Terran that crosses over to the Zerg's side on their own free will. Play the campaign as Admiral Yvonne, an ex-Admiral gone pirate who is hired by the Terran Dominion to resurrect the Synthasia Project - before the Zerg Swarms come for him. Smartly produced, and the missions, after you've waded through a procession of cut scenes and introductions, finally kick off to some really good game play. Comes in PC and Mac versions, a demo and a sequel. Back
Space Madness An independent little campaign that incorporates Lovecraftian horror elements (a staple in the horror/fantasy market known as the Chthulu Mythos) to the game. It makes extensive references to the Delta Greens, a service of secret government agents that specialise in invisibly repelling extra-dimensional Chthulu-esque horrors from other dimensions.Back
Vision of the Future Campaign CreationsIt took me a while to realize that all these campaigns were actually part of a continuing series, all set in the same fan fic universe. Each of them comes with its own hacked StarCraft executable. There's hundreds of megabytes of material: recorded voices, custom music, custom units, and a huge and labyrinthine plot that starts off where the Brood war expansion left off and then continues with more characters and twists and turns than a Dantean circle of daytime soaps. Again, you can find it all at Campaign Creations. I think this is the approximate order they play in:

Vision of the Future
A crossover of StarCraft and - wait for it - Ranma 1/2(!) Our high school Japanimation heroes (played by StarCraft characters who look nothing like their wide eyed comic charges) use their special powers to fight off the Zerg. Apart from sound, music and custom load screen images, this campaign changes very little from the original game.It introduces Xaax the Hunter, a hero unit Zerg Defiler with a spiffy plasma zap.

Black Dream
The Black Dream is a powerful custom Protoss-Zerg ship that kicks arse. Once upon atime, evil space spud Zargil tried changing the past, but was undone by a Protoss-Terran-Zerg super friends team up. However, that was all long ago and doesn't have anything to do with the current story.(!) Meanwhile, some survivors of that old action - a Zerg/Protoss alliance featuring Xaax the Hunter (who I think fly the Dream around) are busy flying back to the Protoss Homeworld. Meanwhile, another bunch of Protoss who scarpered during the last big battle of Brood War have become space pirates (a.k.a. Scantid Fleet) and are busy trying to redeem themselves. Plot, plot and more plot. Its like this the whole time...

Vision of the Future 3. I think. Some simple synopses and a basic FAQ would not go astray! Like many enthusiastic modding efforts, the authors seem to assume you instinctively know everything they're rattling on about. The word "concise" is an alien concept to many StarCraft modders, preferring instead long, convoluted treatises cluttered with lots of weird names and dark and pointless conspiracies. Actual game play can be a hard slog unless you're a complete StarCraft freak willing to sit through ten or fifteen minute long "cut scenes": endless reams of vaguely portentous dialogue and convoluted plot showing the usual fan fic sensibilities, interspersed with sporadic trigger driven gaming moments. Trying to seek a simple explanation online invariably reveals some online novella of a plot that's even more paralysing than the campaign itself. Oh well. There's a considerable amount of effort in all of this and this particular episode is a monster of a download: 326Mb of custom sound, music, voices and new units (which back in the day was pretty impressive). Apparently, this is a sort of Wing Commander tribute in StarCraft form; (Wing Commander was one of the very first PC games to go down the big budget production path with lots of animations, actors and video.) I think some of the custom ships are based on Wing Commander designs.

Final Destiny
More convoluted fan fic hi-jinks based around the same universe as the Zeji Imperium TC. I gave up trying to work out what it was all about two campaigns ago. This uses a lot of custom units, and is set in the same universe.Back
War of the Tribes Campaign CreationsAnother custom fan campaign that continues after the end of the Brood War expansion. The Protoss tribes Balkanise and fight amongst themselves in a bitter civil war after the collapse of the Conclave, while ancient machinations conspire against them in the form of the alien Onat. War of the Tribes, while a little graphically primitive and old (dating back to 1999) has a rep for a good story and comes with its own executable and promo movie.Back
Zeji Imperium Campaign CreationsA unique total conversion that grants two completely custom races: the Protoss are replaced by the Zeji Imperium, an ancient super race bent on galactic conquest; and the Mekani, a multi-racial force bent on stopping them. This is all the custom units from the Vision of the Future series, assembled into a multiplayer mod. Nevertheless, the Zeji and Mekani aren't Star Wars or Trek clones - this is a genuine homegrown TC with its own character. Enjoy.Back

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