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There's a lot of smartly organised all-in-one web sites that have sprung up to service this game - and while many all look and sound very similar nearly all of them are packed with excellent tips, strategies, forums and other info. Rise of Nations has wide appeal and a strong international presence. All these links are English speaking, but there's a lot of non-English sites world-wide that aren't covered here.

Rise of Nations LINKS
Big Huge Games weblink Rise of Nations' developer. Their Rise of Nations homepage has a pretty comprehensive strategy guide written by one of their play testers. It itemises all the Civs, goes through all basics and presents you with the major playing strategies in the game. Between this and the Microsoft's newbie's guide, this is a great start.
Microsoft Game Studios weblink Rise of Nations' publisher. Microsoft's Rise of Nation homepage includes a simple Hints and Tips guide (poorly formatted for anything other than Internet Explorer) for the casual player. You'll find basic descriptions on units, buildings, technology and Wonders.
Apolyton RoN weblink Always an excellent start for any Civ style strategy game, The Apolyton Civilization Site has its own comprehensive resource sites for all the Civilization games, Alpha Centauri, Galactic Civilizations, Masters of Orion III and of course, Rise of Nations.
Rise of Nations
The Battlefield is an online tournament site for strategy games, especially serious turn based or empire building strategy games. Their list of supported titles include Masters of Orion III, Civilization III, Age of Wonders, Desert Rats vs Afrika Corps, and of course, Rise of Nations.
Gamespot's Rise of Nations Game Guide weblink Gamespot's Rise of Nations Game Guide: You'll need to register for these ones. There's a fair bit there, but be prepared to be tranked, radio collared, spray painted with your very own day-glow number and then re-released into the wild for marketing posterity.
The Infidels Clan weblink The Infidels Clan specialises in the Age of Empires series and Rise of Nations. But its their Strategy Catalogue that's pretty amazing - it collates practically every Rise of Nations strategy found on the Net. Impressive!
MacAddict: RoN MacAddicts is a multi-gamed fan site for all Macintosh players. The Rise of Nations section has a list of the Nations you can play, but not much detail compared to the big PC fan sites.
Masters of
An online tournament site for serious Rise of Nations clan players. This is so serious that you literally have to sign up before you can even see a FAQ or an about box!
Rise of Nations Strategy
An archived blog page of RoN strategies, written by one of the game's play testers. It includes brief overviews of all the game Nations, sorts them into tiers rated by strength, and offers ten tactics you can use.
Rise of Nations
This is part of the excellent Heaven Games Network. As usual with ~Heaven Games sites, Rise of Nations Heaven is a nicely laid out and excellent browse with a sound Strategy Library, general game info, forums, downloads and the amazingly brilliant 40 Strategy Tips for the Beginner.
The redoubtable MFO Network has its own Rise of Nations section. MFO uses an extensive system of forums and articles to produce a very comprehensive resource, info and strategy site for a number of solid strategy games. The articles are simply posts in a forum, open to discussion and debate; they're generally simple, straight to the point, summarising Ages, Nations, all the units (including comprehensive stat tables) general strategies, and things to think about when you tackle the complexities of this game. You just can't go wrong for a game guide browse here.
RTS League
An online tournament site totally devoted to Rise of Nations clan games. This is a well organised and active affair, and to participate you'll need to have a team of at least five people.
Rise of Nations
Notable for its larger downloads section for the game: patches, AI's, recorded games, campaigns and single player scenarios, mods and utilities. The Oracle also sports an impressive Java based "tech tree", a visual database for all the Civs', techs and units in the game.
Rise of Nations Planet weblink
Rise of Nations Planet weblink Rise of Nations Planet: A fairly lively Rise of Nations community site with forums, info and strategy sections. Several sections require registration to access. Your standard game site, really.
Rise of Nations Planet weblink
Rise of Nations
Well, its hardly revolutionary, although it does seem to have an awful lot of access to the developers. This general purpose RoN fan site sports a fair bit of spit and polish. Resources, downloads, articles, interviews with some of the game designers, and the inevitable forums. Its pretty sharp.
Rise of Nations
Finally - a homegrown user page that feels a little different! Rohag's is a concise roadmap to all the RoN sites on the Web. One of the notable features of this site is its detailed explanation of how Rise of Nations is different to Empire Earth.

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