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Real Time Strategy Links
APOLYTON A huge, well established and mature strategy portal that covers epic strategy games, especially the Civilization series and other turn based titles. Its a gold mine of information covering everything from the current Civilization 4, Galactic Civilizations II, Masters of Orion III and Rise of Nations.Back
The Battlefield The Battlefield is an online tournament site for strategy games, especially serious turn based or empire building strategy games. Their list of supported titles include Masters of Orion III, Civilization IV, Age of Wonders, Desert Rats vs Afrika Corps, and Rise of Nations.Back
Heaven Games weblink Heaven Games is THE place to go for anything to do with any game that is historical and strategic: i.e. the Age of Empires series, Cossacks, Rise of Nations, Stronghold, Caesar III and Pharaoh and the odd fantasy game, like Dungeon Siege and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Its excellent!Back
Mr Fixit Online
This is network of game forums make to help gamers expand their skills with info, resources and discussion for their favourite games, mostly RTS ones. Games covered are Age of Kings, Counter-Strike, Diablo II, Empire Earth, Majesty, Red Alert II, Rise of Nations and Force CMD.Back
RTS Starter Kit Garage Games weblinkThis is a tool produced by independent developer Garage Games, using the Torque engine. Garage used to be known as Sierra/Dynamix, and the Torque engine was once known as a rather cool FPS game called Tribes. Simply put, its a Do-It-Yourself RTS game development system in a 3D environment, available in Mac, Linux and Windows environments, and offering an "Indie" or "Commercial" licenses.Back This was formerly Zileas was #1 on the StarCraft tournaments in its very early years and a writer of StarCraft strategy articles that caused a wee bit of a stir over "old school" and "new school" styles of gameplay in that game. He eventually landed a job at a games firm and has opted out of his web site over a perceived conflict of interest. is a generic games site focusing mainly on strategy games, in particular Blizzard ones. The articles here are generally intelligent and well thought out. Or were - this site is long gone, now.Back
Strategy Gaming Online caters for the more serious strategist for a number of different games. These equally serious people who keep up with current industry news and the latest on games: i.e. release dates, betas, etc. There are maps, patches, cheats, screenshots and updating release dates for a number of titles. This site is part of the UGO Network and acts as a host for a number of other strategy sites.Back
Strategy Planet Strategy Planet is part of a constellation of "Planet" sites orbiting the GameSpy Network, each dedicated to a different game genre and divided up into game specific sites that qualify as major fan sites in themselves. There's a lot to peruse. Its all part of the Gamespy Network, famous for its online gaming and some of the most abysmal online comics found on Planet Earth.Back

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General Gaming Links
AusGamers An excellent first port of call for local (i.e. Australian) game related news, demos, trailers, files and other assorted resources for all gaming Antipodean's. AusGamers conducts nationwide Australian gaming LAN events involving thousands of players, and it also mirrors many new files and downloads found elsewhere. AusGamers is a grassroots thing, mostly volunteers, and includes several thousand hosted sites from clans to youth media.Back
Bella Online is an all purpose Women's' site with everything from gardening, beauty, cooking, politics, pregnancies, health, sports, travel and of course, computer strategy and action gaming. This section covers everything from mission walkthrough, reviews and how to cope with being a computer widow.Back
Dot Eaters, The

One of the best computer game history sites on the web. Retrace the first steps of the creation of a whole new medium, from a sideways tennis game on an oscilloscope in 1958, through to Space War on a PDP-1 mainframe in 1962, right through the original 70's console boom and bust, to stop around 1984 with the fledgling home computer market. Work still continues on this archaeological gaming dig. Every page links to external sources where you can chase up the subject in more detail. Its brilliant!Back

Games Domain
A simply laid out, easy to use, uncluttered and relatively plain web site that keeps a huge and extensive alphabetic and date sorted library of game news, reviews, previews and features that dates all the way back to 1996. I like this purely because you can find things in a hurry without having to negotiate a minefield of popup's and hyper-intrusive ads. I don't know about you, but I usually just abandon any site without reading it instead of chasing some idiot's idea of innovative advertising around the screen like a runaway cockroach.Back is another local all purpose games site. Not to be confused with just plain old, who has long since shut down. This used to be much like a smaller version of GameSpy, without the endless demands for registration and the heavy albatross of commercialism. Recently, it has reconfigured itself to be more of a blogging site.Back
Gamespot PC Strategy Index
GameSpot is your typically comprehensive game news and resource site with news, info, strategies, cheats, downloads and articles of all thing computer game related, for all platforms. Old and ancient material seems unaffected by this new regime as well. Check out their Guides for StarCraft: Brood War, Total Annihilation, Homeworld 2, and Cataclysm. You can just bypass a lot of clutter and jump straight to their full PC Games List. As a historical resource its actually very good. See also MobyGames.Back
GameSpy This is a popup and advertising billboard site, demonstrating how sophisticated and intrusive advertising, spamming and data mining can be these days. No, wait a minute - I think there's a large network of game sites in there somewhere too. Ah yes, there it is: Gamespy. Insanely commercial, and home to innumerable Planet~ game sites, such as the excellent StrategyPlanet. Many games now only offer internet gaming via GameSpy; so provided it doesn't fold these games should have some longevity. Its huge file hosting site is the infamous FilePlanet, which without doubt, epitomises all that has gone wrong with the Internet. Unless, of course, you're a big fan of awkward, confusing procedures that generate huge numbers of windows and ads and demands all your personal details as often as it can just to download one file. My advice: FilePlanet is the download site of last resort for the truly desperate. And keep Ad-Aware handy. I just don't trust it. Seek other download mirrors, preferably run by human beings, if you can. Aussie gamers will find many of its files mirrored at AusGamers.Back
Home of the Underdogs weblink The Home of the Underdogs is similar to the games database MobyGames, except this non-profit database is dedicated exclusively to underrated computer games. Games, that, for whatever reason, never got a good run when they first appeared. Maybe it was a botched marketing attempt, or it was ahead of its time, or perhaps it was just bad luck, or maybe its just abandonware from some small publisher that can't afford to keep it - the Underdogs finally gives them their place in the sun! This database includes a wide selection of titles, even old educational and long dead software applications. There are forums, reviews, polls, a Want List (got some old games to donate?), even old manuals in .pdf format available! Highly, highly recommended! HOTU recently wen't down, but concerned folk have recently resurrected it. Back
IGN (PC) The IGN network is another vast and convoluted commercial enterprise in the same vein as Gamespy or Gamespot. They're all starting to look and sound very similar these days - and IGN insists that you register and login. Still, like its contemporaries, its a good start for a quick news browse or file download - well, if you can stand FilePlanet, that is.Back
MobyGames weblink This is an ambitious computer games database. Their aim is to carefully catalogue all types of games and then make the results publicly available across the Internet. You can browse by title, genre, computer platform, or developer - even including platforms and publishers long since passed away. There's a huge list of contributors, so the site has as much info on freshly released titles as it does to items harking all the way back to the Seventies. MobyGames covers a huge amount of ground, and its presentation plain and wonderfully unobtrusive: everything you'd want an online reference to be!Back
Strategy Informer is a huge mega site devoted to a huge barrage of PC and console games across a wide range of genres: news, reviews, previews, downloads, game guides, and all other kinds of info can be found here. SI has definitely grown into a monster over the years, with a glossy interface very much like GameSpot's.Back

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Modding Links (non-RTS to RTS)
Battlefield 40K weblink Battlefield 40K: A total conversion that transforms EA Games' First Person Shooter Battlefield 1942 into the Warhammer 40,000 universe. You get to play either the Space Marines and Imperial Guard versus the skeletal Necrons and the ancient, high-tech Eldar. There's nothing to see yet, but this mod looks detailed and accurate. Also: (defunct?) modDATABASE entry.Back

Another total conversion, this time converting EA Games' Battlefield 2 into the Warhammer 40,000 universe. At present there are no downloads and only a few choice images of untextured models of units, armour and vehicles. Site dead.

Empires Mod

An RTS styled custom modification currently under development for Valve Software's first person shooter engine, Source. Source was used to develop titles such as Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. The Empires Mod applies many basic Real Time Strategy features to this otherwise straight forward First Person Shooter. Its sides are non-specific and your team is made up with the usual multi-role cast of characters. Buildings can be constructed or destroyed, there's a simple economy with a basic build tree (soon to have its own researchable techs, apparently), and there's a Commander to direct things for the side: ordering the construction of buildings (Engineers have to "repair" the building into existence), adding move and attack commands which appear as way points on the map. You need to build Factories for your armoured vehicles, Supply Bunkers to re-arm and heal troops and Spawn Bunkers to actually release them into the game. Assuming you have the available credits of course... Back - every game, every mod, one site... go figure! moddatabase (moddb) is a large modding database for a huge range of PC games of all genres. It includes some hosted mods, top100 lists, forums, and an up to date database for about 165 mods and total conversions! You get descriptions, downloads and progress meters. Its all very convenient.Back
Natural Selection 2 is another custom mod for Half-Life 2 that uses Valve Software's Source Engine to create something that closely resembles a proper RTS, seen from a first person perspective. Its the sequel from the original Natural Selection, originally modded for the first Half-Life game engine. Natural Selection pits slimy monsters against armoured Space Marines in a StarCraft-ian themed Team Fortress like game, but with lots of extras. You have to build and maintain an HQ, collect resources around the map, defend expansions, mutate or upgrade through levels. Both sides are fundamentally different. Space marines do pretty much as you expect, spawning from portals, wielding armour and a variety of weapons, and managing defensive positions. The aliens grow from egg clusters and either infest or mutate their way to victory. Its all pretty impressive - the video of the alien infestation effect on the metal corridors is almost worth the admission price alone! This mod is highly active, thoroughly professional, and well worth having a look. Back

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