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General Homeworld 2 Links
Relic Entertainment: The developer's web site for Homeworld 2 .Back
Sierra: The publisher, hosting the official Homeworld 2 web siteBack
Beenox Studios Developers for the Macintosh port of Homeworld 2. Back
Aspyr Media, Inc. Publisher for the Macintosh port of Homeworld 2. Back
Relic Universe Formerly HWUniverse (I think!), this is the major unofficial centre for all things Relic related on the Web. Its long since become part of Relic News.Back

RelicNews: major fan run Homeworld 2 news site and Relic Games watcher. This site tracks the Homeworld titles, Impossible Creatures, and like most Relic fans everywhere are getting completely obsessed with this Warhammer 40,000 thing.

RelicNews Forums: the first place to go for any general news, information, and community updates for the Homeworld series. In fact, they are excellent; while they are run on a voluntary basis by some Homeworld fans, they also act as the official "unofficial" forums for Relic Entertainment.Back

HECLiD The Homeworld Extensive Categorized Link Directory or HECLiD, is a home made, hand built Homeworld links site. The idea is to collate a properly edited and definitive directory to the whole HW scene. Unfortunately, apart from a burst of activity in October 2003, its been very quiet ever since.Back
Homeworld Access This is a modest fan based, one-stop resource site covering the entire Homeworld series. Installation info, some mods, map packs, tutorials, troubleshooting, FAQ's etc. can be found here. It provides some services for the RelicNews forums, in particular some file hosting and lists. It's modest, but this is a one stop shop holding only the major mods, map packs, patches and troubleshooting guides - no clutter.Back
Homeworld Archives
A repository for all kinds of miscellaneous Homeworld, Cataclysm and Homeworld 2 downloads, ranging from concept art, documentation, videos, models, the Homeworld Too fan comic and the complete Raiders Retreat, an official Relic release of a set of missions that were dropped from the original game but eventually completed.Back
Homeworld 2 The Essential: The Homeworld 2 section of the slick French Homeworld fan site.Back
The Russian Project
A sizeable Russian speaking portal to the entire Homeworld series, with forums, FAQ's and information. I could tell you more, except I can't read Russian!Back
Homeworld 2
Most of the major activity for this site took place in anticipation of HW2's release, so as a result there's been no apparent updates here since August 2003. It does have a sorted list of screengrabs, wallpapers and trailers for the curious to peruse.Back
Homeworld 2
This is a mission by mission guide for solving the single player campaign. The HW2 Walkthrough is part of an independent, homegrown website called Carl's Guides, currently working its way to becoming a well rounded online resource for games and entertainment.Back
HWShots A image library showcasing a library of HW2 screenshots, concept art and images of upcoming custom mods. There's hundreds of spectacular images here.Back
Mirpasec: Homeworld Research Ship is a Korean Homeworld series fansite that looks like it goes into detail about the games' ship stats and some other info.. I can't understand a single word of it - it's all in Korean - but its presentation is quite original and nicely laid out. You can locate a whole swag of crash keen fan sites for the Homeworld games from here.Back

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Homeworld 2 Online Gaming Links

XENO Clan: Its not often that RTSC puts up a clan link (since there's often so many and they come and go so fast - maintenance is a pain) but the XENO Clan is currently putting together an in-house strategy guide for their members in part inspired by RTSC... Back

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