Homeworld 2 Custom Mod List

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Homeworld 2 Total Conversions
These mods completely change the game into something else.

Indicates the mod comes in .big format.

Naval Combat

Formerly the Angels Fall First (AFF TC) total conversion. This is a completely original spaceship mod set in its own home grown, fictional universe. There's a good description of it here. AAF has recently started posting artwork and designs, revealing a spectacular and professional total conversion that now spans Homeworld 2, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, and even Battlefield 1942 and Half-Life 2(!). This looks simply awesome; the concept art rivals the original Relic designs, except with a heavier, more militaristic feel.

A total conversion starting to kick into high gear; this is a real attempt to produce a completely original game universe using the Homeworld 2 game engine, where the United League of Planets faces off against the secessionist Antarean Empire. The AFF TC promises to produce something like 70 new custom ships, with the emphasis on striking tactical play and AI's. If team leader Alex Drake's past efforts are anything to go by, (the Dynamic Series Mini Mods) then this should be something well worth waiting for.

You can get a feeling of things to come with the AFF's work in progress download: version 0.8 alpha patch 1. There is also an AFF Map Pack (current version 1.1), and the AFF Forums. You can also follow up its RelicNews forum thread.Back

B5Mods.com Home the the Great War mods for the original Homeworld, B5Mods.com is also the home for the Homeworld 2 Babylon5 total conversion. There's not much to see except a "coming soon" message in the About page, and a few screengrabs to see. After something like a three year hiatus, the site posted again in mid 2007. Also: ModDATABASE entry.Back

Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander
Battlestar Galactica mod in action
Another Battlestar Galactica total conversion, this time based on the new television series. What makes this TC stand out over previous BSG efforts is that it's actually alive and well, and seems to be going from strength to strength.

Looks like the mod amalgamates some of the previous efforts on the subject. BSG:FC gives you four factions to play with: the Colonial Forces and the Cylons from the new TV series, and then the same two forces from the original 80's show. So far, there's only a trigger driven campaign demo map to give you a glimpse of the glories to come. The fighters are tiny and fly at high speed like invisible specks, while the Battlestar fills your screen and fills space with tracer. The ship models are mostly sumptuous. Large explosions fill space with big clouds of permanent, persistent debris, really giving things a nice sense of scale. It does look like the big fights on the telly!

Current version: 0.3.6. This release does not come in .big format: make sure you read the readme first!See also: its own BSG Mod forums for all relevant info, its SourceForge homepage, and modDATABASE entry. Back

Battlezone II Mod This looks extremely interesting, although there's nothing to see except some startling screenshots and an aging Relic Forums post. This is based on the Battlezone II game, containing what looks like a lot of beautifully executed original work in the Battlezone's Scion and EDF race's styles. There's some fabulous material here - but little sign of life for a while...Back
Brickspace 2 weblink
Ah.... at last! Brickspace is a total conversion replacing those boring old Homeworld 2 ship models with... LEGO ones! Even better, its the old LEGO Space sets from the Eighties!

Brickspace 1 is for the old Homeworld; Brickspace 2 is for Homeworld 2. You pick from either Blacktron or Classic Space (CS) models to fly around in. At present, only Blacktron is really usable, replacing some of the Vaygr fleet. CS is not at all playable, but you do do get a flight of unarmed goldfish for Scouts in compensation(!). There's even a generic badge pack that includes a few LEGO icons as well. At present, this early release just showcases some of the new units. The HW2 version definitely shows its own Homeworld roots: all Fighters and Corvettes come as single unit squadrons.

You can follow its progress at its Development Journal, or via its RelicNews forum thread. Current version: un-numbered. Well worth keeping an eye on!Back

EVE Online Fall of Man web link

EVE Online Homeworld 2 Mod: An ambitious total conversion that will convert all of Homeworld 2's shipping to that of the sprawling ship linesof the EVE Online MMORPG universe. If you can imagine the old spaceship space trading sim Elite, scaled up to include tens of thousands of players, a huge persistent environment, a player driven market and environment, then you've got some idea of what it's all about. EVE is one of the best and biggest multiuser persistent roleplaying game universes out there (now there's a mouthful). This mod has grand ambitions of making available the four major civ's in EVE, all of which are human: Amarr (religious fanatics and slavers), Caldari (mega capitalists), Minmatar ("primitive" tribalists and freed slaves) and Gallente (democratic), each with their own wildly different (and just wild) ship designs. There are dozens, if not hundreds to pick from.

The mod has only just been announced, and has only just received clearance from CCP, EVE's developers, so there's nothing to see yet.Back

Converts the Homeworld 2 shipping lines to those of the Descent: Freespace space games. This is a four sided conflict that is at last starting to bear some spectacular fruit. You can also track it at its Relic Forums thread. Work on this has been abandoned by the original modders, although there are signs that some upset fans are taking up the slack. Current version: 0.32 beta.Back
New Age
Or FSNA. This is a second Freespace total conversion for Homeworld 2, announced in in a RelicNews forum thread in late 2004. I don't know anything more about it, but this FreeSpace TC is much newer and a lot more lively than FreeSpace: Fleet Command (see above). You can track it at its own forums, or chase up its modDATABASE entry. Current version: v0.25 R3.Back
Gothic Mod

A total conversion based on Battleship Gothic, a tabletop game set in the Warhammer 40,000 (or W40K) universe by Specialist Games, a subsidiary of Games Workshop. W40K is set in the 41st Century, where the entire galaxy is waging war on itself. A number of galactic empires, the Human Imperium's Space Marines, the ancient Eldar, and the young Tau fight it out for control of the skies. The screengrabs look very nice (for once!) and there's no downloads to see as yet, but its generating a fair bit of interest and showing strong signs of development. Progress is slow with nothing to show apart from some nice screengrabs, but it's still active.Back

Its a Gundam mod. Specifically the Homeworld 2 Gundam Mod 0079-0083. Its Chinese. Its RelicNews forum announcement can be a bit hard to follow sometimes. The actual thing itself is wowing a lot of people - and can you blame them? Some of the giant capital ship models are a bit cheesy, but the real stars of this show are the Gundam mobile suits themselves, which are superb. They sit in the Frigate slots, but behave like fighters - and a squadron or two of them can singlehandedly annihilate an entire Hiigaran or Vaygr fleet. The tech tree's a little strange, involving a long process of researching a variety of expensive, slow techs and building some massively heavy capital shipping before various Gundam models unlock. The wait is worth it: the high end units cost thousands of RU's each, come with enough health points to challenge a Battlecruiser, and look bloody fabulous. Definitely one for the Gundam fans out there.

Current version: 3.0. See also ModDATABASE entry for downloads. See also: Gundam SEED RelicNews forum thread. Its very impressive!Back

Macross TC
(Do You Remember Love?)
Or Macross: Do You Remember Love? - Space War 1. Or: MDYRL?:SW1. A Homeworld 2 total conversion to the (endless) Japanese anime classic: Super Dimension Fortress: Macross. Do You Remember Love? is the name of the anime movie based on the original TV series. I think this is a separate project from the more organised looking Macross TC for the original Homeworld that has the same name. This mod just moved to a new web location in early 2006, and it seems to be alive, albeit with nothing to show for itself on the new site. You can follow it up at its own forums. See also: ModDATABASE entry.Back
The Sentinels
A total conversion changing Homeworld 2 into the big Anime series: the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) duke it out with the robo-arthropods known as the Invid. Its very early days yet, and this project, while showing a fair few models, was only announced at the end of 2004. Nothing seems to have happened since.Back
Seikai Wars TC A total conversion based on the Crest of the Stars anime series. This TC will use only custom models frigate sized and up. Only recently announced in late 2005, it has nothing to show for itself yet. See also: RelicNews forum thread, and its own Abh Nations forum.Back
Star Wars: Warlords is the obligatory Star Wars total conversion! Need I say more? This is a skirmishing and multiplayer mod with no backstory, but a list of ships for each side that's as long as your arm. Seriously - there are dozens and dozens in the FIghter and Corvette build slots. If you're not a Star Wars fan the endless list is a bit bewildering.

This mod is rough around the edges: fighters seem too small, scatter to the four winds in a brawl and die in one shot. Ships seem to respond to any enemy activity even if its right across the map - this causes all newly minted shipping and anything hanging around to constantly run away in dribbles throughout the game. Warlords is annoying on small to medium sized maps, making them very difficult to keep under control. For best results, play this mod on a big map, and with plenty of resources. The radar range of your ships is wider than the Sensors Manager's widest view, yet Fighters and most shipping completely vanishes when you've pulled the camera just a small distance away. Its hard to get a sense of scale when your fighter swarms literally vanish before your eyes; its hard to follow. NLIPS is inconstant between some ships, and formations are often filled with twitching, wobbling units. The overall effect makes this mod feel a little small and insubstantial - and not at all epic like Star Wars should be.

But then - this is a work in progress. Things improve mightily when you get to the big end of the build tree. Some of the models, especially the many different TIE Fighters and the Corellian Corvettes are excellent close up. But I really wish those fighter models were individually larger and more visible at a distance.

The mod is still in an early development stage, and as a Star Wars sandbox for the fans, it serves its role well. Myself, I'd prefer a less ships and more polish. Current version: 0.6. Make sure you download and read that readme file first. This mod is a cluster of .big files, and prefers a pristine version of the game to work with. You can also track this mod at its latest RDN Forum thread. See also: modDATABASE entry.Back

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