Homeworld: Cataclysm

Cataclysm Mods and Total Conversions

Custom Mods expressly made for Homeworld's first sequel, Cataclysm. These mods are not compatible with Homeworld itself.
Beyond the
Final Frontier
A Star Trek total conversion, set in the original 60's TV series (the one with Spock and Cap'n Kirk). Current version: 0.13a. See TrekMods.com.Back

The basic philosophy behind this mod is to use all the "unflown" ships in Homeworld and Cataclysm. Both the Somtaaw (good guys) and the Beast's (evil Enemy) fleets are replaced by the single player units from the original Homeworld: the Kadeshi, Turanic Raiders, the Homeworld Derelicts, the Junkyard Dawg, even the Bentusi Trader Vessels; and from Cataclysm the Nomad Moon, the doomed science vessel Clee San and a lot of the spectacular bases and edifices created for both games. Its impressive and even better - has actually had much attention lavished on it to make it playable in netgames. About the only downside is that some of these spectacular units are so big it can get tricky to pull the camera back far enough to see everything!

This is quite a lot of fun: to go with the bigger, more pumped up ships, there's a higher unit cap and you can build an extra carrier. Deploying hordes of Rapid Beam Frigates or Plasma Stream Frigates (think rapid fire Plasma Bomb Launchers) is like pitting strikecraft clouds against each other. In the middle of it loom the massive planetoid like Bezerker (pictured) or the Battlecruiser (one of the Homeworld single-player derelicts). Instead of the Beast's infectious Cruise Missile, you now use Homeworld's Headshot Asteroid! Everything is beefed up, seems to have multiple weapons that shoot lots, and makes for some pretty awesome firefights. Even Scouts use ion beams! Watch out though - explosion damage from the super capital ships can take out half your fleet...

The Onslaught mod ships with 200 custom maps and most of the original single player missions are still playable. Not all of them though, and the mod starts you on Mission 12 as a result. Current ("Absolutely final") version: 3.5. Back

HWMods.de weblink HWMods.de weblinkThe Cataclysm to Homeworld Mod (a.k.a HWC2HW a.k.a Homeworld:Cataclysm to Homeworld TC) Not all Homeworld fans were happy with Cataclysm's multiplayer game. This is a total conversion that attempts to port Cataclysm back to the original Homeworld engine. Some things are lost in the translation since both games hardwire things differently, like the way they both organise their respective fleets. Current version: v2 - which is apparently finished and available at HWMods.de.Back
An amazing Cataclysm mod with its equally impressive web site. Its premise is taken from single player plot line, although this is a multiplayer mod. What would have happened if the elder Bentusi Traders had been assimilated instead of rescued in the game? The reinvigorated Beast fleet takes advantage of the Bentusi's ancient and superior technology.Back
Ice Pirate's Homeworld2 Mods Ice Pirate's weblinkAmong the Homeworld2 Game Types under development by Ice Pirate is a page with a couple of singleplayer Cataclysm missions.Back
Map Maker weblink Map Maker is a home made support page for a number of games, including Cataclysm. Items include game save files, advice on how to run the game in Windows 7 and links to relevant troubleshooting forum threads and mapping sites. You can browse through a fair few game sections in the Games Directory.Back
RWCmodCata +EB

A single page holding pair of tiny Cataclysm tweaks and a simple Homeworld2 retune called the Fair Play mod. The Cataclysm mods are:

Reverse Weapons Concept:
reverses the roles of Ion Beams and kinetic weapons (think high tech bullets), so that Beams are now weak (anti) fighter weapons, and the turrets are now primary armament, mostly replaced by the Plasma Bomb Launcher. In particular there's now an artillery piece: the Plasma Bomb Array Frigate can bombard targets 14km away on a Cataclysm map. called the There's a few other adjustments, like the Beast's Infection Beam and some ship stat alterations. Current version: 3.2

Externally Built (EB) Mod:
This is an older version of the Reverse Weapons mod, but with an alteration where Frigates are treated like Super-Capital craft: they can be constructed underneath the Mothership like the Super-Capital vessels but can't dock - apparently to stop the Beast player from quickly acquiring the technology too quickly. Building times for much shipping has been halved as well. Back

The Wounded A Star Trek: The Next Generation total conversion. Current version: 0.22. See TrekMods.com.Back
TRuneWolf's Cataclysm Rebalance Mod A retune produced by a slightly disgruntled fan that addresses several perceived game issues and imbalances with Cataclysm. Back
HWMods.de weblink HWMods.de weblinkTuranic Prowlers is a completed Cataclysm mod where the Beast side is replaced by the ever popular Turanic Raiders. The Infection Beam capability is disabled and instead of a Beast Mothership, you get a Turanic Outpost. Apparently its multi playable - but I've yet to try this out. Last version: 1.1. This mod is available at HWMods.de.Back

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