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After many moons of apparent inactivity, the Homeworld community stirred back into life when Relic finally got around to publishing screenshots announcements for Homeworld2 in 2003. But most of these links now are either inactive, defunct or preserved for prosperity.


Homeworld General Links

Relic Games Relic Entertainment: Developer of Homeworld.Back
RelicNews weblink

RelicNews: major Homeworld news site and Relic Entertainment watcher. This site tracks Homeworld, Cataclysm, Homeworld2, Impossible Creatures (formerly Sigma) and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War with keen interest. RelicNews has rescued/absorbed other Homeworld sites into itself: the old Guidestone site, Relic Universe, and now hosts the excellent Homeworld Shipyards site.

RelicNews Forums: the first place to go for any general news, information, and community updates for the Homeworld series. In fact, they are excellent; while they are run on a voluntary basis by some Homeworld fans, they also act as the official "unofficial" forums for Relic Entertainment.Back

Sierra Studios Sierra: Publisher of Homeworld. Or rather was: its was absorbed by Vivendi Universal (VU).Back
Barking Dog Studios Barking Dog Studios: Developers for the sequel to Homeworld: Cataclysm. Barking Dog is now known as Rockstar Vancouver.Back
MacHomeworld weblink MacHomeworld is engaged in porting the Homeworld series across to the OSX operating system for the Macintosh.Back
Homeworld SDL A project to port the Homeworld series across to the LINUX operating system.Back
HECLiD The Homeworld Extensive Categorized Link Directory or HECLiD, is a home made Homeworld linking site. The idea is to collate a properly edited and definitive directory to the whole HW scene. It's still around, although its not seen any action for years.Back
Homeworld Access Another archival and information site for the Homeworld series. Among many other things it hosts full ship stats, installation information,. patches, tutorials, a number of the major custom mods for all the games in the series and some excellent troubleshooting tips.Back
Homeworld Shipyards weblink Homeworld Shipyards: Extensive database of all the ships in the the game, including the secondary races in the single player missions and all the ships in the Cataclysm sequel, and speculating on the tasty glimpses of Homeworld 2 shipping. Succinct and elegant layout, that includes a Homeworld2 section. An excellent site packed full of info and pix. Its now being hosted at RelicNews.Back
The Russian Project
A sizeable Russian speaking portal to the entire Homeworld series, with forums, FAQ's and information. I could tell you more, except I can't read Russian!Back


Homeworld Info & Strategy Links

Homeworld's fairly straightforward and there aren't too many surprises in most of the units you use. Compared to many RTS games out there, it can actually be quite simplistic. As a result, there weren't that many intense strategy guides or sites out on the Web.

Free Collective's Homeworld Game Recordings: Nothing beats watching good players play in a game recording to learn how to really play a game. The Free Collective is a clan that plays Relic Games, Counter-Strike, EVE Online and Neverwinter Nights. They've generously posted all their old Homeworld game recordings for you to peruse. They also host a selection of multiplayer maps to download. Its all well worth a look.Back
GamePro.com Homeworld Strategies Apart from a page of general tips, this is really only a cheat sheet that walks you through the Homeworld single player missions.Back
Old Gamespot Homeworld weblink Gamespot Homeworld Hints Page: As usual, a good starting point for more details. This contains Gamespot's official Game Guide for Homeworld, plus a number of extra tidbits, like command line optionsand a series of strategy guides by a number of players.Back
Homesite, The
Bit Shifter's weblinkA modest but comprehensive, home grown Homeworld info and strategy site by lone webmaster Bit Shifter. Its aged a bit now, harks back to 2000 and doesn't look like its seen much action since 2003. It's emphasis is on the singleplayer campaign only; it contains a wide range of hints and tips, walkthroughs, screengrabs, unit breakdowns, game buglists and other little gems. Back
ign Cataclysm Guide: A simple introduction and overview for Cataclysm. A good start, although ign, like many high end game sites these days, invariably wants you to register for the priviledge of glimpsing their hallowed wisdom.Back
Mirpasec: Homeworld Research Ship is a South Korean Homeworld series fansite that looks like it goes into detail about the games' ship stats and some other info. I can't understand a single word of it - it's all in Korean - but its presentation is quite original and nicely laid out. You can locate a whole swag of crash keen fan sites for the Homeworld games from here.Back
Packrat's Strategies Concise and to the point, although incredibly old and very creaky these days (and infected by advertising links), Packrat's homemade website details how strategy in Homeworld changed and adapted to the first game patches that came out. This is well worth a read. His site also has a number of interesting Homeworld custom mods.Back


Homeworld Miscellaneous Links

Interesting and unusual. Not what you'd normally expect to see from an RTS game from that era!

A repository for all kinds of miscellaneous Homeworld, Cataclysm and Homeworld2 downloads, ranging from concept art, documentation, videos, models, the Homeworld Too fan comic and the complete Raiders Retreat, an official Relic release of a set of missions that were dropped from the original game but eventually completed.Back
HSA Link Homeworld Screenshots Archive (HSA): Dedicated site to one of Homeworld's best assets: stunning in-game imagery. When most RTS games used a 2D isometric interface, Homeworld's blue-sky 3D perspectives were really quite a big deal back in the day. This was one of the hotspots of activity in the old Homeworld scene, but it hasn't seen any action since 2003.Back
Paper Starships One of the perks of low polygon counts in 3D models for computer games is that they lend themselves to making cut-and-fold cardboard models... and there seems to be a small but thriving subculture of people doing just that! Paper Starships is devoted to cardboard cutout spaceship models. You print out the plans, cut along the dotted lines, fold and glue all the various bits and pieces together, and hey presto! A perfect reproduction of a spaceship. There's a few Star Trek vessels, but most of these plans are for Homeworld, with one or two new models appearing for Homeworld 2. Even some of the complex Kadeshi ships are included. This is an excellent site, and something completely different.Back
Pierre Fieschi's MOC page weblink Pierre Fieschi is a keen LEGO enthusiast that combines two of his favourite loves: making high calibre LEGO models and Homeworld. Specifically, the extraordinary art direction and look pioneered by Relic's co-founder and Director of Concept and Visualisation. You can check out his repertoire of spaceship models here.


Homeworld Defunct Links

Lost, dead, buried, perhaps simply abandoned; but with extremely unlikely prospects of revival.

Colonel Pepper's
Babylon 5 Mod Resources

Upgraded weapons effects!Colonel Pepper was a keen player who was often seen working on Babylon 5 mods for Homeworld. His resources site hosted a pair of Babylon 5 related mini-mods that did nothing more than change the in-game graphics and special effects.

  • The B5TC Jump point Mod v1r4 changes the Homeworld hyperspace rectangle effect into the vivid blue conical effect of the TV series;
  • while the Weapons Mod v2 completely replaces all weapon and explosion effects to match that of Babylon 5's. Major explosions generate flaming debris and wreckage, and beam weapons are thin, slick lines. Not all the effects are brilliant though: some bullets a little more than candy coloured globs and there's an entire category of pinky mauve zap guns that don't appeal at all.

Some of these effects and explosions may be incorporated into the New Graphical Mod for Homeworld mini-mod. Its all moot though, the site died a long time ago.Back

Drunken Pirates Clan weblink The Drunken Pirates Clan were a Homeworld armada (or clan) who created their own extensive range of Homeworld multiplayer maps. They were also responsible for the very popular Battleship Mod, which converted Homeworld's spaceships into real naval vessels and aircraft. Site lost!Back
Homeworld Essential weblink Homeworld: The Essential is a massive French Homeworld site. There's a huge amount of stuff here, and its all in French, but you shouldn't have too much trouble working out where or what things are. These days its more into Homeworld 2. Or was - site lost.Back
Homeworld Strategies A personal FortuneCity webpage of some Homeworld singleplayer and multiuplayer tips. This also includes scanned pages from a PC Gamer magazine strategy article on the game, dating back to 2000. Site lost!Back
HWMods.de weblink

HWMods.de: This was the home of three custom mods: the Derelicts Mod for Homeworld, the Cataclysm to Homeworld conversion, Turanic Prowlers plus an extra section for all the leftovers, screenshots and other bits and pieces from HWMod's efforts. Casualties were the Derelics and Turanic vs Kadeshi Mod.

Site lost! Search for these mods at JST-Online.Back

Kiith Iopia weblink Kiith Iopia: is a Homeworld and Cataclysm fan fiction site from the Relic News people. There doesn't seem to have been much action there since 2003. Actually, it was closed due to lack of interest.Back
Another repository of lost Homeworld mods and downloads can also be found at the Homeworld Mods list within mods.relicnews.com. In RelicNews' forums there's the Monstrous Homeworld/Cataclysm Mod List discussion post, permanently "stickied" and providing an ongoing effort to collate a single list of all live and developing Homeworld and Cataclysm mods in existence. Site missing.Back

The OutPost (a.k.a.www.imperialproductions.ws) was another cool site full of cool mods that just disappeared, taking a number of promising mods with it. I'll just refer you all to JST-Online. Back

Card Models
Another paper model starship site, this one devoted entirely to the Homeworld series.Back
Relic Developers' Network weblink The Relic Developer's Network (RDN) was Relic's attempt to support community mods, but unfortunately things never worked out and the service was dropped in 2003.Back

Homeworld Universe logoFormerly Homeworld Universe (or HW:U), which in more primeval times evolved out of an even older fan site called Homeworld X. Before the release of Dawn of War and Company of Heroes, Homeworld Universe focused exclusively on the Homeworld series. Afterwards, it changed to Relic Universe, becoming one of the major traffic hubs for any game fans into Relic's lineup of games. It hosted custom mods, maps, forums, and all the other high-end trappings of a big, popular game site. It covered the Homeworld series, Impossible Creatures, and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.

It amalgamated with RelicNews.Back

The Second-Best
Place for Effects
This is nothing more than a large list of customised weapon effects that you can apply to Homeworld, not to mention a new section devoted to modding Relic's latest release, Dawn of War. Some actually modify weapons, so you can have infinitely long ion beams, streams of rainbow coloured plasma bombs, glowing asteroids, Star Trek photon torpedoes or even Quake railguns! There's some really cool and very clever trinkets here and many of these effects have been commissioned by other mod makers. Site...down? No, its still there, except the Homeworld bits have disappeared. World of War bartering plug-in, anyone?Back
The Gaming Union (TGU)

A British game clan site that hosted a large number of custom mods and maps for Homeworld. The clan's still around, but the original website is not. Its demise took out a number of old Homeworld mods:


(Formerly Hiigaria Planetia a.k.a. Star Trek Homeworld). A big, polished Trek conversion site, with lots of Trek ships and mod for the Homeworld series.

Actually, it looked like a lot of Trek modders had simply gathered under one roof. There's a large number of smart looking ship models on display, and at one point about half a dozen seperate total conversions were in development, each one simulating a different scenario from the Star Trek universe. You also get sounds and maps for the mods as well.

Shortly thereafter, TrekMods.com disappeared.

Four Trek mods were lost. See the TrekMods.com entry in the Star Wars and Star Trek Conversions page for more details.Back

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