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A screen grab from the Great Wars: Narn Centauri War, one of the many Babylon 5 custom mods for Homeworld.

Being a very generic sort of spaceship game, the potential for modding Homeworld into just about anything vaguely spaceship related is very strong. If you're keen or have the hard disk space its well worth the effort, just for the sightseeing alone. With such a minimalist backdrop, custom mods and conversions usually only modify the ships in the game or tweak variables and settings in the game to deliver a different style of gaming. There's the usual procession of Star Wars, Star Trek and Babylon 5 conversions, all keen to see their favourite spaceships fight it out in a solid 3D strategy engine. There's also a number of mods that extend the stories around many of the single player mission races you encounter, like the Turanic Raiders, the religious Kadeshi and the mysterious and powerful Bentusi traders. At one point Homeworld mods were breeding faster than rabbits, but many have died away, or migrated across to the sequel's smarter looking graphics engine.

Homeworld mods permanently change your Homeworld install. Relic Entertainment never counted on the enthusiasm of their fans, so Homeworld has no provisions for custom modding, nor can it switch between them. When you install one mod, you invariably have to remove all traces of any other, or better still, just start on a fresh game install.

Homeworld blindly reads whatever happens to be sitting in its folder when it boots. If you want to try out several different mods, you'll need to copy your original Homeworld installation and then permanently modify the copy - unless you like trying to uninstall old mods to install new ones, a process that is dodgy at best. Most customs are large collections of subfolders and files that are copied into the main Homeworld game directory.

A lot of game data, like spaceship classes, behaviour and even ship roles have been hard wired into place, making customisation tricky and limiting the scope of many a modder's dreams and ambitions. Its almost impossible to add extra ship classes, or change the existing types of ships already there. A lot of mods revolve around replacing existing ship "slots" in the game with new models that are roughly comparable to the original shipping's sizes and functions. All of them are entirely home grown and derived from a bit of backyard reverse engineering, with mixed results.

Mods & TC's   TC's Remixes Single Player Races Babylon 5 Star Trek & Star Wars Dead mods

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Homeworld Modding Sites
Relic Developers' Network weblink if you're really keen to get in on the modding action, you can sign up on the Relic Developer's Network (RDN) and enjoy some official support. Relic recently released the Homeworld game engine to the general public, so provided the modding community haven't been completely distracted by Homeworld 2, there should be some interesting mod developments appearing out there sometime. RDN requires registration and legal disclaimers before you proceed, and looks like a serious attempt to organise any talent out there with Relic's blessing..Back
ArchonX's Homeworld Editing Centre ArchonX's Homeworld Editing Centre: A good modding and resource site for all things Homeworld, even though it doesn't seem to have seen any action since 2001.Back Home to the Babylon 5 "Great Wars" total conversions: the Narn-Centauri War, the Shadow War and the Earth Alliance Civil War. You'll also find extensive modding resources and tools for a lot of other games here, including Impossible Creatures, Dawn of War , O.R.B. and Hægemonia.Back
Drunken Pirates Clan weblink Drunken Pirates Clan. Home of the popular Battleship Mod and a large number of in-house multiplayer maps. Back
Homeworld: Access Homeworld Access is a relatively new fan site specialising in the Homeworld series. Among other things, it does provide some services to the RelicNews forums, such as a file download service and some game resources and info. There's a small selection of downloadable mods,tutorials, and FAQ's for the Homeworld fan base. Its worth a look.Back
Research Station
This is the RelicNews Forums page that covers all kinds of custom modifications for Homeworld, plus tutorials and advice on editing and coding, scripting, tutorials, the lot. If anything's happening in Homeworld's modding scene, this is the place to find it.Back
JST Online weblink

Unfortunately, a number of Homeworld mods and modding sites have apparently bitten the dust. Fortunately, you may still find many of the missing mods in downloadable form at JST-Online. This site originally started collating Homeworld map packs, but now mirrors (or at least links to) every mod for Homeworld that it can find in an effort to build up a library for posterity. If you find a original site is missing, try JST and look for the mod there. In the meantime, I'm attempting to see if any of these sites have actually moved on to new locations, although this seems to have been a surprisingly awkward process.Back

Mad Scientist Productions

Formerly Delphy's Laboratory. Delphy has expanded his interests into a general blog site, and the old lab's materials are relegated to lists of files in his Homeworld and Homeworld 2 pages.

Keen Homeworld and Cataclysm modders may want to check out the Homeworld Ship Editor (HWSE), and the HW2 map creation tool, MissionBoySE, the two main achievements of Delphy's Lab.Back - every game, every mod, one site... go figure! The moddatabase's Homeworld mods section. moddatabase has ambitions of becoming a one stop online resource for custom mods for all PC games.Back
The Modder's Homeworld
Editing Centre
A blast from the past: an old modding site that doesn't seem to have updated since 2000 - and many of the links have long since dried up. It does give you a glimpse into the first year of Homeworld's fledgling modding community though...Back
Packrat's Homepage Home to the Newtonian Mod, the Lightning Mod retune and a compact strategy page.Back

MISSING or DEAD Homeworld Modding Sites weblink This is the home of three custom mods: the Derelicts Mod for Homeworld, the Cataclysm to Homeworld conversion, Turanic Prowlers plus an extra section for all the leftovers, screenshots and other bits and pieces from HWMod's efforts. Site lost! Search for these mods at JST-Online.Back
Another repository of lost Homeworld mods and downloads can also be found at the Homeworld Mods list within In RelicNews' forums there's the Monstrous Homeworld/Cataclysm Mod List discussion post, permanently "stickied" and providing an ongoing effort to collate a single list of all live and developing Homeworld and Cataclysm mods in existence. Site missing.Back
The OutPost ( was another cool site full of cool mods that just disappeared, taking a number of promising mods with it. I'll just refer you all to JST-Online. Back
The Second-Best
Place for Effects
This is nothing more than a large list of customised weapon effects that you can apply to Homeworld, not to mention a new section devoted to modding Relic's latest release, Dawn of War. Some actually modify weapons, so you can have infinitely long ion beams, streams of rainbow coloured plasma bombs, glowing asteroids, Star Trek photon torpedoes or even Quake railguns! There's some really cool and very clever trinkets here and many of these effects have been commissioned by other mod makers. Site...down? No, its still there, except the Homeworld bits have disappeared. World of War bartering plug-in, anyone?Back

Mods & TC's   TC's Remixes Single Player Races Babylon 5 Star Trek & Star Wars Dead mods

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