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Mission Man interface
Maps in Homeworld are true three dimensional affairs: great volumes of open space with only asteroids, clouds of space dust and space wreckage to liven things up. As a result, there aren't any tilesets or notable features to differentiate between them, save for the a different space backdrop and lighting. Maps sites have already sprung up, and there seems to be two types of downloadable on the Net. The actual maps themselves, and separate background images that can be used as backdrops in map making. Essentially, all there is in a Homeworld game environment and a collection of free floating asteroids, tubes of space dust and other stellar flotsam, and some strategically placed starting points. Homeworld maps aren't actually a single map file or a 3D model per se; they're complex directory structures, with lots of settings files and sub-folders in them to accommodate all the different skirmish options that are available in the multiplayer or skirmish AI games. You install these maps into the Homeworld/Multiplayer subfolder.

Mission Man is the map editor that ships with the game. It looks and feels just like a cut down 3D package, and is used to arrange polygon models, game elements, starting positions for each player and global settings for each map or level you create. There doesn't appear to be any way to preview the maps you make from within the editor, and unless you're familiar with 3D packages, I'm sure Mission Man will bamboozle most people. Many of the serious custom mappers out their seem to prefer a good text editor for their creations, preferably one that can handle lots of open text files all at once. A good first stop would be to check out the tutorials at the Mission Man Help Archive.

Given the minimalism of these environments, most of the custom mods and total conversions revolve around designing new ship models or tweaking existing ship attributes and global game settings. See the RTSC Homeworld Custom Mods section.

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Homeworld Mapping Links
There aren't that many. Outer space doesn't seem to lend itself to huge mapping efforts.
Drunken Pirates Clan weblink The Drunken Pirates are a Homeworld armada who have created their own extensive range of Homeworld multiplayer maps, as well as being responsible for the rather wild Homeworld: Battleship mod, using real naval shipping and aircraft rather than spaceships in outer space.Back
Free Collective The Free Collective is a Homeworld clan that also plays other multiplayer games. Their downloads section contains a long list of maps, some game recordings, screengrabs and the 1.05 patch for the Homeworld.Back
Fulcrum 4's website A collection of stylish web pages dedicated to the Homeworld games. You'll find a nice selection of Homeworld maps, (fulcrum4's Homeworld map directory) which shows Sensor Manager screengrabs of the maps so you can at last see what's in them. Its a little incomplete, though, and hasn't seen much action lately.Back
Map Makers Archive (MMA) For an excellent starting point on editing your own Homeworld maps, background skies and lighting (or any mods for that matter), try The Map Makers' Archive. However, it hasn't seen much action since 2002.Back
JST Online weblink JST-Online acts as a sort of mod preservation service. safe haven for any custom Homeworld mods and downloads rescued from disappearing hosts as interest wanes over the long years. For maps, there's its collection of all-in-one map archives that should pretty much satisfy most of your multiplayer needs for the entire series.Back
Homeworld Multiplayer Maps
MacHomeworld weblink
MacHomeworld is an online project to port the Homeworld series across to the Macintosh, thanks to the game's original source code being released by Relic. Included in that source code package was the Electronic Boutique multiplayer maps archive, hosted at MacHomeworld.Back
Ugruk's Homeworld
Resource Page
Exactly as it's name implies, this is a single fan's own Homeworld resource page. It contains a very nice selection of multiplayer maps, some by Ugruk himself, as well as a few of his own mapping utilities, custom backgrounds, some vital hints and tips on building them, and a MissionMan Guide to help in making Homeworld maps. While it may not have seen any updates since 2002, this is still an excellent resource for any budding Homeworld mappers out there.Back

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