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Site History 2011
15 Aug

Lots of small adjustments and updates, mostly to the Full RTS Games List section. Some amendments to the Total War series entry (much more work to do on that). Much of it is freshening up previously dead web links, or mentioning any new expansions that have appeared. I've also adjusted a few pictures here and there. Some of them now link to full sized screengrabs that will open a new tab in your web browser, but only those with the small coloured border around them.

And its Tower Defence Inauguration Day today! Yes, I figured they were close enough to a regular RTS to include.

New game entry: Defense Grid: the Awakening.

New game entry: Revenge of the Titans!

Added a Tower Defence entry in the RTS Glossary.


Adjusted images and some text for Darwinia, Medieval Lords, and SimCity.

24 Jul

Oops! I'd uploaded the wrong copy of the Left Behind entry - I think people would prefer the finished version. Oh dear.

Removed a lot of dead, unfinished (and mostly unstarted) pages from the Dawn of War pages, mostly those concerning the various races you can play. Removed the Space Marines, Chaos, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Tau and Necron sections, which were either not started, unfinished and/or obsolete. They may or may not be reinstated, depending on how my schedule works out. Certainly, if I do get around to reinstating those pages properly, they won't be anywhere nearly as ridiculously involved as the Space Ork section. Also rationalised the Dawn of War Game Guide and apllied some long overdue renovations to menus and internal links.

Next up for attention: Orky Vehicles, and some more entries in the RTS Game List.

26 June

Renovated and revised a lot of the writing for the Left Behind: Eternal Forces RTS. I took out all the ranting and raving basically, which is never a good thing to leave lying around on a site like this. Its been bugging me for years. After revisiting Left Behind though, it wasn't hard to see why I basically lost it last time. Left Behind is an odious example of the Convert or be Killed fundamentalist dream, housing in a bodgy package with some seriously piss poor game design.

12 June

Finally added the indy game entry, AI War: Fleet Command to the Full RTS List.

9 May

Quick little ad hoc update, thanks to some email feedback.

Updated one or two details on the Homeworld: Cataclysm page, and added a link to the small web site Map Maker in the Cataclysm Mods page.

Some minor tweaks to the Homeworld Ships page.

Fixed up a series of errors and wonky links down the left hand menus.

3 May

Renovations continue.

Culled the Masters of Orion III section from the site. MOO3 was a disasterously buggy 4X strategy space game that bitterly disappointed many MOO fans. Its presence in RTSC bugged me for years for being largely off-topic. If anyone feels this is unjust, I can restore it to, but it won't ever return to RTSC.

Extensively reworked the Boring Theory page (again! :) ) in the RTS Basics section.

30 Apr

More behind the scenes renovations and site reorganisation. Cleaning up old pages; most of it involved reformatting html, link menus and editing some of the old text in the RTS Basics, Glossary and Links sections. There's still a big backlog of stuff to get through before I tackle the really big area of this site that desperately needs work: the Full RTS List.

The Current Games and RTSC Retirement Home have been merged into a new page called Featured Games. This will certainly get revisited again as games come and go - or it just gets too big.

Culled all the internet chat acronyms from the RTS Glossary.

Removed the largely irrelevant and non-strategic Misc Links subsection from the RTS Links section.

25 Mar

After a very long hiatus, a return to updating the site. I've tinkered with pages, particularly the Dawn of War section, but thats about it. There haven't been any serious updates anywhere, so I've just blanket-synced my local copy of RTSC with that of the server.

I've have a brush with death involving stephloccucus, open heart surgey and a fresh pacemaker, not to mention fun and games in EVE-Online, working in a failed games company, and getting back into the swing of things as a casual 3D animation lecture.

I think I'm going to reorganize the site and update it to my current needs. Old relics like the Glossary and the generic Strategy guide will probably get the heave to, or perhaps rebuilt. I think I'll amalgamate all the various game sections together to become part of the very popular Full RTS list. since that's where all of this site's interest seems to lie. The EVE-Online section is gone - if I get the time to work on that, it'll be as a site independent of RTSC. Hell, I probably should do a complete makeover of the whole look and feel of this thing. Right now, the whole thing feels .... old.

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