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Site History 2009
28 Dec Update to the Command & Conquer page.
14 Nov Corrections made to the Homeworld 2 Subsystems page. It turns out you don't Scuttle Subsystems from your spaceships, you Retire them. Oops! Thanks to ramatadamir's email for that one.
7 Aug

Another update to the Homeworld 2 Complex mod page. This mod seems to power from strength to strength. Amongst its new features are actual in-game planets.

Added the Star Wars: Rebellion entry in the Sci-Fi RTS Games List. A bit of a Star Wars dud from 1998, but for some reason I've been getting a lot of email about it from readers recently, wondering why I haven't included it.

19 Jun

Update to the Homeworld 2 Complex mod page. This mighty custom modification still continues to storm along, becoming bigger and more refined with every passing year!

9 May

Only time for some nips and tucks, of late.

Corrected the missing Underdogs link in Retired Games.

Added some essential links to the Dwarf Fortress entry, to help newbies into the game.

Modified a crucial paragraph in the Dawn of War Ork Guide's Waaagh? page.

25 Mar

Split off the entire Command & Conquer series from the sprawling Modern RTS List, finally giving it its its own page. I've colour coded all the different titles in this series, so you can tell the Red Alert series from the original Command & Conquer stories (the one with the villain Kane in them!)

Gave the RTS Links page a bit of a clean up. Added more text to the Dawn of War 2 entry. Man, what a disappointment that was. :(

7 Mar Finished up the Flash Gitz entry in the RTSC Dawn of War Orky Guide! That finally wraps up the Nob Squad page here.
5 Mar Added Red Alert 3 to the Command & Conquer series entry. A rather ordinary C&C title once you brush away all the hype and hoopla.
16 Feb Finished up the Nob Squad entry in the RTSC Dawn of War Orky Guide! Still more to do on Flash Gitz on this page.
9 Feb Rebuilt the sidebar menu to the Full RTS Games List. It's now sorted into alphabetical sections, which you can toggle open and close without having a loooong list of game entries to scroll through. For anyone who does want long scrolly lists, you can still toggle it up and down by clicking on the Full RTS Games List menu item itself.
30 Jan Revisited some of the ancient pages of RTSC, and found myself huffing of glass panes and polishing a few bits of awkward, pretentious grammar. Gave the Boring Theory page a little bit of an adjustment. Man, I was so into huge paragraphs back then - how embarrasing.
29 Jan

Added the Dawn of War 2 placeholder entry into the Full RTS Games List. I've also updated all the side menus on most of the main sections:

All the games in Current Games (the ones I actively maintain) have now been sorted from youngest title to oldest. The contents page here has been simplified: the old one was too cluttered and had items listed in that could easily be reached by the side bar.

All the games in Old Games a.k.a. the RTSC Rest Home for Retired Computer Games (or, the areas I don't actively maintain - unless someone badgers me with email) has been sorted from oldest to youngest.

I've also adjusted the left side bar menu of the Full RTS List so that it toggles "open" and "closed" when you click on Full RTS List at the top. I might revisit this sidebar - it's grown too big.

28 Jan

After an email request, added a small, modest entry in the Science Fiction RTS List page: Star Wars: Force Commander. Just a small historical footnote, you understand, for completion's sake.

27 Jan

Finished up the Nob Leaders entry in the RTSC Dawn of War Orky Guide! Still more to do on Nob Squads and Flash Gitz on this page.

14 Jan

Another update to the RTSC Dawn of War Orky Guide. Added the Gretchins to the Ork Boyz page; connected up some internal links so that everything in this game section links correctly to the new revisions. Updated some small snippets and links here and there in the regular Dawn of War Game Guide to slot in with the new Ork changes.

13 Jan

An update to the huuuge RTSC Dawn of War Orky Guide. Most of the work has gone into the Orky Boyz page, which has become the html template for everything else to come now. Shuffled a fair few things around, and finally got the popup windows working the way I wanted, too! Don't worry, each popup window is just a plain old fashioned html table with extra stats for the unit described. There's nothing malicious anywhere in this site. Updated the Power of the Waaagh!, Mob Bonus and a few other items.

Only the first four pages of the Orky Guide can be considered final - the rest is still a borked mush of old, half finished and half renovated junk.

Also: uploaded the budding template EVE-Online section. This is that famous spaceship MMO which I've been spending a lot of time in for the last two years. Let's see what happens with this section...

4 Jan

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you've had a fun Silly Season!

Finally got some work down on the Dawn of War section. Specifically, the Ork Guide, which has been languishing in a half-finished state for, well, nearly a year. I've been messing with this for a few weeks now, but its together enough to upload. Its renovator's delight, which means a large chunk of it IS full of mistakes and half finished/copied/pasted/forgotten about. But hell, had to show something! the Mob Bonus page, Orky Boyz, and Orky Techs are the most complete pages; other sections have been roughed out but still have data only relevant to the game's earlier expansion, Winter Assault.

I keep forgetting how much effort editing and rearranging tables in old fashioned html can be. A lot of time gets sunk into hunting down suitably spectacular screen grabs, double checking game data (both in the files and in the game itself) and making sure it sorta works, regardless of what resolution you're viewing the page in. There should be more updates soon!

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