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28 Dec

Ah, time to mess with stuff at long last! Some of these renovations and updates have been in production for months although not in any good form to upload, even by RTSC's nonexistent, ad hoc publishing standards!

Updated the long overdue RTS mods page on the Full RTS List section. I'm sure there's squillions more RTS mods for FPS's out there, but I'll just stick to what's working now.

Amended a couple of entries in the Dawn of War Mods List. This sections pretty old and tatty now - and will get some much needed attention at some point - but I have updated the Skirmish AI entry (always important!), and the Firestorm over Kronus mod (by emailed request) RTSC hint: requests usually get a pretty quick response! ;)

27 Dec

Extensive renovations and revisions to the Full RTS Game List section. This includes:

Establishing the MMORTS page.

Established the Dawn of Fantasy entry (currently empty).

Update to the MMORTS, Beyond Protocol.

Establishing the Celtic Kings series, Glory of the Roman Empire, and Imperivm Romanvm entries.

Updating the whole section in general; in particular Majesty, Sword of the Stars, and SPORE, which I might decide to follow up on, as soon as I can remove that wretched DRM software the demo installed on my system first, and which refuses to leave, long after the demo has.

Revised the Rise of Nations Links page - fixed a few dead old links.Back

23 Oct

New entry in the Science Fiction RTS page: small indy game Rage of War.Back

15 Oct

FINALLY! Got around to renovating, fixing, rewriting and updating the RTSC Introduction! Its only been about three years! :) Back

7 Oct

Revised the descriptions for Beyond Protocol and Universe at War in the Science Fiction RTS List. Tarted up the World in Conflict entry in the Modern RTS List.Back

5 Oct

Reorganised a lot of the basic navigation in the site over the last few months; nothing too much uploaded since it's still to be properly debugged. I'm currently adding an EVE-Online section, simply because I'm spending so much time in it. When I've got the first few pages sorted out I'll upload them.

In the meantime, I've spent a little time updating the Full RTS Games list and modified or added the following entries:

Beyond Protocol

Dwarf Fortress

Populous series


Universe at War

and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos.Back

xx Aug Retired the Rise of Nations section. Awesome game, but I simply haven't touched it for ages.Back
10 July

I forgot just how vast and time consuming production deadlines can be. I'm not on any death march with the game I'm currently involved with but it is a huge time soak. Along with being a CEO in a player corp in EVE. Sheesh!

Anyway, added the Fighter Replays link to the old StarCraft Links page.

Currently working through the Sins of a Solar Empire, World in Conflict, a rather cute real time ASCII based RTS/RPG called Dwarf Fortress. There's a couple of others, but I can't remember them offhand.Back

25 May Updated the Homeworld section. Basically adding references to the Macintosh and LINUX ports of the game.Back
27 Apr Busy days in the games industry don't leave much time for site updates. Updated the About page's text, and that's about it.Back
22 Feb Cleaned up some wonky links in the Dawn of War Map page. Amazingly, no sites went dead and no maps went missing!Back
19 Feb Freshened up a lot of the links pointing to a lot of the old campaign entries in the StarCraft Campaigns page, especially those pointing to the venerable Campaign Creations web site. The whole scene out there seems to have become quite professional; and there's renewed interest in StarCraft with the coming of StarCraft II.Back
9 Feb

I probably should have done this long ago, but took the Complex Mod out of the huge HW2 Retunes page and gave it its very own, well deserved Homeworld 2 Complex Mod page!

Currently through the Homeworld 2 custom mods pages... chasing up old links or moved/amalgamated/closed/resurrected sites does take some time sometimes. Rearranged the Game Types page, and working through the Total Conversions page. Surprised there's still a fair few mods still going, plus a few extras. I'll get to those later on. In the meantime, a WIP update.Back

2 Feb

Updated the Homeworld 2 Complex custom mod's entry in Homeworld 2 Retunes. This is an awesome mod that no self-respecting HW2 player should do without. Also cleaned out some long dead HW2 mod entries into the Defunct Mods page.Back

30 Jan

Freshened up a lot of the web links in the RTS Links page.Back

9 Jan

Small graphical update to the Supreme Commander section. This should develop further as I build up a nice big database of screen grabs - as RTSC readers may or may not know, nearly all the in game screen grabs in RTSC come from actual games I've played, usually in a netgaming context.Back

7 Jan

Blurred the backgrounds to the main part of the site and to the Dawn of War section. Hopefully, this should make these pages less "busy" and make those walls of words a little less intimidating. I'll have to review some of the bigger, more opaque walls of text as well. Other updates:

Startopia Part 5: Cargo Cult

Incremental update to the Supreme Commander section.Back

6 Jan

First update of 2008. Mostly a number of text updates and corrections, nothing too major as I try to get back into the habit of updating RTSC more frequently. Might even try for a graphics upgrade, if I get the time for it. Made some current tweaks to the following pages:

Established the 2008 History page

WW2 RTS List

Added the World in Conflict entry to the Modern RTS games list. While rather clichéd to an old bore like myself who encountered many Cold War games during the 8-bit and 16-bit Eighties, this nevertheless looks pretty good.

Dawn of War Guide: Orks: Power of the Waaagh! heaven help me, there's so much in here, and with another two races appearing in Dawn of War's third expansion, I'm going to have to seriously revisit this bloated part of RTSC, and do some serious rebuilding. I get lost going into the DoW Guide and I wrote the damn thing!

Startopia Part 2: Who's Who. Minor amendments to Memaus (and Space Vermin) thanks to some email from Eric Robins.

Startopia Part 10: Cleanliness. Minor amendments brought on as a result of Startopia Part 2's alterations.Back



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