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28 Dec

Bugger me, poor old RTSC is utterly out of date!

I've been quiet for an awfully long time because I'm now working in the games industry (as a World Builder in a MMO, as fate would have it!), have acquired a mortgage, live in partner and all the lunacy that comes with high finance, endless renovations, game industry deadlines, Christmas and a batch of nephews and nieces brings about! Dunno how I'll fit it all in - let alone find the time to actually get into games themselves. Anyway -

RTSC is currently renovating

As usual, I'll just keep uploading updates all over the place in an extremely ad hoc manner!

So there. Stay tuned.



8 Jul

Got knocked flat on my back for a few weeks by some obnoxious virus doing the rounds, and a couple of weeks of furious activity at work. Updated the RTSC Homeworld 2 section's ship guides! Thanks to Nic Yap who was kind enough to email me some corrections.

Also made some Dawn of War mod updates in June, but never got around to publishing them due to being sick as a dog. I'll do a bit more work on those. Quite a bit's happened in DoW since the 1.2 patch.

27 May

Big reorganisation of the site. Lots more to do, when I can get around to it. It took a lot longer and was more messier than I thought.

RTS Games renamed to Current Games. These are simply the games I still play on a semi-regular basis. Actually, I should make an EVE-Online section, since I'm playing that a lot at the moment.

Retired Games renamed to Old Games .I still drag them out occasionally.

Added the Supreme Commander section. Not so sure about this, since I've not actually played it in a proper multiplayer netgame yet. I probably will at some point, so in the meantime, I've uploaded the bodgy construction version with a few pertinent links. The SupCom page is at "scrap book" phase. I'll throw together any essential tidbits and links (and mods) as it goes. The usual thing is, I start a page, it grows and grows, and then if it gets too big it gets broken up into smaller pieces.

Speaking of which, I really must make up my mind how I'm going to round out the Dawn of War section. The Orks bit got horrendously complex, and I dunno how on earth I'm going to cover the other six races. Hell, the Orks still only apply to the Winter Assault expansion, and the Dark Crusade expansion changed practically everything....

Shuffled the RTSC side menus around. All the games get listed first, then the Basic RTS Guide (which really does need a bit of a rewrite), then the Glossary, and finally Site History, RTS Links and About.

23 Apr

Minor update to the Dawn of War Mapping Links and Custom Modding Links.

14 Apr

About to start a big reorganisation of the site. Which will probably include, amongst other things printable and/or downloadable versions of the site. But in the meantime:

Edited the Homeworld Links (adding a long overdue Defunct Links section) and Homeworld 2 Links pages, adding an entry to The Russian Project, a big Russian speaking, Homeworld series web portal.

Updating the Dawn of War Guide: the Builders and Squad pages now reflect changes made by the Dark Crusade 1.2 patch. There's plenty more here for me to do.

28 Mar

A lot happened this month. A new job for a start, with lots to learn and do! I work at Interzone Games in Perth, now. RTSC's sort of taken a back seat in the meantime, what with having to do "homework" on various MMORPG's and game references. I

Things to do: reorganise the site, basically - its a few years old, the "temporary" graphics I slapped together in 2001 in 30 minutes sometime are STILL dominating the site and its ad-hoc, semi-organic process of growing has become a little unkempt. I need to retire a few game sections to the "RTSC Rest Home" - (reeeellaaaxx - this does NOT mean they're being erased off the site, nor does NOT mean they're permanently going to be ignored, discarded, rejected, spat on, hated, or anything else that panic struck emailers occasionally freak out over with me. It just means they're not current anymore, and don't get first priority when it comes to updates. That's all it means. Really. Honest!) I only have 24 hours in a day! I mean, I literally have not touched Total Annihilation for nearly three years, and Homeworld 2 has been collecting cobwebs on my hard-drive for at least two. I've hardly had the time to jump into Supreme Commander, or seriously give the new Dark Crusade expansion a run around the block, and these are expansions and games I've been hanging out to play for months and years! Currently, EVE-Online takes up a fair bit of my gaming time and settling into work takes up a bit, too; not to mention being reconnected with family, friends, nephews, nieces, etc. Lots to do!

Um, that's it, really. RTSC is quiet at the moment, not dead. There's a lot I want to do with it, still.

So actual changes: just a few miniscule updates to the TA Custom Mods section. Mostly version numbers.

Tidied up a few pages here and there, mostly in the Dawn of War Game Guide.

Updated the old StarCraft Custom Mods page. Had a nice site update emailed to me from the mods of the Robotech Mod. See? Just because it might be labeled"retired" doesn't mean an RTSC game section is dead around here! Just not actively worked on. If you want to have something updated, say so!

2 Feb Engaged in a big ongoing update to the Dawn of War Mods page; with Dark Crusade now out and established, a lot has been happening, bot to old versions of custom mods moving across to the new expansion and a whole new "generation" of DoW players and potential modders that never went through the evolution of the original Dawn of War and its controversial expansion, Winter Assault. It's always a huge undertaking trying to keep the mod pages up to date. Expect more amendments soon.
26 Jan

Vented a little more spleen in the concluding paragraph of the Left Behind: Eternal Forces page. I felt I should let my feelings on the matter show a little more, particularly for the odious form of Christian fundamentalism that it tries to foist upon its players. Actually, there's an absolutely dearth of game criticism Online full stop, so I wonder if I should call on my old English Lit skillz and start analysing this medium a little more critically.

22 Jan

Bit of a looong delay between updates. Had a bit of an embarrassing hiccup in's hosting when I forgot to update my details and the account got suspended pending payment. Doh! Relax - apart from RTSC and transforming into a Infinology advert for a week or three, things still continued in the background. Well, after the rigours of Christmas, New Years, EVE-Online (oop - i think I might be getting addicted!) Anyway, things should be back to normal. I'm contemplating a big reorganisation of the site at some point.

In the meantime:

Updates to the Full RTS List. Gave DefCon its own page. Some new entries in here show an interesting swag of goodies:

Left Behind: Eternal Forces is the God Botherer's version of the End Times - this game doubles as both a game and a blatant prostelysing tool as you struggle against the Anti-Christ to collaborate with God's Millennial plan. My warbles and grizzles on this one grew into their own page. Oh well.

a leaden looking War on Terror, another "modern RTS" that looks exactly like every other modern RTS set in some indeterminate Middle Eastern country. All of a sudden World War II clones don't seem so monotonous any more.

and a big surprise: the first genuinely non-violent RTS: A Force More Powerful. This models protest and political movements, civil disobedience and peaceful resistance. Scenarios include dealing with corrupt governments, tyrants and foreign superpowers meddling with your hypothetical country's internal affairs for their own benefit. Not that that ever happens in real life. Hm, a REAL Modern RTS! I have no idea how it plays, since there's no demo (so it just might be a complete dud for all I know), but its a promising start.

Updated the Homeworld 2 Total Conversions page. Added the EVE Online mod.

Updated the Startopia Links page.

Updated various entries in the RTS Glossary.

Ongoing progress on the Dawn of War section. As ever, this is bigger than Ben Hur, and I'm wondering whether I should get out the ol' whipper snipper and seriously prune the thing.

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