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1 Dec

Big update to the Full RTS Games section. Quite a few new games - and nearly all of them are modern anti-terrorism jobbies of one kind or another. DefCon now has its own page, leaving the Modern RTS page looking more like a list of me-too War On Terror/Middle East clones than ever before. Sigh. I suppose it was a natural transition from wall to wall World War 2 clones to "modern warfare set in a contemporary Mid-East environment". I wonder if the inevitable Iraq pull out will completely change all this.

As usual, the Dawn of War section grinds on. Having some big second thoughts about all those numbers and DPS values in the guides: they take forever to nut out, and you know something - I have absolutely no idea whether they're even useful, let alone correct. Might take to this aspect of the site with a whipper snipper and simplify things. Or perhaps just add it afterwards as a secondary priority. The Guides are getting downright intimidating to read, left alone awkward for any newcomer to find anything in a hurry.

Also made various reformatting updates and changes throughout the site. Since many of these didn't affect or touch the text or images in the pages, I've left their old date stamps untouched.

1 Dec

A long overdue update and polish of the Homeworld 2 Custom Mods section. There's still a lot of the bigger mods that I have to buckle down and look at again. I haven't been able to get too much into HW2, what with a few other distractions and the usually madness of modern life.

22 Nov

Another huge update on the Dawn of War Game Guide to Dark Crusade, plus a huge reorganize of all the files in the section. Its getting bigger and bigger...

16 Nov

Updated more of the Dawn of War Game Guide to Dark Crusade. As ever, its a work in progress. I'll probably add some pic's at some point, after I've accumulated enough good, visceral game recordings and done a few "photo shoots". :)

14 Nov

Rewrote the Dawn of War Maps page. It feels much better as an informative page, and less of a whinge about an earlier version of the game. I'm also working through the Game Guide pages, playing a little more Dark Crusade, and getting my head around the new Infiltration rules. Its weird enough to warrant its own page I think. There's no mention of Infiltration in the tutorial and the manual isn't exactly helpful on the subject. Also: added to the Necrons, Imperial Guard, Dawn of War Links, and had a brief glimpse at some of the mods. So much to keep up with! And I still want to start the Supreme Commander section too!

4 Nov

Began the long process of updating the RTSC Dawn of War section to accomodate the Dark Crusade expansion. You'll be able to tell which pages have been updated by the header banner.

1 Nov

Added the DefCon entry to the Modern RTS list. What a fantastic little game this is! Updated the Darwinia entry, too. I've been meaning to add to this one for a while now.

Gave the Homeworld section a purely cosmetic rub down.

I'm also working on updating the Dawn of War section now that the Dark Crusade expansion has finally been released in Australia. Don't expect too much updating just yet - I've got a lot of playing to do! And there's DefCon, Oblivion (why are all RPG's filled with nerdy characters that all sound like Trek fans? Aaargh!), Sword of the Stars,

28 Oct

Yet another incremental update to the Ork Guide for the Dawn of War section. Split the enormous Tier 2 page into two seperate ones for size reasons. This is the last based on Winter Assault: RTSC will be switching onwards and upwards to the Dark Crusade expansion instead.

24 Oct

Tidied up the obsolete links in Boring Theory. Yet another incremental update to the Ork Guide for the Dawn of War section.

22 Oct

Updated the Total War Series entry in the Full RTS List. Another incremental update to the Ork Guide for the Dawn of War section.

19 Oct

Another incremental update to the Orks Guide in the Dawn of War section. I tested out my basic guide template by knocking up a Chaos Guide in just one evening! I'm pretty pleased with how fast it all came together from scratch. Just the details take forever! Things also got slow as I've been spending a lot of time learning how to use the RDN and custom modding tools. Cracking open the game files, learning where or what might be going on inside the game and cross checking with other sites (and watching how the game plays :P ). Amazing what you find in there! A few surprises, too. Now that I've moreorless worked out how these Guides will be laid out, things should accelerate somewhat. Enjoy!

Refined the Dawn of War section's colour scheme a little. I think it's an improvement...

I've also tarted up some entries in the aging RTS Glossary as well.

8 Oct

Fixed the bodgy display problems with the Masters of Orion III (retired) page. It was looking at the wrong .css file and had some mysteriously broken formatting.

Updated the d-gun link in the TA Links page. It has a nice push button now, courtesy of its webmaster. (Thanks, Eric!)

FInally decided to upload the current work in progreess Ork Guide for the Dawn of War Section. There's a long way to go in here, but its the template from which all he other Guides will be rubber stamped from, assuming I ever get to them all. Updated the Basic Dawn of War Guide too.

Also updated the second Concentrate! page in the RTS Basics section.

4 Oct Incrmental update to the Dawn of War Basic Game Guide. Fixed some stupid grammar, corrected a few small mistakes, added some screengrabs, appended to some of the keyboard shortcuts and basically playing the game to make sure all this actually applies!
30 Sep Finally! Massive update to the Dawn of War Basic Game Guide! Some pages are still in a bit of disarray, but in true RTSC style I've just uploaded the messy WIP's as I go. Finally, it's all starting to fall into place.
29 Sep Another all-round update to the Total Annihilation section. Cleaned out the Mini-Mods table (since it shrank to nothing) and established a Defunct Mods & Links page, which has cleaned up the section quite nicely. Had some spirited emails recently over my possible decision to retire the TA section; I'll hold off for now and keep it running.
22 Sep

Ongoing update to the Dawn of War Custom Mods section. There's probably a lot more to go on with here, I'm sure.

18 Sep

Had a silly error or two pointed out in the giant temporary RTS Dawn of War Guide. Updated the Dawn of War Custom Mods section. Still some stuff to do here.

16 Sep

Ah. Glorious. The renovations continue. Dawn of War is luxuriating in most of the attention: updated the DoW Badges & Banners and Links pages.

15 Sep

Slapped all my current pages of the RTS Dawn of War Guide together into a long scroll of lurid information, and uploaded it as a slapdash work in progress update. Yes, the Guides are alive in spite of the lack of updating over the last few months. This will change (shortly, I hope) into a properly laid out Guide with nice menus and shorter pages.

This is a response to this RelicNews thread - It seemed my ad hoc renovations of RTSC had an instant effect. Thanks, all!

14 Sep

RTSC's rejuvenation continues. Updated the Dawn of War Maps, Badges and Banners, Game Tweaks and Links pages.

13 Sep

A lot has been happening in the last five or six months: I've moved interstate from Sydney to Perth (via Adelaide), making a "sea change" away from the mad bustle and ennui of Sydney. Also did some fresh freelance work at a new shop too, which is always a good thing to do. Unfortunately, right in the middle of these big changes, the V-lead for my pacemaker fractures and I'm bundled off to hospital on the day I'm supposed to sign the contracts. Much trials and tribulations later... RTSC and other minor frivolities have been put on hold for a fair while.

Still, in spite of all the ups and downs, there's some updates... some of this stuff has been kicking around the ol' hard drive since January, the Dawn of War Guides in particular. Usually I just post a half-built version of whatever it is I'm working on, but the rabid and flaming hordes that seem attracted to DoW gave me pause. Had enough trouble updating the StarCraft section during the old days, and the Gamespy hordes, not to mention a lot of game issues, are exactly the same in nature, temperament and attitude as they were in the old Battle.Net was circa 1999-2001. (The Dawn of War 1.5x patches have addressed many of these nicely.) I scribbled down a Gamespy whinge page and to my horror it looked almost the same as old B.Net whinge, word for word. The more things change, eh? Bah humbug. Removed it again. Who wants to read a whine, anyway?!

Other notes: thinking of officially retiring the Total Annihilation section once Supreme Commander is released. SupCom will take TA's place in the main RTSC game list, while TA will be elevated to Valhalla with a tear or two. Its not very often a game can keep you totally hooked for seven years straight but I haven't touched TA for a while now; my mates and I have been indulging in Dawn of War heavily instead.

Updated RTS Links. Jeepers - well over ... four months ago... :P

Updated the Dawn of War Tweaks Page, after languishing un-uploaded on my hard drive for far too long.

Rewrote the Dawn of War Basic Guide about, ooh... six times, but yet to upload it.

Polished a few links and entries in the Total Annihilation section. Gave the Custom Mods section a good clean out and update. Ol' TA has noticeably declined since I've been away. Many of its community are either jumping ship to the TA Spring Project (a backyard 3D version of TA), or clearing the decks to make way for Supreme Commander. Those that are left seem to be stuck in an old, old rut. I think I'll formerly retire the RTSC Total Annihilation section (sniff) and replace its slot with Supreme Commander.

Cleaned up some bodgy grammar in the Homeworld 2 section - and added the new Battlestar Galactica mod!

Updated Homeworld 2 Links: added the Homeworld 2 Walkthrough entry.

Corrected all the old Underdogs links that were pointing to that site's old, out of date URL.

Amended numerous out of date description tags in a lot of old and ancient RTSC pages.

That's all the stuff I can remember, anyway. There's lots of micro-fixes and changes everywhere...

1 May

Update to the World War II games list and added the much overdue Company of Heroes entry. This is another Relic Entertainment game that takes the Dawn of War game model to the next level. Apparently.

Updated the Modern RTS games list, mostly amending the evolving Command & Conquer entry.

Update to the burgeoning Dawn of War Mods section and the DoW Overview page. Added the Dawn of Harlequins entry and polished one or two other entries. Added the RTSC DoW section to the modDatabase's Top 100 DoW list. Work continues on the basic game guide and army guides.

Had to remove the modDB RTSC TA Top 100, since modDB only lets users have a maximum of three links to avoid spammage. Since the RTSC TA entry was only one of two in the list, it wasn't so much of an issue.

Extra little update on the Homeworld Mods & TC's section: seems the Space: Above and Beyond mod has resurrected itself! See, some mods do come back from the dead! Made some adjustments to the Homeworld 2 Mods and TC's section and Defunct pages as a result.

19 Apr

Nice to be able to have updates come thick and fast! Another turn on the Dawn of War mods page. In particular, expanded the Tau and Space Hulk Mods.

17 Apr

Quick update to all the M.A.D. TA mod links and UTASP page; the M.A.D.TA design group (mappers and modders for Total Annihilation) recently moved recently to one of the last big bastions of TA fandom online: TA

Updated the Dawn of War Warhammer Mods page: the Steel Legion mod has come of age! Plus the usual polishing and updating of links and entries. Some mods have posted some cool looking versions, so I expect this section will develop quite a bit.

Alas, the first casualties appear in Dawn of War's modding circles. Added a Defunct Mods section... the culls commences!

13 Apr

Hm. Not entirely happy with my Dawn of War Overview page changes. Rewrote a paragraph or two. Its still a bit wordy, but I'll probably strip it back when other sections are more developed. Updated the section's Banners & Badges page, refining the text and adding some more screengrabs to illustrated some points.

11 Apr

Big update to the Dawn of War Overview page. This is getting ready for the big update in progress. You might see some graphical hiccups in the meantime.

Updated the Full RTS Games List, so it actually is a little fuller! Added the Rise of Legends entry and updated Star Wars: Empire at War now that its released and extended the Battle for Middle Earth entry to become a series now that its sequel has arrived.

28 Mar

Freshened up some link entries in the Homeworld and Total Annihilation sections. As you were.

Looong overdue update to the Dawn of War AI's & Retunes page, mainly to keep up to date with the excellent Dawn of Skirmish AI and DoWPro mods.

20 Mar
Finally updated the RTSC Dawn of War badges. They've been sitting around on my hard drive for well over six months now, but I've never released them because they just looked crap! Tarted 'em up, made them readable, and finally uploaded them. Also redid the larger Homeworld 2 banner while I was at it, resizing it to the standard 234x60 banner size. I'm thinking of a DoW badge for each army in the game, and I might go through some of the other RTSC sections, maybe even produce a StarCraft badge (since it's STILL a popular section of the site!)
15 Mar

Whew! Its been a hellish month or so, with a monster deadline on the film I'm working on (70-80+ hr weeks... gaah) and it all seems to have passed now, so I'm unwinding by making RTSC look vaguely up to date.

Aaand... another update to the Homeworld 2 Mods & TC's section! There's been a lot more activity here than I previously thought! Always good to see, although I did end up sticking another dead looking mod into the Defunct Mods page. Added an old map link to Homeworld Maps.

Wa-a-ay overdue update to the Total Annihilation Info & Strategies, the TA Mega Mods, and the TA Links pages. Some of those entries and links were embarrassingly out of date, as is the rest of the TA section.

18 Feb

Massive reorganisation of the Homeworld section. Unfortunately, a lot of old Homeworld mods have simply bitten the dust, and many sites that hosted them have completely vanished over the years. Thank heavens for JST-Online, that's all I can say! (Damn fine work, scottismo!) The TV & Anime TC page has now been deleted, since everything on that page snuffed it.

Alas, the brand spankin' new Defunct Mods page is, well, most of the Homeworld Mod Section now, sad to say. :( Well, it'll make site maintenance easier (goes off to have a little cry) Went through most of the other Homeworld links, sites and other references. Freshened up a few things, found a few new homepages that I thought were lost, and discovered the awesome NEW BrickSpace TC! I daresay there'll still be a few errant links or bits of data floating around.

Several Homeworld 2 Links section were adjusted due to the big update.

11 Feb

Back from holidays. A bit disorientating: the whole house was rearranged, we had a new flatmate, I had to go into hospital for a pacemaker replacement the very next day, and spent a week or two recuperating. Oh yeah, bought a flash new laptop. Everything old my PC feels new again! And I should be more energetic with this new ten year battery tucked under my collarbone... vast amounts of changes to the Dawn of War section, but nothing yet in a state to upload.

First priority was to get the biggest and most popular part of RTSC up to snuff. I've made a huge update to the Homeworld 2 Mods & TC's section, updating some old, out of date mod entries, finding a few more fresh new ones and tidying up some dead ones. Also, some general link and entry maintenance to the Homeworld 2 Maps page, tarted up the Total Annihilation Overview table, some old Homeworld Mods, and even got around to fixing some old StarCraft links.

II've also introduced a little star rating in the HW2 Retunes and Maps pages. The "rating" is all very informal, and something I've been thinking about for a bit to flag those mods, maps packs, or other things that stand head and shoulders above the rest - or, at the very least, are simply in a state to be downloaded by more casual gamers.

12 Jan

Ah, relaxing on me hols in nice, quiet, suburban Perth. Tinkered with the site for a bit. Nothing fancy. Polished bits of the Homeworld 2 section. Some HW2 and Dow Links amended. Work continues on the Dawn of War guide in a slow, dilatory, indolent sort of way.

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