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21 Dec

Further work on the Dawn of War section. In particular, updated the AI and Retunes & Remixes page. Still a lot of stuff here, but not in any shape to upload.

Added some notes to the WarCraft III page.

Added Age of Empires III to the Age of Empires series entry in the Full RTS Games List.

Embellished the TA Spring Project entry in the Total Annihilation Mods & TC's section. I've classified it as a Mega Mod. Once I've worked out how to actually navigate a camera and play a solid game in there I'll add some juicy screenshots.

What's roughly planned for RTSC next year: finishing off the Dawn of War guides, adding a Supreme Commander section, and possibly adding a Black & White 2 page and a Darwinia page. The old RTS Basics section needs a real update (as ever) and I might add a big site index page too. But we'll see. But until then, I'm off on holidays. Merry Christmas everyone, I'll see you all in late January.

12 Dec

Another work in progress update to the Dawn of War section. Some work on the basic beginners' game guide, Overview page, links and splitting off the AI section in the Custom Mods pages.

22 Nov

Big, overdue update to the Dawn of War Overview page. Its mostly done, but I usually change my mind on these things, so don't be surprised if it changes again in the near future.

8 Nov

Spent some much needed and overdue time on the Full RTS Games list. Mostly chased up dead links, obsolete data, and some specific game pages. There's some more cosmetic, formatting work to do (like a contents page, probably) but the general guts of the section is finally knocked out, give or take a few missed links. In particular:

The Earth 2150 page is now the Earth 2150 Series page, thanks to Earth 2160 coming out. Added some extra details to it, and an extra screengrab. The single player mission was the only thing available in the demo, which made it feel very ordinary, but I'm told multiplayer is generally good in Earth 2150, and I can only assume the dev's have evolved it further. I won't get the time to go near this series, myself.

The Black & White, Dungeon Keeper II, and other single pages attached the to Full Games List have been cleaned up, polished a bit as part of the global RTS List update.

Updated the Total Annihilation Links page: added the Supreme Commander link, even though Supreme Commander has little to do with TA, except in a profoundly spiritually significant sense! :) Geez, I haven't touched TA for twelve months (thanks to Dawn of War!) and the amount of stuff that's gone on is incredible.

Reformatted the About page and updated some .css files throughout the site. All Very cosmetic.

Probably the next items to be looked at will be Dawn of War's ongoing evolution, and an overdue maintenance update to the game whose community never sleeps, Total Annihilation.

4 Nov

Massive work in progress update to the RTSC Dawn of War section. This has been brewing for quite some time, with most of the effort going into the burgeoning Custom Mods page. The Overview, Maps, Basic Guide and army description pages are also undergoing some tortuous renovations, and I've simply uploaded the currently "okay" versions just to get something out before half of it becomes obsolete again! Most of this guide will be for the DoW: Winter Assault expansion. I really can't see myself going back to the vanilla game now! Eventually the RTSC DoW pages will use a format similar to the RTSC Homeworld 2 section.

25 Oct

Updated the Homeworld 2 Maps page: the TFL HW2 Maps site has undergone a serious update and has a great new swag of custom multiplayer Homeworld 2 maps to play with. They're pretty damn good, I reckon! There's been a bit of work on quite a few other pages recently, although nothing yet is ready to upload.

27 Sep

Updated the Impossible Creatures page and the Science Fiction RTS page. I'm very pleased to announce the addition of Supreme Commander to the Full RTS List!

26 Sep

A fair bit of email came in during the last week: as a result quite a few links were added or amended to the site.

Added one or two extra links to the Homeworld and Homeworld 2 sections. Discovered there's a fair few Korean HW fan sites out there!

Udated the Startopia Links page after receiving some nice email from a chap called Overmind, who is part of a new Startopia site. Expect some further Startopia updates soon.

The Dawn of War Links page gets a new addition two with a DoW Walkthrough link.

Updated the Total Annihilation Info & Strategies page.

Also updated RTSC's opening splash page - you can access some of the old and retired RTSC game sections from here.

13 Sep Quick update to the Dawn of War section, now that the 1.4 patch has arrived.
29 Aug The Dawn of War section gets another work in progress update. As mentioned before, its in a transitionary stage: graphics are still to be finalised, sections mapped out and game guide format fully thought through. But we'll get there. The Homeworld section scores some new Maps and Info links. Sites I should have spotted many moons ago.
4 Aug The Homeworld 2 section gets a good scrubbing down and brought up to date with its links and mod entries.
27 Jul Oop - Found the Supreme Ruler 2010 entry in the Modern RTS List was an old work in progress entry I thought I'd polished off months ago. Updated and fixed!
26 Jul More simple maintenance. Tarted up some grammar in the Hiigaran Motherships page, added the hoolybooly and Tommy's HW2 Badges links to the Homeworld 2 Modding Links table, and fixed some broken links in the Full Games List Sci-Fi and Modern RTS pages.
22 Jul Some basic maintenance performed on the RTS Links page.
17 Jul

Back from two weeks holiday back home in Perth (Western Australia). Nice to catch up with everyone again and get my head out of Sydney. Had a nice burst of enthusiasm, some extra time and energy, and the Dawn of War Work In Progress pages suddenly expanded. Found a rather cute street sign which I think might suit an Orky how-to guide...

Also: Updated RTS Links: amended the Dot Eater's link to their new host.

2 Jul

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of WarRetired the StarCraft and Homeworld:Cataclysm sections - again. This time they'll stay retired. I really haven't touched these games for years, and I honestly can't see myself picking them up anytime soon. Naturally, like all retired RTSC game sections, they'll still be open for comments and suggestions. But the big change is the establishing of the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War RTSC section! This basically fills the "traditional RTS slot" (formerly occupied by StarCraft) in RTSC. At the moment the DoW section is strictly a rudimnetary work in progress: if I uploaded it when it was done "properly" you'd never see anything before the middle of next year! This is where most of my attention and effort is being concentrated on.

I've spent a little bit of effort tidying up menus and .css stylesheets for everything. Its mostly done, and I'll be spending a bit more time updating actual entries and articles now that the messy layout stuff is finally put to bed. Some of the RTS Glossary and Basics entries haven't been touched in years and are looking seriously out of date. There's also been a swag of little fixes, updates, amendments, and some long overdue web layout updates that I've progressively squeezed in over the last few months - mostly tiny fixes squeaked in between long hours of my schedule.

Finally got around and updated all the main RTSC side indexes to have a nice, neat, consistent theme.

Reformatted the RTS Glossary and RTS Basics sections. A couple of items have been added, but there's much more to follow.
Reformatted and fixed up a couple of entries in the Full RTS List.

Polished and updated links, amended some Mod Entries (version numbers, mostly) and found some more bodgy grammar in the Homeworld 2 section.

Added the Shrimpy TA link to the TA Design Links page. Added the Shrimp ÜberHack mod entry to the TA Retunes & Bugfixes links.

Updated the RTSC Links page.

24 May

Updated a couple of the mod entries in the Homeworld 2 Custom Mods & TC's lists. Angels Falls First and the Progenitor Mod both posted their first downloadables.

22 May

Several weeks of 60 to 70 hour weeks wreak absolute havoc on anything vaguely resembling my spare time, let alone edit a PC game website... Only some very sporadic and mostly cosmetic alterations this time around.

Updated and cleaned up some outstanding Startopia web formatting issues. It should look a wee bit smarter on the surface, and some good .css optimisations have worked wonders. None of the page date-stamps will have changed though, since none of the actual material in the pages has changed.

Fixed some crap grammar in the Homeworld 2 Hiigaran Capital ships page. Still have to do those outstanding images for this section, but God knows when I'll get around to it.

Updated the Rise of Nations page.

Messed around with the opening page index menu (definitely a prototype work in progress with temporary artwork)

There is an very overdue RTSC Dawn of War section currently being assembled, but it needs more work before it can be uploaded. There's an oldish DoW page thats going to be replaced, here.

22 Apr Five minute rub down of the StarCraft section, updating a few links that had gone stale. Also, updated the Cataclysm Mods page.
17 Apr Huge maintenance update to the Homeworld 2 section. Its taken a while, given my hectic schedule of late. This is when RTSC becomes my own "pet project therapy" when working on a digital feature gets a bit too much. Added a new Defunct Mods page, to clear out some of that dead wood cluttering up the other mod pages. Every HW2 page has been given a makeover, but I've only updated page dates when actual text has been changed. There's a couple of extra pictures I want to add as well, but that can be done at a later date.
26 Mar The maintenance cycle continues with a massive update to the Homeworld section. Most, if not all the links should now be functional. Found some old screengrabs of some mods I'd checked out, and since the version numbers hadn't really changed (like, at all!) I added a few extra little pics here and there, mostly of Babylon 5 mods and the Raiders Ascendant mod. Added the modDATABASE HW Top 100 button.
19 Mar Gave the Rise of Nations and Cataclysm sections a long overdue and complete going over. Even added a nifty new graphical icon for the Rise of Nations overview.
14 Mar Went through the whole Total Annihilation section, cleaning, polishing and updating. Took a while, actually... Still some more things to do, but if I tried to finish it all before uploading it'd never be uploaded!
27 Feb Finally got around to a decent maintenance pass for the StarCraft section. Fixed up a lot of bodgy links, culled an entry or two, and smartened up the .css files.
25 Feb

I've been absolutely flat to the floor working on a big animated feature film lately, so there's a few months of small changes and amendments that have accumulated. This site is also in serious need of some graphical upgrades, and there's some simple updates and more possible reorganizations ahead.

Here's what got updated:

Retired the Masters of Orion III section. I really can't see myself getting back to this for a long time, if ever.

Finally split the Full RTS Games List into separate pages at long last. The old single page was just ridiculously huge, and it should be a lot simpler to maintain now. Added a few more entries: Act of War, Armies of Exigo, Darwinia, Imperial Glory, and Nexus: The Jupiter Incident.

Some general maintenance in the Total Annihilation, and Homeworld 2 sections. Mostly link fixing and updating relevant information.

I've just discovered an unofficial Startopia 1.02 Patch! Updated the Startopia Links page and Overview!

19 Jan Start the new year with a bit of a clean up and polish of the Homeworld 2 site. Fixing missing pictures, errant internal links, bodgy sentence structure... that sort of thing. Quite a bit really, but I doubt anyone will notice. Other things are afoot with RTSC, but time is in very short supply for me at the moment so there'll be another upload when there's enough to publish.

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