Real Time Straetgic Carnage


Added a Web Counter to RTSC on the main page. I'm curious to see how often the front door of RTSC is actually used. Did some updating of the links and mod pages in the TA section. Plus the usual nips and tucks.
Updated the Homeworld section. A few more interesting pics, for a start! The Homeworld Maps page in particular is woefully uninformative, so added a nice link to an excellent page that is. Amended a few entries and added a new game to the Other RTS Games page: an ancient Sega Genesis console title called Herzog Zwei. I don't know much about it, other than it came out in 1991sometime and is apparently one of the earliest forerunners of the RTS genre. Thanks to a Mr. James Molloy for that one!
Updated Settlers III links - again it seems to have shrunk, probably because most Settler fans have moved onto Settlers IV. The regular RTS Links page gets a much needed update, too. The left hand index frames throughout the site have been updated, and still need a few fixes here and there. Now, you should be able to toggle the submenus under each item to get them out of the way for easier (maybe!) navigation. Discovered the main page screengrabs were actually scaled down in size; restored them to their former glory.
Nips and tucks throughout; mostly of the boring formating and fixing fuckups variety. Basically, a simple renovation today! However, I am contemplating a few extra pages - candidates being Earth 2150, Startopia (if I can ever find a copy here in Australia - its impossible to find), Dungeon Keeper II (forgot how much I liked this game, although never played it in multiplayer) or (more likely) a Cossacks page.
Oh, yes - and for that determined Sudden Strike fan, perhaps even a Sudden Strike page...happy? Of course you are!
Updated descriptive text on StarCraft section's front page. Ho hum!
Update the Homeworld and Cataclysm index pages; further additions/corrections/adjustments to the bloating Glossary (must chop it into small pieces soon) - gawd, and I never even made it to the TA section - which seems to need updating by the hour these days! Micro nips and tucks here and there.
Received a nice write-up from TA Universe yesterday. Now I'd better start getting the TA section in order! Amend some erroneous details in the UTASP page; the TA:Mutation page needs some work - played a little TA:M driven UTASP over the weekend - found the TA:M page somewhat lacking in practical terms. I'll get to it soon. Updates to Other RTS Games, Age of Empire's index layout, and more work on RTS Basics.
Further rehashing of RTS Basics. Mostly correcting my appalling grammar, and culling lots of waffling fluff. Updated the Other RTS Games page, adding more material on Cossacks and Emperor: Battle for Dune. Ah, Emperor...I had high hopes for it, but it seems to be a bit of a disappointment.
Update the StarCraft pages with the new look. Nips and tucks to other pages, but this is just cosmetic adjustments to page and table formatting. 
Update the rest of the TA Pages. Since I've been playing it online lately, I've added a new page for the Total Annihilation naval mod, Seal Pack.
Updated the site even though many of the changes I'm putting together are only half done. Got sort of impatient and wanted to show some signs of life. Also, for some funny reason, I seem to find most of my mistakes and errors when RTSC is published, rather than staring at it offline. Weird. Major changes are to the left hand menu (I think I might make an index) and a new look; RTS Basics, the Glossary and the usual barrage of nips and tucks. Hopefully, the new approach to the menu won't confuse too many people!
A whole month has dragged past. Fair bit of rewriting RTS Basics (as yet unposted) and designing a new look for the somewhat garish and old layout. Hmm. Graphics? Simple html? Gad, maybe even Flash. Decisions decisions! Hell, its RTSC - the constantly unfinished website - I'll just post whatever's there in whatever form its in. Alley oop!
Updates to: Settlers III links (quietly drying up) and...also found the very first RTSC page. This rare specimen was found floating in a far of formaldahyde deep in an old screengrabs folder, when RTSC was little more than a quickie one-off plugging an RTS LAN day for a bunch of action gamers...
Updated and amended the Age of Kings Links page.
Found a few items and links that needed an update in the TA section
Minor spelling checks and link corrections that barely rate a mention. Don't get too excited now.
Working through the Homeworld sections. Mostly renewing old links and updating descriptions, and a little bit of the main text. The HW Maps section is looking old and tired and mostly superfluous. Big surprise to find the Gameslist Top100 site has finally returned, so I've restored all the old Gameslist Top 100 buttons. This time I've included the means to submit a comment for each game section. Gulp! Let's see what happens.
Went through many of the Total Annihilation links and custom packs. Bit of a reshuffle and update. Upset to see some more TA links have died; heartened to see just as many new ones (most likely ones I never noticed before!). Submitted the TA section to the Top 100 sites links at Planet Annihilation and Top 100. 
Nip and tuck, nip and tuck. Lots of small little corrections. Been busy lately.
BACK IN ACTION. Whilst on holiday, One.Tel went into receivership and effectively collapsed. Bit of a big scandal here in Australia, burning quite a few bigwigs in the big end of town and generally causing much consternation in the telecommunications and business world. As a result my ISP,, died and with it RTSC. But after much stuffing around and hunting for a decent ISP, its back. Enjoy.

Many nips and tucks done to the site whilst it was down, mostly chasing up links and endless rewrites of the RTS Basics section. Quite a bit of action and updating still to go in the Total Annihilation section: the TA community is still generating fresh stuff that makes StarCraft, AoE and even Homeworld look moribund by comparison.

Apart from a few updates to the old RTSC pages, I've finally bitten the bullet and fianlly uploaded the new and improved RTSC to my personal webpage. There's still a lot of work to do, and many links are no doubt expiring and changing even as I write this, but since I'll be on holiday for a few weeks this is going to be the only update for a little while. Enjoy!
Massive rebuild of the entire RTSC site using Dream Weaver. The change from Netscape's kludgy Composer is amazing. RTSC now sports frames and a few other cute tricks - site maintenance just got quicker and easier! Still some amendments and changes to make. The new and improved RTS Basics section is still only half-rewritten, and there are still many links to fix and fill in. The Glossary still continues to annoy me.
Major changes: 
  1. RTSC now has frames! If I'd known how much they simplify site maintenance I'd have added them ages ago!
  2. The Links page is now dismembered and distributed amongst all the relevant Games sections. But you can still access it from the Links section.
  3. Amalgamated the history pages (you're reading them
Corrections to the TA Units, Homeworld page and the Links page.
Corrections to the Starcraft page: The patch link to Blizzard now points correctly to Blizzard's new patches page.
Uploaded a new beta of the Zealot's Eye StarCraft scenario. Version 1.02c fixes only one or two little being a key trigger vapourising all enemy heroes by accident. Oop! Judging by the complete lack of feedback on this, I can only assume this was yet to inconvenience anyone. Finally got around to inserting the Settlers III links into the Links page, and updated the Settlers III page itself.
Squeeze in a small update between actions at work - odds and ends, nothing too special.
Some amendments and corrections to material posted on the 21st. 
Things ease off a little at work to squeak out a fresh update. As film therapy, RTSC's been a pretty good success! Quite a bit of work on the Links page; many nips, tucks, rewrites and updates on nearly all the game pages and a massive rebuild of the RTS Basics section, which hasn't been touched in nearly a year, not counting cosmetic changes and reformatting. For a so-called Beginners Guide, the guide bit itself has been considerably lacking. In the meantime, various links, etc. have been updated just more for showing signs of life than anything else! Renamed the old Legalities page to the Site Info page, which is basically what it is. 
Updates to the Homeworld section.
Major extensions to the growing Links page, which has ramifications in the AoK, Homeworld and TA sections.
Sounds of hammering and sawing abound at RTSC as the Links page starts to coalesce. Brief respite from the rigours of visual effects sees a sudden burst of activity. Long way to go, and somewhat surprised by just how many bloody links I've got and just how long it takes chasing them up and trying to come up with a nice, concise, up to date - and appropriate! - description. Worked the TA links, which of course resulted in many small link amendments in the TA section.
Further work on the Links page. I think the basic layout's sort of come together, now all I have to do is actually spend the time and make sure all those links are live, checked and sort of what I'd want to include in a Links page.
Added a hit counter to the main page, courtesy of my ISP. I've been relying on the Top 100 Games Lists pages for individual games covered by RTSC, but not the main site itself. Chipped away at the Links page - finally got something I'm happy with, but it must be more concise.
Rationalized the TAUIP pages into a single page. I'm finding it very hard to track down the developers and TAUIP seems remained unchanged for so long (and I'm mostly playing UTASP2 now) so I've laid the foundations for a UTASP page. Plus a few other fixes here and there, mostly to links and out of date (or just plain wrong!) info.
Update to the Total Annihilation pages; some formatting, link fixing, small amendments, etc. etc. You know.
Just another format update on some pages. Amazingly unremarkable update!
Major reformatting continuing for the benefit of Internet Explorer browsers. Its taking a hell of a lot longer than I expected, so, in typical RTSC fashion I'm posting the work in progress. (Maybe I should consider frames... hmm, no!) Also, I've been delayed by a rather clumsy fall and now my left wrist is in a sling. Nothing too serious, though!
Upload the new version of RTSC's lone downloadable, the Starcraft scenario Zealot's Eye! Seems like ages since the last version - hang on: it is ages! I've made it a beta, since there's bound to be a few issues with it. If you're into single player Starcraft UMS maps, then check it out!
Bit of a shock to find Internet Explorer doesn't show Netscape Composer's tables correctly! And a brief perusal of Netscape 6 makes me realize that they've swiped a bit of IE and shuffled the bugs elsewhere. How times have changed. Netscape6 still crashes as frequently as the old Netscape's did, and Composer, apart from shuffling everything around in menus explodes just as it did before. Netscape6 now enhances the net experience with more layers of unwarranted clutter (I suppose extra features make it look like its actually got something new to offer) and makes more plaintive wheedling for your personal details now than a "free" Yahoo page. There must be an ever increasing population of hep, happenin' Web designer/art director creatures that need supporting to warrant this amount of unrestricted marketing. Let me guess: (read - cruelly generalize!) these poseurs probably imagine themselves to be the vanguard of great revolutionary change; profoundly shaking the world to its core with new and innovative ways of communicating. With the Internet settling down to the same status and excitement of a phone book or magazine rack it must be terribly difficult to keep thinking up new ways to make a glorified file reader look exciting or as cutting edge as it did when the Internet was the sexy and mysterious domain of hi-tech future. Its all quite ordinary now. (Even Wired Magazine's looking and sounding more like a humour mag parodying itself (unintentionally) - if you can find an article buried in all those fold outs and ads that is.)Except now, software and marketing, trying to overcome the laws of diminishing returns in the gosh-wow stakes, have taken what was fairly simple and turned it into a mountainous, confusing, bug-ridden, labyrinthine, prying mess. Anyway, enough of my apoplectic bile and the heat of the moment; back to RTSC. I'm reformatting all my tables so IE can read them. I've also added a Links page, which is very rudimentary and may or may not survive the next few days.
Slight delay in updating, due to a repressive firewall at work. Nevertheless, update to the Homeworld Cataclysm page with the new patch; chasing up old or errant links in the TA Mods page; shuffling and culling the side bar links in the TA pages to sort them into more appropriate groups: general TA site links for the main pager, unit/mods links for the mod page, etc. The UberHack page finally gets an update, since UH 3.0 has arrived. Bliss!
Bit busy of late, as the film we're working on really hits fever pitch. Squeeze in a few amendments to the never-ending Glossary, add a few extra comments to the Research page in the RTS Basics section, and fixed a stuffed picture in the AoE2 page.
Working through the old Starcraft links. The SC Community is remarkably unchanged over the years so many of the links require little updating, although new sites seem to be emphasizing hacks, bots, cheats and custom maps. However, the 1.08 patch has caused a noticeable ripple, and have updated the Starcraft page to reflect it. This is probably as close to a news reporting item RTSC is ever likely to get. To Do: recompile the Campaigns list, and possibly add a how-to StarDraft page (in the same vein as the Total A TAM page).
Modifications to the TA Mutation page and starting another cycle of checking all those links. What fun! Started with Starcraft strategies and discover the "return" of Starcraft University and The StarShack links, both of which I seem to be able to access at long last. Must be some Antipodean connection issue or something. Modified the RTSC History pages: all of RTSC's 2000's historical details are now on their own page.
Some odd fixes and updates here and there. Nothing that auspicious for the start of the Twenty-First Century!

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