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More nips and tucks. Its a bit like painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You start at one end, work your way to the other, then start all over again! Some changes to the TA UberHack page, a few other TA links and further work on the Glossary. Now that I've worked out how to successfully post stuff from work, expect small but (almost!) daily updates. Sure beats waiting for renders to finish!
Updated the Top 100 buttons in the Starcraft, Total Annihilation, Age of Kings and Homeworld pages to to keep up with the Top100 site's major update.
A few nips and tucks to the Game List, Glossary and Cataclysm pages.
Major update to the Settlers 3 page. Almost there, but I'm finding it hard to locate sufficient material to make up an Info & Strategies and Maps page. Might just leave it as one page for the moment.
Bit of a fallow period here, thanks to working on Moulin Rouge. Been ill with The Flu; it was the bad one. Passed some time by getting out and buying Homeworld:Cataclysm. As a result - the RTSC Cataclysm page is here! Also updated the Homeworld pages and pics now that I possess a better graphics card.
Universal font change and links upgrade. Bit of a problem not being able to upload to my site, but reverting to an earlier version of my ftp program has fixed this! Added a few notes to the long unchanged B.Net page. Still a fair bit of rewriting to go on Settlers III, TAM and a few other pages. It never ends!

Modifications to the Gameslist page to include other RTS titles not covered by RTSC. A work in progress. Chasing down links and researching whats on the other end just takes time, which for me is in chronically short supply right now!

Lots of minor updates throughout the site, after discovering all my old TAMEC links were looking for the old TAMEC site. I don't know why the TA community is so paranoid about the game "dying out", there's so much stuff out there its very difficult to keep up with! All games must plateau out at some time. Settlers III gets a little more refining, but its still a work in progress, as you can see from the rough drafts fused together . FINALLY worked out how to make a link spawn a new window when you click on it. So basic, really. Its tricky being a 3D animator when you're working on a feature!
Minor Updates, mostly in the Starcraft and TA pages.
Another micro update. Small update to the custom unit table in TA Unit page to accomodate the arrival of a new custom unit mega pack, UTASP. Minor amendments to the RTSC home page.
Small, furtive update, mostly announcing my lack of updates, and the prospect of another month of the same, due to work commitments. Some nips and tucks to the TA pages, which had one or two incorrect items. Also changed the TAUIP 3.0 menu buttons to TAUIP 3.55.
Big rehash of the TA sections; some of the info was a bit dodgy concerning TAUIP and TA:M installs. Remedied. Added the Uberhack custom mod page at long last! Nipped and tucked and corrected everywhere generally, mostly with the links.

Removed "original Rules of Engagement" button links from the index menus. This page is down, and was put together by a friend of mine who organises occasional LAN parties. He got fed up repeating himself on what people should do to set up, so wrote it all down and told 'em to read the page instead. Being a sys admin he did not want his gaming day ruined by gromits who thought he was going to wipe their PC's noses for them!

RTSC started life as a Real Time Strategy supplement to (the action orientated) Rules of Engagement, but has since grown into a general guide thingy in itself. Hard core RTS fans may wonder why it spells out the bleedingly obvious occasionally, but its all based on my experiences trying to explain and encourage folks who had no time or patience to learn some strategy gaming the long way. If RoE returns I'll no doubt relink to it. 

Lots of small spell checks and bad grammar corrections! Mostly additions and updates to the TA and Homeworld pages. Alas! Cavedog has finally been shut down!

Decided to keep the RTS Glossary page, and have been working on it accordingly. Still uncertain of the final layout, and need to add a new image to the title bar.

Major update of the Homeworld Mods Table. And the usual nip and tuck of spelling errors and stuffed links...
Updated the Total Annihilation Mutation page to keep up with the latest version of TAM: beta 0.10.3. Its all a lot more understandable now! Edited the Legalities page, added more links to the growing Settlers III page
Added the Legalities page, and uploaded a few corrections and updates to the site generally.
Added RTSC to the Starcraft, Total Annihilation, Homeworld and Age of Empires II Games List Top 100 pages.
Just some general amendments, occasionaly spell checks and fixes to the site, and to the Starcraft links in particular (Starcraft sites are still proliferating after all this time), and updated the text in the Zealots Eye page. Updated the TA:Mutation page, to match the TAM 0.10.1 beta.
Finally uploaded the AoE2 pages. Nipped and tucked the Games List and still debating whether to keep the Glossary...basically just correcting stupid mistakes like the odd typo or a jumbled setence. Very dull indeed!
A bit of a delay; modified all the Games List menu items to include their contents.
Updated the TA Mutation page. Installation instructions in table form have been added, designed for those completely unfamiliar with TA Mutation, and installing from scratch.
Amended and updated the RTS Basics pages, mostly with layout consistent with the rest of the site. Found a few dud links and spelling mistakes here and there and fixed those, too. Added the right hand images to the Starcraft pages. All very boring and dull really.
Posted the Homeworld pages! Amended the Overview tables for each of the posted games to be consistent.
Due a stupid mistake I accidently wrote over the RTSC Netgames home page and in the process uploaded a half finished backup to the site instead, and wasn't able to do anything about it until today. Should be more careful in future! Adjusted the menu bars to include this page, Site History and the Zealot's Eye Page to be included in every menu, not just the front page and Starcraft pages. So, rewrote the front page and added some nicer screengrabs. Homeworld pages still going. ...websites are lots of work: much like writing an essay.
Amended some TA pages with different, more interesting screengrabs. Feel a need to break up a lot of the waffle overall by shortening extraneous sentences, smaller paragraphs and a few more appropriate pics scattered about.
Found two new major Starcraft sites that somehow I completely missed: SC Galaxy and the FoO Network's Starcraft News page. Its interesting to compare the general quality of SC buttons with, say TA. Much more animation, colour and professional styling.
Posted the new Total Annihilation Pages. Includes basic introduction, Info & Strategies, Maps, Units with a unit pack table (unfinished) and pages on TA Unit Independency Packs (TAUIP v2.1 & TAUIP v3b5.5) and TA:Mutation (TAM vb0.9.6). Aborted a UberHack 2.0 page, since I know bugger all about it. 

Posted the new look RTSC webpages, replacing the previous ad hoc, slap together site. Dropped the Tribes page (not an RTS) and Dungeon Keeper II page (only four players, insufficient interest or knowledge). Reorganised all of RTSC into its own /rts directory, added covering links to original rts_netgames and zealotseye links.

Added the (mostly) finished Starcraft pages, which are essentially the old netgames pages reformatted and updated slightly. TA is the next objective, but its going to need a MAJOR overhaul since UDG, TAUIP3.x, TA:M and a horde of other details have appeared since I last wrote it. No doubt these pages will adapt to whatever style finally manifests itself with the TA pages.

Posted Version 1.01 of the Zealots Eye!

Posted version 1.0 of the Zealot's Eye! My first semi-public release! I really must get around and update all this...

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