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This is a largish selection of real time games with a strategic component, ranging from your classic RTS through to city builders, God games, tactical tabletop war games and anything else that might fit the bill or plays similarly.

Age of... Historical WW2 Modern Near Future Sci-Fi Spaceships Fantasy City Builders God Games MMORTS

Non-RTS RTS custom mods
A number of custom mods that turn other games (mostly First Person Shooters) into something that's basically real time strategy.

Battlefield 40K (in development)
For the Battlefield series

Battlefield 40K weblinkA total conversion that transforms EA Games' First Person Shooter Battlefield 1942 into the Warhammer 40,000 universe. You get to play either the Space Marines and Imperial Guard versus the skeletal Necrons and the ancient, high-tech Eldar. Also: (defunct?) modDATABASE entry.Back

Empires Mod (in development)
For Half-Life 2

An RTS styled custom modification for Valve Software's first person shooter engine, Source. Source was used to develop titles such as Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. The Empires Mod applies many basic Real Time Strategy features to this otherwise straight forward First Person Shooter. Its sides are non-specific and your team is made up with the usual multi-role cast of characters. Buildings can be constructed or destroyed, there's a simple economy with a basic build tree (soon to have its own researchable techs, apparently), and there's a Commander to direct things for the side: ordering the construction of buildings (Engineers have to "repair" the building into existence), adding move and attack commands which appear as way points on the map. You need to build Factories for your armoured vehicles, Supply Bunkers to re-arm and heal troops and Spawn Bunkers to actually release them into the game. Assuming you have the available credits of course... Back

Natural Selection 2 Mod (in development)
For Half-Life

Natural Selection 2 is another custom mod for Half-Life 2 that uses Valve Software's Source Engine to create something that closely resembles a proper RTS, seen from a first person perspective. Its the sequel from the original Natural Selection, originally modded for the first Half-Life game engine. Natural Selection pits slimy monsters against armoured Space Marines in a StarCraft-ian themed Team Fortress like game, but with lots of extras. You have to build and maintain an HQ, collect resources around the map, defend expansions, mutate or upgrade through levels. Both sides are fundamentally different. Space marines do pretty much as you expect, spawning from portals, wielding armour and a variety of weapons, and managing defensive positions. The aliens grow from egg clusters and either infest or mutate their way to victory. Its all pretty impressive - the video of the alien infestation effect on the metal corridors is almost worth the admission price alone! This mod is highly active, thoroughly professional, and well worth having a look. Back

Age of... Historical WW2 Modern Near Future Sci-Fi Spaceships Fantasy City Builders God Games MMORTS

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