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Dawn of War Links
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General DoW Links
Games Workshop: The original creators of the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop gaming and system and hobby.Back
Relic Entertainment:: Developers of the PC game Dawn of War, and its two expansions, Winter Assault and Dark Crusade. See their own Dawn of War page plus the Downloads page for it.Back
THQ: Dawn of War's publisher. THQ is short for Toy HeadQuarters, when this Californian company made regular toys before switching exclusively to computer games in the Nineties. They host the official Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Homepage and the Support page for it.Back

RelicNews is a big epicentre for all things Dawn of War - not to mention anything else to do with Relic Entertainment's games, such as the Homeworld series and Impossible Creatures.

The RelicNews Dawn of War Forums are easily the best around for this game, maintained by some excellent moderators, with reams of interesting and useful info. It acts as the "official" forums of the game, although its not part of Relic and relies on user donations to get by.Back

Dawn of War
Or DoWS. This is a big Dawn of War fan forum site, catering primarily to the hardcore Ladder fan and more advanced players. Its not as rigorously moderated as the RelicNews Forums, so some threads have a tendency to run off the rails. You need to register to be able to do anything - even read a article, but its well worth the effort and all completely harmless. DoWSanctuary is the the place where a lot of high ranking Ladder players converge to post expert replays and discuss their games. Most of these concern 1v1 Automatch games; and don't forget your bullshit filters - there can be a lot of clan rivalry and flaming is not uncommon. There are new replays every day, as well an excellent selection of strategy forums sorted by army, plus forums for the DowPro game rebalancing mod.Back
DOWFiles.com: A huge file database for the game. This is an excellent first stop for anyone looking for patches, maps, banners and badges, skins, replays - or anything else to do with Dawn of War for that matter.Back
DoW File

A simple, easy to read and download list of all the essential patches for Dawn of War and its expansions. You can patch the game by logging Online to Gamespy, but it takes absolutely forever. Start here for any game patches!Back

modDB.com - every game, every mod, one site... go figure! The moddatabase's Dawn of War mods section. moddatabase has ambitions of becoming an one stop online resource for custom mods for all PC games.Back
DawnofWar.de .::. GetYourRiotGear DawnOfWar.de is a big German Dawn of War fan site (its all in Deutsche, of course). I think this is part of a bigger network of European multiplayer gaming called 4Player.de. Its like a German Gamespot (mind the ads) only it feels more serious about actual gaming. Seems to be an active participant of giant tournaments like the World Cyber Games (WCG) or the European Strategy Gamers League (ESGL).Back
Specialist Games Specialist Games is a subsidiary of Games Workshop, catering to the more obscure, heavier duty versions of the Warhammer universe. In particular its famous for Battleship Gothic (baroque capital ships duke it out for supremacy in the Gothic sector) and Epic 40,000 (a scaled up, big picture version of W40K - actually, I think its now called Epic Armageddon).Back

Dawn of War Links
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DoW Game Replay links

You'll need to register to see anything, and the natives can be a little unruly, but the replays tend to showcase high end Ladder Games.Back


GameReplays.org's Dawn of War Section only really got interested in the game after the release of the Dark Crusade expansion. It's turned out to become one of the better sources of good, clean, Dawn of War replay fun! Includes features like Tips of the Day, Replay of the Week, the usual swarm of 1v1 Ladder matches, Shoutcasts, Tournaments, and awards it own special Silver and Gold Replays. And, best of all, it seems refreshingly free of the hubris that permeates sites like DoWSanctuary.Back

RelicNews Forum Battle Archives


Warrior Nation
Warrior Nation Network's Dawn of War Replays and Custom Mods is a forum channel for a large multi-game, multi-platform Clan that sounds refreshingly friendly. But you'll need to join if you want to see anything.Back

Dawn of War Links
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DoW Info & strategy links
There's a few! Most of them are people adding their favourite chapters, units and armies that missed out from Dawn of War.
Dawn of War Strategy RelicNews's big forum section devoted to Dawn of War strategies. It includes a Walkthrough forum for the single player campaigns; the Tactica Imperialis, the "best of" strategy archive, a big, noisy section devoted to Balance Issues, and a large selection of game replays of all types and flavours in the Battle Archives. Its a great first stop for any aspiring war gamers out there.Back

Dawn of War Unit Stats, Tactics and Strategy: a sizeable, but completely plain web site with all kinds of interesting data, tables, strategies and other goodies for the game. In particular, you can find:

all the DPS values (Damage Per Second) that each and every weapon in Winter Assault can inflict on each and every unit.

A Replay download list.

New Players in DoW Guide: a how-to for absolute beginners.

The streamlined "Grid" hotkey configuration for the really serious online players.Back


A video streaming site that specialised in VOD's (video playback of actual games) for Dawn of War. Thne idea is to illustrate battles and strategies interactively, and watch the actual players in action.Back

Liber Belli Oriani
Otherwise known as the Dawn of War Library. This is a RelicNews forum section cataloguing all kinds of useful info for the game for the fans. From the moderators themselves: "will be used to collect all concept art and screenshots for the expansion as they become available, as well as unit and structure info." Back
Gaming Page

A personal fan site for Warhammer and MechWarrior: Mercenaries. There's a simple unit statistics table and some banners and artwork here. However, this site last updated late 2004.Back

Dawn of War
Exactly as it says, this is a walkthrough guide for the single player campaign for the pre-expansion game. The DoW Walkthrough is part of an independent, homegrown web site called Carl's Guides, which has ambitions of becoming a well rounded, games and entertainment online resource.Back
Warhammer 40,000
Wikipedia entry

Without any doubt this is the best description of Warhammer 40,000 I've found on the Internet. An utterly neutral, no-nonsense encyclopedic description and summary of the whole game/hobby. If you had no idea what it was all about - or any real interest in it either - this will inform without the need to wander in the maze of W40K fan sites or the commercial labyrinths of Games Workshop web sites.

See also: Wikipedia entries for Dawn of War and its expansions.Back

Dawn of War Links
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DoW Online Gaming Links
Dawn of War Ladders The homepages for the official Dawn of War and Winter Assault expansion Ladders. These are the official leader board scores that you access Online in Gamespy when you want to see your current score - and have to quit out of the game to see.Back
Dawn of War

This is an unofficial leader board site by and for the fans devoted to the online game Ladders for Dawn of War and its expansions. Its main attraction is its interactive banner generator which you can use as a signature in any fora. This banner constantly updates itself to show your current score on the DoW Ladder. Here's an example for Dark Crusade using my own online account:

eSport League!

European Strategy Gamers League (EGSL): A big bilingual (Deutsche/English) European games league that hosts PC strategy game tournaments. Dawn of War has a prominent presence here, as does the DowPro mod. This is a very competitive "pro" circuit, involving clans. You'll probably find a lot of them (and the replays) at DoWSanctuary.Back

Electronic Sports League weblink

Electronic Sports League (ESL): A large international gaming league, mostly centred in Europe, that I think has been running since the late 90's. It covers mostly the big 3D shooters (Counter-Strike, F.E.A.R., Battlefield, Quake, etc.), football games (FIFA, Football Manager, etc.) and includes a few RTS's (Dawn of War, StarCraft, WarCraft III). There's already a growing number of replays and competitions in the new Dark Crusade league.Back

Friendly Players Channel

Its no secret that logging Online to GameSpy is much like accidentally falling into one of the upper levels of Dante's Inferno. Being subjected to the howling wind, smell of sulphur, the endless gnashing of milk teeth, and the dreadful keening sound of unending spam and eternal torment is a more than just a little exasperating to most normal human beings.

Try the Friendly Gamers Channel instead. The Friendly Gamers were a reaction to the online poison of the Gamespy zoo, and an attempt all about enjoying yourself playing the game; not desperately trying to win or lose. You'll need an IRC chat client, like mIRC, and a little patience. Check that ego and your baggage at the door. But it can be worth it once you've added some players you can actually trust in a multiplayer game.Back

GameReplays.org Dawn of War Portal weblink GameReplays.Org's Dark Crusade Portal: GamesReplay.org specialises in hosting any recordings and replays of any PC game capable of doing so. Its Dark Crusade Portal opened just recently and is already offering prizes and a tournament.Back

Dawn of War Links
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DoW Miscellaneous Links
Art of War

A (very) flash heavy gallery site devoted to screengrabs of Dawn of War. Most of these images have been messed around with with Photoshop filters and the like. Navigation can be a bit tricky at first, and the background soundtrack can get a bit intrusive too, especially when the volume controls in-page go walkabout. There are also some tutorials on how to produce your own spiffy screenshots. This site only really works properly in Internet Explorer.

Luckily, they thought to include an html version.Back

Battlefield 40K weblink

Battlefield 40K: A total conversion that transforms Battlefield 1942 into the Warhammer 40,000 universe. You get to play either the Space Marines and Imperial Guard against the skeletal Necrons and the ancient, high-tech Eldar. There's nothing to see yet, but this mod looks detailed and accurate. Also: modDATABASE entry.Back


Another total conversion, this time converting Battlefield 2 into the Warhammer 40,000 universe. At present there are no downloads and only a few choice images of untextured models of units, armour and vehicles.Back

Gothic Mod

A Homeworld 2 total conversion based on Battleship Gothic, the tabletop game by Games Workshop's subsidary, Specialist Games. More details.Back

W40K mod

A Warhammer 40,000 total conversion development thread for the turn based strategy game, Civilisation IV. There was also a W40K mod for Civilisation III, but it looks like it might have crashed and burned.Back

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