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No Brainers of the Living Dead

This is will be RTSC's Necron guide page.

Some preliminary notes and scribbles:

First impressions from being on the receiving end and wielding the Necrons (mostly in team games, not Auto); plus some initial browsing of the DC game files for clarification. These guys look like the new Space Marines: i.e. a simple, easy to learn beginner's race to get newcomers into the game who haven't got the first two parts.

The big theme for the Necrons is that of the walking dead. Resurrection and Reassembly are their two big assets. About one in four killed Necrons will reassemble themselves in combat to continue the fight (hang on - is this true? - not sure if I'm seeing this in-game. Ah yes I am, they're just not exactly bursting with health and often die immediately. The Tomb Spyder can prowl the battlefield, picking up Necron body parts and actually rebuild squads for no cost. The feared Chaos Lord can opt to upgrade with the Tier 3 Resurrection Orb, which restores to life all Necron bodies within a 20 (30?) range radius! Necrons can exceed their Squad Cap by up to 35(!!) when the dead rise again, but luckily for us mere players they arise in pretty bad shape, health wise. Even so - they can suddenly outnumber you very quickly.

The Necrons must have the simplest and flattest build tree in the game. If you thought the Space Marines were a little too easy, then the Necrons are the No Brainers of the Living Dead. Apart from a slight bump of a learning curving learning all the evilness, you shouldn't have too much time wiping out lots of the Living with 'em. There's a profound lack of techs (except when kitting out the Necron Lord).

The Necrons have no Requisition, only Power. Power is easy to get going, hard to keep building on. Each Plasma Generator cost an extra 20 Pwr than the previous one, and takes an extra 22% longer (according to game files) to build. Your first generator cost 0 Pwr and takes 45 seconds to construct (with only one Builder Scarab and 1% build speed bonus). By the time you've gotten to the eighth one allowed by the Monolith, it's taking long minutes, and that's taking into account the build speed bonus you get for all the Obelisks you've built. You can build up to 10 Power Gens per Monolith.

Builder Scarabs build one third faster when there's two in a squad. Like the Ork Grots, maximum build speed is reached when there's at least two Scarabs in a squad, so there's no point in assigning more than one group of them to anything unless both have only one member in them. Also like the Grots, Builder Scarabs have a "leader" that must touch the build site before anyone can start. Sometimes this means nothing happens because the lead builder is blocked by other units or even his own squad members. Keep your eye on the ball here. Up to 3 Scarabs can repair something, or one full squad. One will restore 30hp/s, two at 60hp/s and three 90. They seem to capture at half the speed of everyone else, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the overall speed bonus. (I think it might, but as yet unconfirmed). You get no more than 5 squads. They repair at 75% of the original build cost to fully repair something - quite efficient.

The other interesting thing with the Necrons is that you only cap strategic points in order to build Obelisks on them. For every Obelisk you construct, your build speed bonus goes up by 20%, before maxing out at 100%. Obelisks can be upgraded into two bigger versions, but really, all these do is just defend and become slightly harder to demolish. The "LP1" version can't shoot and only has a "Wailing Doom" spell, a sort of green thunderbolt that zaps entire squads into the air, damaging and freaking 'em out. The bigger version actually turns into what feels like a pretty potent defensive tower, still equipped with Wailing Doom. WD is a magic spell that fires once, then has to recharge for a little bit. It packs a mighty wallop - enough to thoroughly disrupt an small, early force.

Necrons have no accuracy penalties when moving! This is compensated for by Necron's slow movement speed and short firing range. When they run'n'gun (or rather, do their Dr Who/Frankenstein slow monster walk impersonations) they fire at 100% accuracy(!). Having your fleeing squads break in terror might actually be an asset for once: your guys will run away faster to get out of range sooner.

Necrons aren't affected by any type of cover. At all!

While they might have slow walking speed, the Necron's main close combat unit, the Flayed Ones, can deep strike anywhere on the map. Furthermore, if trouble strikes, all Necron infantry can teleport back to the Summoning Core building instantly. In a very real sense, the Necrons are the most mobile force on the map.

Slowness is a Necron hallmark. They are susceptible to early Slugga rushes, turret pushes and any early raid that can destroy their Power Generators. Once they get going, however, they really are a force to be reckoned with. Early Necron Warriors cost nothing to build (but 35 to reinforce) and are fairly easy to overpower if you keep your wits and a little mass around you. Once they get their first (early) upgrade, things get considerably harder.

The fact that they can build their own resources means they can exert some powerful advantages on a depleted map with few Strategy Points.

They are restricted in a few ways: firstly, they can only build from the Monolith, which effectively crimps their rate of unit production - although I'm sure there are plenty of grizzles out there about all the options Necrons have resurrecting or reconstructing their dead from the field. The other, is that tyhey still rely on Strategic Points - or rather, the creation of Obelisks, to speed up their unit production.

The Necron Lord, on the other hand, is a handful. He teleports like the Big Mek, is fast on his feet and quite powerful. When he gets his three magic perks from the Forbidden Archives, he becomes very dangerous.

The general consensis (or at least, going about the number of whinges in the fan forums) is that the Necrons are overpowered - a reasonable proposition.I think they might be vulnerabke to mines, cloaked units and turrets. Their only spotter unit, the Wraith, is a nasty loner but one that dies at the drop of a hat. Just mind those Necrons turrets. Nasty.

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