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RTS Basics

"I spent two hours building up my army and they all got killed in two minutes!"

This is RTSC's official strategy section. RTS Basics was originally set up to be a beginners' guide for a casual netgaming group, back in the late Nineties when Real Time Strategy games were new and people only played First Person Shooters on PC's at LAN's. These days its just a generic beginners guide for anyone who's interested.

It doesn't refer to any one game in particular and tries to put together some basic principles that you'll probably come across in anything that's vaguely strategic and trundling along in real time. The whole point of the exercise is not to win at all costs in a tournament, but to do some casual homework to get you into some serious social gaming. Enjoy!

Boring Theory
In which your humble scrivener pretends to be an expert as lost readers stare at the ceiling waiting for the hot chicks to load.
Chess Pieces
Units are the essential heart of any RTS game.
Paper - Scissor - Rock
Heroic individuals trump one another.
Distributed Force
Bugger the precious heroes, send in the expendable drones!
Unit Types
What you're likely to be playing with in a "typical" RTS game.
Safety in Numbers
No economy, no war machine.
Step by step is the way to a properly grown economy.
If I don't gobble it up, someone else will. Military thinking at its finest.
Population Limits
Even computers need to rest sometimes.
Cost Effectiveness
You should win the economic war for yourself...not your enemy.
'Tis better to refuel than buy a new car with a full tank.
Cutting Edges
Be the first on your block. Or else.
Tech Trees
Road maps to discovery - not!
Being in Three Places at Once
Not only do you order your units around, but you have to wipe their noses, too.
Micromanagement Tools
Keyboard shortcuts, Numbered Selections, Minimaps, waypointing, Patrols, Guards, and Build Queues.
The Best Laid Plans (of Mice & Men)
It blew up in your face again, didn't it? But you should have seen the other guy...
The Oldest Enemy
Time is rarely on anyone's side.
Time & Tactics
Missing the battle is worse than missing the enemy.
Economic Timing
You want it when? Er, will next week do? Oh...oh god
Oh. That.
How to Avoid Shopping Lists and just enjoy yourself.

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