Age of Empires II

Info and Strategies

Most general purpose AoE2 fan sites include news, related forums, game info, downloads, and posted strategies. Info and strategy sections in these sites  tend to be a little patchy, depending on how much time or enthusiasm can be spared in creating them. Commercial game sites' strategy guides and bibles, by contrast, usually give you a comprehensive starting point and a general overview of the game as conceived by its designers. But fans will post all kinds of weird and unforeseen strategies as new strategies and counters are constantly brought up. Strategies can come and go like fashions!

Age of Empires is a very popular game, with many commercial game sites and fan web guides to show for it. The game itself offers help and vital statistics at all levels throughout, so many of the pages are less inclined to recycle the same old stats and concentrate on the real strategies and approaches to playing. Here's a representative sample of the more useful or more popular ones.

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