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eal Time Strategic Carnage, or RTSC, is a one man, part time pet project. Its a hobby. It has no "community", no fora, no online gaming clan or presence. Its all self funded, too. It is just a guide about one of my favourite subjects, real time strategy games on Windows PCs, presented in boring, old fashioned, un-trendy html.

There are no job vacancies here, nor am I looking for any staff or volunteers. However, feel free to mention any fave games or yours - I keep an info page on them at Other RTS Games. For those who have a few comments, complaints, links or other tidbits, or even have their own pages to link to, just email me. If I think its worthwhile I'll add it to the site.

The views of RTSC are not necessarily the same as those it links to; linking to a site does not necessarily imply any endorsement by RTSC. Many of the sites listed are often English speaking, since I'm monolinguistic and RTSC is very Anglocentric as a result. I've linked to pages that I thought might be relevant to the subject concerned, and heaven knows, you might find them useful.

Real Time Strategic Carnage has nothing to do with that other RTSC site, RTSCommunity.

Updates are made when I get the time and tend to be intermittent, especially of late. You should consider everything in here to be a perpetual work in progress. Articles will quietly evolve news or from the passing of time (e.g. "StarCraft was released last year" might become "StarCraft is several years old now") or simply because the article was completely wrong in the first place and has been amended since. I've always imagined RTSC to be a "live" object, not a historical document, although I'm keeping backup versions over time.

I used to have a lot more time to myself, but since leaving visual effects and animation business to work in the games industry at Interzone Games, getting weighed down by a mortgage and discovering the horrors of home renovation, my time has become a helluva lot more precious. I'm also a CEO in a small corporation in that ubiquitious spaceship MMO, EVE-Online, a huge time sink in itself.


The first priority of RTSC is substance first, frills second. As a result, the ghastly red type banners and graphics that were supposed to be temporary stopgaps have somehow become permanent. I'm making an effort on a half-decent design now, time permitting.

I claim copyright over the RTSC branded banners, the general purpose graphics, and of course, all my writing and the effort collating all this.

I don't claim copyright over the other web-site banners and screengrabs containing copyrighted material - like unit designs, map backgrounds, animated effects and explosions, banners and badges representing other web-sites or software, etc., promo material or software titles. The original copyright of the graphics of characters, map and tileset images, title banners, trademarks, company logos, etc. are the copyright and work of the original producers and artists of the games they came from. They remain only at the patience and forebearance of the original owners - and I'll confess, I rarely ask permission for badges myself - I have enough trouble keeping up with keeping the site current.

Most RTSC illustrations have been screen grabbed when playing the games themselves - or using any associated map editors. Some images are built up from a series of screen grabs to illustrate a particular aspect of the game. The backgrounds in RTSC are all heavily modified screen grabs.


The only thing I can safely declare to be completely mine is all the fevered scribbling and the obvious RTSC badges and table graphics. Much of the writing it is based on my personal observations, netgaming experiences, and research, which may or may not be correct, as well as my undoubtably incomplete studies of many sites I've mentioned here. Use at your own risk - I'm not responsible for any corrupted game installs or accidental nuclear launches that may occur from using this stuff.


I work on the asumption that most banners or badges are designed by webmasters to get as many hits to them as possible - and this hypothesis seems to have held true in the half decade RTSC has existed. Artwork not made by me (banners and badges usually) remain at the tolerance and forbearance of their original creators, subject to removal the moment I cross any lines.

Some links will have invariably expired, and maintaining the wretched things is a neverending task. Even some major servers go up and down like yo-yos, taking out entire chains of mod and fan sites. I make a point of searching for lost links to find their new home - if they have one. This takes time and tracking down, and sometimes it can boil down to being patient for a few months before they resurface again under a new name.

However, if any link persists in going nowhere it eventually gets culled. A lot of RTSC links only get fixed because people point them out to me - so don't be shy letting me know something's died here.

If you're really feeling keen, you can even link to this site. There's a whole swag of RTSC link buttons and URLs you can use, here.

Official copyright notices

Dawn of War
Games Workshop's W40K disclaimers are renowned for being big enough to stand on and change light globes with.

Warhammer 40,000
This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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Homeworld & Homeworld: Cataclysm

© 1999, 2000, Sierra On-Line, Inc. All rights reserved. Homeworld is a registered trademark and Cataclysm, Sierra, and Sierra are trademarks of Sierra On-Line, Inc.


Homeworld 2

The Sierra logo, Homeworld, Homeworld 2, Homeworld Cataclsym, and the Homeworld logo are trademarks of Sierra Entertainment, Inc. Relic Entertainment and the Relic Entertainment logo are trademarks of Relic Entertainment, Inc.


©1996 - 2002 Blizzard Entertainment. All rights reserved. and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Blizzard Entertainment®
Blizzard Entertainment is a trademark or registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries. All rights reserved.

©1998 Blizzard Entertainment. All rights reserved. StarCraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries.

StarCraft®: Brood War®
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(A lot of the Startopia section use some of Mucky Foot's icons found in the Startopia fankit.)
Trademarks are the property of Mucky Foot Productions Ltd. Game content and materials copyright Mucky Foot Productions Ltd. All rights reserved.


Do not swallow LEGO blocks, stick your finger in your eyeball or head butt the monitor whilst reading these pages. Poking appendages into electrical outlets is also unwise, and RTSC can not take responsibility for anyone reading these pages and suddenly finding there's sufficient fault in society to justify running off and indulging in a killing spree. However, this is a remote possibility, given that the population of Earth is around six billion or so and there has been a frightening proliferation of weapons in the last century and American foreign policy, which, like Al Qaeda and its ilk, has opted for a first strike policy. For pity's sake, don't make any sudden moves, keep your hands where they can see them and talk slowly in sound bites of no more than six syllables each. If somehow they get the idea that "you're one of them" you're in biiig trouble.

Winners do not take drugs.

This, as any tired and emotional Olymipics drugs tester can tell you, is clearly untrue. Presumably winners everywhere are suffering the effects of aches, pains and other assorted ailments and diseases. Winners must really be in trouble if they ever catch the flu. No wonder its such a huge health issue. See? Losers are much better off in this regard. Be a loser if you know what's good for you and stick to just selling.

The word Carnage is used in the name to spice it up. Really.

Recording yourself reading RTSC text and then playing the recording backwards only sounds like garbled Swedish.

Only read genuine RTSC pages. There are many false RTSC sites on the web. These sites are evil and should be shut down immediately:

Roof Tiles and Slate Company
Rideau Tennis & Squash Club
Regional Training Support Centre, Fort Carson, Colorado

Computer game violence is of great concern to Concerned Parents. Violence of any kind is of great concern, except when it comes to dropping the kiddies off to school: then triple parking, backing over arch rivals, demanding outraged explanations from parking inspectors, and bulldozing through the kids in whopping great four wheel drives at Mach 1 suddenly becomes perfectly acceptable. Its important to differentiate between a cartoonish sprite in a highly contrived, limited computer world and a real thing. For example, if you see full colour 3D action shots with cross hairs, explosions, screaming victims, and repetitive imagery accompanied by a full soundtrack, all showing a simplistic, black and white world, then you're watching a major news network. And frankly, the primary objective of any media outlet is simply make huge returns for the shareholders and to flog "product". All other considerations are secondary.

RTSC believes that as long as you had fun, then the game was clearly worthwhile. And this, weirdly enough, is why most games are played in the first place. And its even more fun when the whole gang gets together.

Unlike books.

Now books are cause for real concern. There's nothing more worrying than an innocent kid with their nose buried in a book. Can't network books, can you? Eh? Eh?? Don't deny it - its as solitary as it gets! (don't give me that "but you can read bedstories to them" spin doctoring either! We all know exceptions prove the rule) We've all seen those terrifying, blank stares as kids slump in their chairs, losing all sense of time, wrecking their eyesight, developing bad posture, suffering headaches, "neck and wrist pain", becoming anti-social and withdrawn, their eyes "glued" to that book. Good God, the amount of "borrowing" and "lending" (in clear violation of the copyright notices at the front) are simply quite staggering. Don't smirk - practically everyone commits book piracy! Books turn you into copyright criminals - what we need is more MDCA legislation for books, preferably with lots of undemocratic and authoritarian clauses, rushed through the U.S. Congress before the post S11 hysteria dissipates and everyone comes to their senses.

And thats before we get to the dubious subject of books fostering funny ideas. Oh yes, friends, those do-gooders try to distract you with their anti-Net ways, while apparently innocuous and clean cut folk try to foist ghastly works of horror upon our youth. Violence, sex, incest, genocide...Hitler wrote a book (in jail!!) and caused World War II - and the number of bloody wars and crusades caused by that other blood-soaked tome, the Bible, beggar description! Remember friends, it might have helped free the slaves, but it was the same book that was used to justify enslaving them in the first place!

Just think: pornography started in book form! (or was it postcards?) Much of it is sold at knee height in news agents, obviously with the express intent of selling directly to innocent children. You do like children, don't you?

Stick to computer games if you know what's good for you. And remember, no drugs. Mindless violence is alright, though.

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