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...which freezes all the OBJECTS. LARRY looks startled. There is a pause and a distant crashing and banging.
SHOT 52 3s

LARRY turns to see what is going on.

SHOT 53 2s

His POV: looking down from where he came we see the far wall losing a few bricks which crash tothe ground. We hear the roar again.

SHOT 54 1.5s
LARRY gets a fright: Oh, no!
SHOT 55 1s

As we watch, part of the wall collapses, leaving a large hole. The MONSTER pokes both heads through and roars again.

SHOT 56 2s

The OBJECTS (moving twice as fast as before) try to get through the gap between the gates, which opens partly to let them through. LARRY guns his engine, which starts. Then, constantly looking back quickly all the time he finds himself blocked by the OBJECTS.

SHOT 57 2.5s
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