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The Chase Sequence

The LEGO Canyon chase was a major part of the production. I shot several 100ft rolls of film on it, and each roll would take approximately three weeks to shoot, and I would have to wait one nerve wracking week for the film to come back from the lab in Victoria. A mere 3400 kilometres from my home town of Perth.

A thousand grovelling, snivelling apologies for the absolutely woeful descriptions with each of these illustrations. This is, word for word, the actual descriptions. I was writing for what I imagined (as a ignorant and naive seventeen year old) starchy funding bureaucrats. Apart from a particularly pimply and dreadful phase in my early high school career, this is easily some of the worst writing I've ever inflicted on people. I keep it here for historical purposes only. Same reason as L is called LARRY - this is a last minute panic attack from yours truly thinking that those assessors would only respond favourably to "proper" characters with "proper" names.

His POV: We come up to the gate in a tracking shot.
SHOT 46 6s
He stops by it, and looks up at it.
SHOT 47 2s

As he looks, frowning and despairing, another group of OBJECTS appears.

SHOT 48 2s
He finally notices them. They move in their respective ways around him.
SHOT 49 2s

We see the OBJECTS parade around him. He smiles.

SHOT 50 4s

He turns to face us. Abruptly, there is a terrifying roar (like a big cat)...

SHOT 51 2s

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