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Some suitable links to get you into the spirit of things

4 Guys 1 Brain
Makers of You Only Lego Twice and Legos Are Not Enough
8-bit trip A tribute to the old 8-bit computer gaming days, expressed in LEGO. What's not to like?
Abston, Church of Christ A church model made entirely in LEGO of course. Its impressive; very cinematic!
Andrew Lipson's
Mr Lipson is a Technic fan, and into producing working models rather than flashy robots and spaceships. This site has an amazing Escher section.
Australian Film Commission weblink
Australian Film Commission (AFC): The Creative Development Fund is long gone now, but the AFC still provides Government funded support for any fledgling or independent Australian film projects.
BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT An 18 minute long tribute to Tim Burton's Batman films - in LEGO form, of course. Its dark, brooding feel (well, dark and brooding by LEGO standards, anyway) is not too shabby! Site lost!
BLOCK DEATH If there's one thing a race of implacably cheerful plastic drones seems to inspire in people, its the concept of a hideous fate greeted with an indeliably cheery smile. This is the equivalent of Madam Tussaud's Chamber of Horrors as rendered in LEGO. Don't get any funny ideas, kids!
Bluntman weblink Bluntmation: The homemade animated adventures of those local LEGO übergeeks: Bluntman, Dave, Bob and even Steve Irwin. An amazingly prolific site. Hm... Site lost - but he seems to have migrated across to YouTube as Blunty3000. You can catch up with the old Bluntman vids here, or chase down some new game orientated, LEGO based Meatspace series, which was aired on ABC2 here in Australia apparently.
Brick Films A great starting place for anyone with even the remotest interesting in LEGO films! BrickFilms.Com collates many Lego animation from across the Internet. You'll even find the Magic Portal listed there. Have fun!
Brickshelf Weblink Brickshelf: "Gigabytes of Brick." They're not kidding. This is a VAST trove of animation, stills, models and even isometric CGI LEGO (see LDRAW)! Wow. You'll need a few weeks just to get through a fraction of it.
Brick-Tastic! Films Weblink Brick-Tastic! Films: Maker of the animated Good Company: Redux (based on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness), the surreal Doorway, and a nicely done historical take on Ned Kelly.
The Brick Testament The Bible. In LEGO®, naturally. And it has its own rating scheme for concerned parents. Just in case. You know. Naked LEGO people might do terrible things to impressionable minds. And good heavens - the site's gone because its been turned into a book!
BRIKWARS Put your serious un-smiley faces on, gentlemen - this is the LEGO version of table top wargaming! With a game rules manual no less.
Building Utopolis Architectural application of LEGO® with serious intent. Its very impressive.
Cool Brick Movies Large online "Brick film" repository. Great for a browse, but download bandwidth is capped, so some patience is required.
Fibblesnork LEGO® Guide A simple visual fan guide/database for browsing through the LEGO® product lines of old quickly and efficiently. Its mostly scanned box art with a "Fibblesnork Rating" with little dialogue. For your info, the Magic Portal used a lot of the "classic" LEGO® Space sets circa 1980-85.
Film & Television Institute (FTI) Fremantle's own support centre for encouraging local film culture and production.
From Bricks to Bothans
The LEGO® Star Wars Experience.
The Lafayette LEGO
Robotics Club
Oh boy. A LEGO Robot builders club!
LDraw The LEGO CAD system. This is an open standard that allows you to build your own LEGO models within 3D scenes.
LEGO® The official LEGO® company homepage itself, in English.
Lego BATTLETECH Until I came across this site, I had no idea you could make thoroughly convincing MechWarriors out of LEGO. Here's a preview page they uploaded on Brickshelf.
The Lego Fantasy Role-Playing game (Draft) A home made roleplaying system for Lego fans everywhere! Wait - its turned into a travel journal now. :(
LEGO Star Wars An ancient (circa 1992) web site that illustrates the original Star Wars triology in LEGO photos.
the LEGO Train Depot Cross train enthusiasts with LEGO fiends and you get...
LEGO Troopers French homepage to an animated version of Starship Troopers. But Lovers of Freedom Fries everywhere get it in English, too.
The Making of a Brick A very cute Flash animation that shows you how actual LEGO bricks get made!
The Mini-Mizer A Do-It-Yourself dress kit for Mini-figs! Found at Chris Doyle's Reasonably Clever Site, which also contains a few other intriguing LEGO snippets.
Mystic Studios Home to the brick films Macabre Manor and a few other little productions.
LUGNET weblink LUGNET is the biggest LEGO® fan network on this planet, with tentacles reaching around the world. How can any respecting LEGO® freak not know about this?! Forums. Services. Online databases. And the Cool LEGO Site of the Week with its endless parade of LEGO inspired wonders. This is the epicentre for an entire earthbound LEGO® users' universe. Their world map is a wonderful way of pointing to the LUG nearest you. Its brilliant.
Nathan Sawaya:
Brick Artist
And very nice stuff it is too. LEGO as a genuine artist's sculpture medium. His Monopoly board and Legoland (California) Tyranosaurus are excellent examples!
New Templar Order
A LEGO spaceship site - for a fictional space navy called the New Templar Order, based on the planet Canaan.
One: A Space Odyssey
A sixty second take on 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sixty seconds is far, far too short.
Shootin' "For all hobbyists into stop motion photography using commercially available little bricks." Shootin' Bricks has dropped the old site and switched to a YouTube channel these days. weblink Home of the SpamCake Diner, the Brickenrocker Guitar line, Legopalooza!, and some fabulous LEGO spacecraft. They're really very good! Cripes - site lost!
StarLego Home page for a short 1990 video that recreates the opening scenes of the original Star Wars. Similar vintage to the Magic Portal. Its cute.
Team Hassenplug A rather interesting LEGO technical project site. You can see their working LEGO Segway project (aka the Legway) and other robotic like creations which they make for the Lafayette LEGO Robotics Club.
Titan Pictures A like minded group of independent film-makers that make LEGO films using a number of different methods, including some basic CGI and non-LEGO props. Their ambition is to make the first feature length LEGO film on the Net... Their major efforts are: the gangsta flavoured Grand Theft Auto and the Martian Gothic sci-fi/horror series.
Unlikely Society, The A photographic LEGO comic of an unlikely group of super-heroes. Now into its second volume. Tremendous stuff! weblink Zemi.Net: An amazing LEGO Space / Mecha styled LEGO creation blog site! Caution: site a bit broken!

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