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Web site history

18 September 2005 Leapin' LEGO blocks - has it been four years since an update? How fast time flies. Whipped through links and cleaned up some dead links. Added a link to the Magic Portal on YouTube, which was put up by Keshen8 about 11 months ago. (Thanks mate!) At the time I write this, it had scored about 131,000 hits.
18 September 2005 Updated the links again.
27 July 2005 Updated the links again.
7 Dec 2004 Updates are a wee bit few and far between... Anyway, updated the Dramatis Personae section, and the links.
29 May 2004 Updated pretty much everything and added some more work in progress sections: Dramatis Personae, Film Credits, and some storyboard pages for one of the big action scenes in the film.
23 January 2004 Oops - desperately need to do a big update! Its just a big mess at the moment. Anyway - updated a few links.
13 October 2003 After many, many months of waiting. The Magic Portal .avi's are finally delivered. Promptly throw them into a Downloads page! At last, I've finally got a viewable film to go with this film site! Updated the front page, too, and ripped out all the formatting that forced this site into a single width.
19 May 2003 Updated the Links page.
13 May 2003 Updated the Links page. Oh oh - looks like there's squillions of LEGO links out there! No - correction. Brick links. Just located the LEGO Fair Play page. Hm. I see the legal headkickers still rule the roost. They've tried to spin it into "fair's fair", but the paranoia of their position regarding their precious Trademark is as hardline and as unyielding as ever. I started off all enthusiastic this morning; but seeing that lot again is just depressing. Now I understand why there's so many "brick" films, but no "LEGO" films out there on the Internet. Sigh - nothing's changed.
12 May 2003 Finally uploaded something. Its rough around the edges. I've been scribbling down stuff for months, but its still all over the place. I've decided to upload the site a section at a time. So much for a big, single upload - trust me to write a bloody book! So far: a quickie introduction to the whole shebang that will be cut back as more detailed sections arrive. The Titles page is the first finished page, although I'll probably adapt it as sections appear around it. Out of context it will be a little confusing, and if you're not familiar with the film then it'll probably make less sense. Of course, there's a Links page. Enjoy.

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