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Well, what are you waiting for?! Sixteen minutes of fabulous animated LEGO fun is there for the taking!

A full sixteen minute version can be seen at YouTube:



Download the small 20.1Mb version. Resolution: 176x144 24fps. Slightly larger than an animated postage stamp, and some of the detailed backgrounds disintegrate under the compression, especially the outdoor stuff.


Download the big 92Mb version. Resolution: 336x288, 24fps. This is much more readable.

Both these files have been archived with Winzip.

* * You'll need to use the DIVX Player to play them. * *

Download the DivX Player
Download the DivX player

Or - use the VLC player (direct download here). It's an open source player that can play most video file formats out there.

Last modified Wed, Sept 2 2009